What Are the 4 Color Rules?

Making choices to pick colors when you decorate a room is not as complicated as it may seem. There are four main rules to pick right for your room.

Let us introduce you to these rules. First is the 60-30-10 rule, and second is warm and cool colors, or you can also go with an analogous color scheme. These rules make decorating easy and help your room look balanced and welcoming.

So, if you’re unsure about using colors in your space, check out these simple rules that can help you to make a good decision. It will make things easier, and your room will become a comfy and attractive place for you and your friends to enjoy.

So, give these a try to make your place an amazing spot. 

1. The 60-30-10 Rule


Color is important in design. It’s used in graphic design, decorating rooms, web design, and marketing. Designers use rules like the 60-30-10 Rule to make things look good. First, choose one color for most of the room, about 60%.

This is usually for the walls. Then, pick a second color for about 30% of the room, like sofas. Finally, use a third color in a small amount. Maybe 10% for pillows or decorations. Following the 60-30-10 rule makes your room look nice and balanced.

It’s an easy way to decorate and make your space comfy for you and your friends. So, if you’re not sure how to use colors in your space, remember this simple rule, and it’ll make things easier.

Your room will be a comfy and pretty place for you and your friends to enjoy. The 60-30-10 Rule makes colors match in designs. It keeps things looking good. Good colors help share feelings and messages. This is big for branding and marketing.

Benefits of 60-30-10 rule

  • It helps you spend and save money wisely.
  • You can plan for long-term goals.
  • Easy to understand and follow.
  • Helps in avoiding overspending.

2. Warm or Cool Colors

Warm or Cool Colors- Orange

Colors come in two types: warm and cool, but integrating shades like black through careful color mixing can transform the atmosphere.

Warm colors, like red, orange, and yellow, exude a sense of comfort, while cool colors, such as blue, green, and purple, bring tranquility. Mastering black color mixing is crucial as it can either enhance the warmth of a room or complement its coolness, depending on its pairing.

Whether leaning towards a cozy or serene environment, incorporating black smartly can elevate your space’s aesthetic. Remember, the right mix of colors, including sophisticated black tones, can significantly enhance your room’s appeal.

Benefits of Warm or Cool Colors

  • Warm colors feel comfortable and nice
  • Cool colors make you feel relaxed.
  • Warm colors can make a room look cheerful and happy.
  • Cool colors can make a room seem peaceful and quiet.
  • Warm colors can make things stand out and catch your eye.

3. The Complementary Color Scheme

Modern Living Room Interior With Air Conditioner, Orange Sofa And Green Armchair

Opposite colors are like good friends. They are the colors that sit across from one another on the color circle—for instance, red and green or blue and orange. When you put them side by side, they help each other pop and seem full of life.

These pairs make your eyes happy because they’re so different. This is similar to having a great day with a cool breeze. They balance each other out. These colors are great for making the design outstanding and exciting.

You can use them to attract people and make things more interesting. So, remember that opposite colors, like red and green, are a simple way to make your creations look awesome.

Whether it’s a painting, a room, or even your outfit, this combination will make it all pop around. So, always remember that using opposite colors, like red and green, is an easy way to make your creations stand out.

4. The Analogous Color Scheme

The Analogous Color Scheme

Similar colors are like colors in a family. They stay close to the color circle. Take, for instance, red, orange, and yellow. When you use these colors together. It makes a room feel nice and friendly.

This resembles how family members get along and make everything comfortable and happy. So, in your room, you can use these similar colors to create a welcoming atmosphere. Think of a sunny day with bright red, warm orange, and cheerful yellow.

When these colors are combined, they make your room look lovely. It’s not hard to do; pick these easy colors and put them on your walls or furniture. You’ll see it will make your space feel comfortable and welcoming. So, Keep it simple and think of your colors as a happy family that makes your room a nice place to be.

  • Similar Colors Look Nice
  • Easy to Use
  • Creates Calm Feelings
  • Harmonious Designs
  • Good for Beginners


Choosing colors for your room can be an interesting work. Think of it as picking out colors for your favorite things.

Here’s how it works. First, you pick one color for most of the room, like the walls, about 60%. Then, you choose a second color for about 30% of the room, like your furniture, such as sofas or chairs.

Finally, you go for a third color, but just in a small amount, like 10%. Use it for small things like pillows or decorations.

This rule helps you make your room look nice and balanced without being too tricky.

When you follow the 60-30-10 rule, it makes your room feel comfy and good to look at.

Clara Wang

Holding a Master's in Fine Arts from Yale University, Clara Wang has been at the forefront of contemporary art and design for over a decade. She began her journey in advertising, developing a keen eye for color theory and design. Her experience includes working with renowned art galleries and contributing to various art journals. Outside of work, she enjoys painting and exploring the intersection of art and technology. She loves to engage in community art projects and photography in her free time.

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