14 Super Cool Wall Décor Ideas for Your Home Office 

Working long hours sitting on your desk can get boring at times. After all, who likes sitting on the desk all day, typing on their laptop, making excel sheets, making presentations- in short, working. Right? Giving up on work is not an option, so what can you do to make your mundane daily routine a little fun? 

We suggest redecorating your home office! More than the hectic works schedule, what can make your work and your day even more tedious is having an utterly dull office with no decorations, isn’t it?

Also, did you know that the environment in which you choose to work has a great deal of impact on your work quality and productivity? If that is the case, you cannot risk not taking your office wall décor seriously. So, check out these 14 super cool office wall décor items that you should check out!

1. A Wall Organizer

There is nothing more useful in an office space than a desk organizer. A cluttered and messy desk can distract you from your work and affect your productivity negatively. So, the first thing that you should buy when it comes to office wall décor is a wall organizer to keep your desk clean and everything organized to not lose a thing and focus on your work better.

2. A Set of Photo frames

Having a way to get a glimpse of your happiest moments and your family is an excellent idea for office wall décor. A piece of your comfort zone in your workspace helps you work better by relieving the stress. Every time you feel like you are stuck, or the stress is way too much, just taking a break, walk around and look at your memories and family pictures before getting back to your chair, and you will be feeling a lot better than before.

3. Hanging Shelves

If you are an organizing freak, crazy about keeping everything in its place, then you will love this one. To keep your stuff organized without a large shelf that will take up a lot of space from your wall, you should go for these hanging shelves. Be it your files, your clock, or a picture, or maybe even a potted plant, keep everything you want in your office without messing up space with these super cool hanging shelves.

A set of three shelves made from wood in a square shape is attached with sturdy jute ropes to ensure that it can easily bear the weight of the items you keep on it. They also come with ceiling hooks and expansion tubes to help you with the setup. It is eco-friendly, safe to use, and recyclable. 

4. Wall Art with Inspiration Quote

Apart from the pictures of your family and your happy moments, what is that one thing that can make you smile and go through any hurdle? Inspirational quotes! When having a long day at work or stuck on some project, a little inspiration and a little motivation can make you go a long way.

The quote is printed on a high-quality canvas with a wooden frame. The ink used to write the quote is non-toxic and meant for lasting long, and you can easily mount it on your wall with the hook. Isn’t it a super cool office wall décor item?

5. A Grid Panel for Your Wall

Another attractive office wall décor. Let us say there are many things that you want to keep in your office like plants, pictures, files, etc. Getting separate shelves or organizers for each of them might be a little difficult and can also make your office space a little clumsy. That is when this grid panel comes to use. You can use it to store and keep multiple things all in one place. Isn’t that super cool? 

The grid is made up of metal coated with black paint to prevent it from rusting. It comes with 20 clips to hang your documents or pictures along with a big basket where you can put in your files or a plant. It is also effortless to install. All that you need to do is to pin it to the wall. You are ready to hang up any product that you want.

6. Paintings to Sooth Your Mind

Your workspace should have things that can help you relax and unwind in between the workload. So, another brilliant office wall décor idea for your workspace is a lovely and aesthetic painting. Something that will relax you when you take a break from work and help you clean up the clutter of your mind.

Speaking of paintings for your office, here is a super cool artwork. Printed on a high-quality canvas and mounted on a wooden frame, the brilliant painting of a golden map on the black base will make your office look 100 times better. The picture is divided into four panels, and each panel is covered in clear polybags for extra protection.

7. Funky Wall Stickers

If your office walls are straight and dull, so will be your ideas. The place where you think and work and hustle should have a life of its own, so bring in a new wave of energy in your dull and boring walls with super cool and colorful wall stickers. Since these office wall décor ideas are for your home office, you have all the freedom to do whatever you and decorate the wall as you please. So why not these stickers? 

The stickers are made of vinyl material and are super easy to use. All that you need to do is peel off the transfer film, then put it over the sticker and rub it with a credit card or coin after placing it on the wall. Make sure to stick it on a smooth surface. And do not worry about the quality- it is non-toxic and completely waterproof.

