What Curtains Go with Grey Walls?

People nowadays love to experiment with the interior designs of their homes. With modular house designs, new and unique English colors have also become a huge trend. One such color that is winning hearts today is grey. Since it gives depth to the room without being dark, it is becoming a popular choice. However, when it comes to deciding other elements, the most confusing part is deciding what color curtains with grey walls would go?

Grey color gives a class and rich look to any house. Also, it allows you to add in any accent colors to make the room attractive, as grey is a neutral color. If there is anything that can make your room pop up other than the walls, then it is the curtains you choose. So, if choosing the right curtains to go with your grey walls is putting you in a dilemma, here is a whole guide for you.

How to Choose

Before you start looking at the options of curtains, consider some factors that can help you choose better. The shade of grey your walls are in, and the kind of vibe you want to give your room are the two things that can help you make the final decision. So, let us explore the options and start your hunt.

1. Classic White

If you wonder what color curtains with grey walls would go for a sober look, go with bright white. Plain white curtains pop out of the grey walls to give the room a warm and simple look. Also, they give a refreshed and airy video. The best part about bright white curtains is that they can match any shade of grey; you do not have to worry about that.

With these simple curtains, you can add some accent furniture to add vibrance. You can also adjust the room in a neutral tone for a soft and relaxing ambiance.

2. Same But Darker

If you are confused about what color curtains with grey walls would go, choose the same color. Yes! Choose grey curtains but in a different shade. If your interior has light grey walls, you can choose curtains in charcoal grey. This will give your room a neutralized look. Darkon light pops up the best. Moreover, this set can be done in no time, your time and energy will not be consumed much.

Similarly, if your room has walls in darker grey, you can go with curtains in a lighter shade. With this combination, you can either set up the room in the same colors or choose bright colors like red and yellow for accent elements.

3. Vibrant Florals

If you love flowers and bright colors, vibrant florals are made for you. If the right pair of floral curtains in the right color is chosen, it can make your room look quite attractive. With English colors, big prints have also made their place in today’s trend. While it may be difficult to choose the right pair of curtains, it will all be worth the hard work.

With light grey walls, florals on burgundy or blue curtains would look beautiful. However, with dark grey walls, white or lilac curtains would go the best.

4. Rose Blush

This rose blush color is a combination of creme, pink and white colors. It is a common color which is usually not used in homes. However, when paired with grey walls, it looks as sophisticated as any other curtain. You can pair rose blush curtains with grey walls, neutral furniture and add some accents in burgundy or brown colors. This color looks unique and pops out with any shade of grey, be it dark or light.

5. Popping Patterns

If you love trying out new things and ideas, this is for you. When it comes to a topic like what color curtains with grey walls to pair, you can pick anything you want, and no one can stop you. So, why go simple and plain always? You always have the option of patterns and prints. Search for some new patterns and prints in the market. Bohemian, tie-dye, and modern prints are some of the styles people love to have in their homes.

You can find these styles easily in the market and can make your curtains stand out in the room.

6. Multicolours

If you cannot choose one, choose all of them. There is no rule book for choosing curtains for your room. So, if you are confused about the colors, you can choose multi-colored curtains. You will find these curtains easily in the market as they are common. However, choosing the right combination of colors for your grey walls is important. You can go with pastel colors or a combination of light and dark colors for grey walls.

7. Shades of Green

No matter which shade of green you choose, it will always pop up with grey walls and give your room a makeover instantly. If your room is in the lightest shade of grey, go with dark green curtains. However, if you have a medium or dark grey, you can choose curtains in the shades of pastel or yellowish-green.

8. Navy Blue

Navy blue curtains are one of the prettiest ones to go with grey-colored walls. It gives a rich look to the room without making it feel dark as the grey walls balance the ambiance. Also, navy blue looks super attractive and eye-catching as a curtain. You can pair these curtains with furniture in warm tones or pure white shade.

Not only navy blue, but you can also get any shade of blue for your interior. It all depends on the shade of grey your wall is in and the type of aroma you want your room to be in.

9. Shades

Shaded curtains have made themselves everyone’s favorite with the amazing color combination that they offer. No matter which shades of colors you choose, they will look beautiful as these curtains come in thin sheer material. With your grey walls, you can match curtains in the white and grey shade to give the room a relaxing ambiance. For a more refreshed look, you can choose shades of teal or purple.

10. Sober Patterns

If you are not a fan of bright colors, popping patterns, and shaded curtains, then you can always go simple and sober. No matter what comes in and goes out of the trend, there is always a section for simplicity, and it can never go out of trend. You can search for self-employed curtains or curtains that have simple basic patterns like checks, waves, and lines.

Also, you can choose your color from a wide variety of basic colors. You will find these kinds of curtains easily in the market, that too at affordable prices.

11. Basic Stripes

Striped curtains are something that can make your room eye-catching instantly. You can choose either horizontal or vertical strips, broad or narrow strips. You can find these curtains in either a single shade or double colors. Depending on the grey color of your walls, you can choose the pattern and color combination.

12. Pastel Colours

There is nothing today where people are not preferring pastel colors. Be it apparels or accessories or curtains, pastels have become a new trend people tripping over. The reason is the simplicity and the sober look they provide. While being just neutral, pastel-colored curtains give a soothing ambiance to the room. There are so many shades available in pastels you can choose from.

Also, as these shades are quite popular now, you can find them easily in the market.

13. Creme

When thinking about what color curtains with grey walls would go, the creme is a color that will rarely pop up in your mind. However, it is a color that can go with almost every shade of grey. There are a lot of shades available in creme that you can pair with your shade of grey, you just need to do some research to find it.

Creme colors will give a cool ambiance to your interior. For a more attractive and fresher ambiance, you can pair these curtains with accent furniture or other elements. You can pair furniture in dark shades or add some interior plants while keeping the furniture neutral.

14. Shades of Yellow

It may sound rubbish but the yellow color looks utterly beautiful with grey color. When thinking about what color curtains with grey walls to pair, there are only a few colors that come to mind and yellow is not one of them for sure. This is because the idea of yellow curtains is not common yet and people are yet to explore this beauty.

There are numerous shades in yellow and every shade is made for a grey. You can go with curtains of ochre yellow and creamy yellow depending on the shade of grey your walls are in.

15. Rich Red

Reds with grey are something no one can resist as this combination looks utterly pretty. Now, when it comes to red, there are a lot of shades you can pick from. From the basic red to a shade like burgundy, you can choose anything that goes just perfect with your grey walls. For a grey in light shade, choose a shade like burgundy. On the other hand, if your walls are in dark grey or medium grey, go with shades like dusty red or pastel red.

What Did You Choose?

All these options of beautiful curtains will make your room look beautiful and eye-catching even if you do not add any other accent elements. Moreover, when it comes to a question like what color curtains with grey walls would go, there can be no answers.

Everyone has a different skill set of thinking. So, your creativity is also necessary when it comes to designing your interior. So, do not hesitate in going beyond the ordinary and experiment with your curtains.

However, these curtains are the selected ones that can go with any kind of room and ambiance. So, check out your room thoroughly and decide the ambiance you want for yourself. Based on your choices, find the above-mentioned curtains on Amazon, and give your room a new popping look.

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