What Are the Cons of Putting a TV on The Wall?

With the evolving times, televisions are getting more advanced and tech-friendly. With the evolution, the size and shape of televisions are also changing. They are getting slimmer and better. Everyone these days wants to own a television that offers a big screen that looks slimmer, and many people are getting their televisions wall-mounted as well.

Earlier, televisions used to be placed on a table or TV cabinet, but now, as they are getting bigger and slimmer, people like to get them wall-mounted. In most houses, you will see people putting them on the walls.

However, getting a wall-mounted television can be a problem too, and to help you with that, here are some cons of wall-mounted TVs.

Cons of Putting A TV on a Wall

ons of Putting A TV on a Wall

For several reasons, one should not get their television mounted on the wall but rather prefer a corner TV stand design. Before getting anything, one should check their preferences and how they will be comfortable watching TV.

Some of the cons that are associated with putting a TV on the wall are mentioned below.

1. Difficult to Hide Wires

While mounting a TV on the wall looks great, it also comes with a lot of troubles, and one of them is hiding wires. If you wall mount your television, it will have dragging wires all around. One can hide it with a cable concealer or get it fixed behind the TV on the wall, but that also comes with huge expenses.

Cable concealers are plastic tubes that hide the wires under them. So basically, it will be under one cover rather than having 4 to 5 wires rolling here and there. However, as we discussed above, it will have some additional costs and will not be easy to do on your own.

2. Mounting Your Television on The Wall Can Leave Holes 

When one decides to get their television mounted on the wall, they need to get some holes drilled in the wall for installation. Also, not just this; if you want to run wires behind the television, then there will be extra drilling as well. This can leave huge holes in your wall, which will later be a problem.

Mounting a TV on a wall involves a lot of drilling and installation, and even if you try to be safe, it will still have some holes. No matter what happens, if you ever decide to get rid of the wall-mounted television, you will have those holes popping until you choose to fix your wall permanently.

3. Difficult to Install

If we talk about television stands, then they are comparatively very easy to install. All you have to do is buy it online or from the market as per your television size, assemble it, and you are ready. It is so easy that even one person can do the job in just an hour. You don’t have to invest in any outside help for something.

However, if we talk about wall-mounted televisions, let’s break it to you: it isn’t easy to install them. You will need external help for installation and get it fixed on the wall. One person cannot do it alone, which might take some hours. It will require a lot of drilling and fixing on the wall.

4. Don’t Put Your Television Over the Fireplace

Electronic items are expensive, and they can be easily ruined by excess heat or cold. Similarly, televisions work; one would not keep their phone near an open flame because it might get destroyed. Hence, television should also be taken with full care. It is a delicate and expensive item and must be taken carefully.

If you have a fireplace in your house or your living room, keep it at a distance from your television. Avoid keeping both in the same room; if it is difficult, make sure not to put your TV above the fireplace. The excess heat and smoke from the fireplace can ruin your television.


A wall-mounted television looks way more classy and modern than placing it on a TV stand. One can lay on their couch and have their heads little tilted for that amazing view from their television. It is a great way to add more fun to your room if you have a big family and love watching shows together.

However, just like it has a lot of pros, there are several cons as well, and they can be extremely overwhelming. Most of the cons of wall-mounted televisions are related to installation. When choosing it, One must think about wall holes, drilling, external help, and even wires.

Hence, it is important to know beforehand and then make the decision.

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