8. A Big Fancy Clock 

Now, this is more of a necessity. When you are working, you need to keep track of time, and doing that, what you need is a big wall clock. Now the reason why you need this is because if you pause to check the time on your phone, there are chances that you might take a break and get distracted by your phone.

At the same time, if you rely on a wristwatch, then every time, you will have to stop and see the time, but if you have a big fancy wall clock, then all that you need to do is to look up and check the time.

Apart from serving to keep track of time, a nice cool clock is a great office wall décor and will help bring in a more professional vibe in the place.

9. The Office Sign

Now, this office wall décor idea is only for the home offices. If you are working for a company, the whole ambiance will be already professional enough. Still, if you are working from home, you might want to polish it up a little and bring in a more professional vibe to not feel too relaxed or lazy by working from home.

The product comes with a protective film on the surface which can be removed while using. Made of acrylic, the sign has a glossy surface. It is thick and sturdy, so you can easily count upon the quality of the sign. The thickness ensures that it does not break easily.

It is easy to put it up on the wall as it comes with an adhesive layer on the back. All you need to do is remove the adhesive, stick it on the wall, and press it against the wall to ensure it has been appropriately struck.

10. A Wall Shelf

We have talked about hanging shelves and grids. Let us now talk about wall shelves. A little different from the other two shelves discussed before, the wall shelves can be found in wood or high-quality plastic. The best part about these shelves is that they are incredibly stylish and perfect to fit any modern office room.

It is also one of the best office wall décor items because along with beauty and style, you are getting a perfect place to set all your little stuff on, like your files, photo frames, important documents, etc. These shelves come in various shapes, sizes, and colors so that you can have a lot of options to choose from. Isn’t that super cool?

11. Weekly Calendar Sticker

Here is another super cool office wall décor item—a weekly calendar sticker. Keep a weekly calendar sticker right on the wall above your desk and keep all your work and schedules on track. Once you paste the sticker on the wall, you can buy sticky notes, write down the note’s activity, and paste it on the wall. In this way, you can keep your day’s working schedule organized, and each day or each week, you can easily remove the stickers from the previous day and start afresh. Isn’t that amazing?

12. An Artificial Tree

Want a touch of green in your home office? Get yourself an artificial wall tree. Now you might think that how is it possible, right? Well, let us explain. There are two ways to do this. Either you take the help of 3D stickers, or you use artificial green vines. Both are great. If you are using a sticker, you can experiment with colors and design and get the tree’s actual silhouette. With the vines, it might not look like a tree, but in that case, it looks way more natural and realistic in comparison to a sticker.

And the best part? Since both are artificial, you do not have to worry about watering them or nurturing them, and since both will be attached to the wall of your office, you do not have to worry about finding some extra space for them. So, it is a win-win situation for you. Isn’t this the best office wall décor?

13. The Butterfly Sticker Set

Even if you have had heard enough about stickers, you should still check them out. Decorate your office with a vast blue butterfly sticker, with quotes written on one side to inspire and motivate you. At the same time, you work and the mini butterfly stickers to soothe your mind when you are taking a break from work—a perfect combination of an office wall décor item that will help you relax and motivate you simultaneously.

You get a dazzling blue butterfly sticker for the left half while the right half consists of inspirational quotes in a much soberer blue. Apart from that, you also get 24 pieces of 3D butterfly stickers that are washable, waterproof, non-toxic, and colors are. You need to paste it on a smooth surface like any other stickers, and you will be good to go.

14. Lights

The last item on the list but perhaps the most crucial office wall décor are the lights. Make sure that you have enough light in your office. For that, you can use different wall lights of your desired shape and size, but since we are talking about your workspace here, it will be smart to stick to white light.

It is not just bright and will help you focus better, but the other lights like yellow will bring in a cozier ambiance and make you feel lazy.

So, these were the 14 office wall décor items that you should think about putting up in your office. Most of these items are not just for the style or beauty, but also useful and will come in handy to organize your home office, clean up the mess and clutters and give you a much neat space to work.

We hope that this post was helpful, and you have any further query do not forget to reach out to us in the comment section below!

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