What do you know about Sunjoy Awnings?

Awnings are a fantastic way to create shade and a more functional outdoor space for your residential or business property. Investing in one should be accompanied by thorough research and a complete understanding of what you are paying for.

If you search for awnings online, you might find a few offers by Sunjoy Group. But how much do you know, and what do you need to know about Sunjoy Awnings? You can find out in today’s article.

What are awnings?

Awnings are secondary covers attached to the exterior of a building alongside foundation plants, helping to create shade in patio and deck areas and protect you from the sun. On some occasions, they can protect the area and outdoor furniture from light rain, depending on the materials.

Awnings can be fixed, meaning once installed, they will always stay in the same position or be retractable. Retractable awnings allow you to retract or extend them whenever you wish. Retractable awnings are further categorized into manual or motorized. You can control a manual top via a detachable hand crank and a motorized awning via remote control, a wall switch or a mobile app.

Sunjoy Group History

Sunjoy Group is a company based in Redlands, California, USA. It was first established in 2001, and its main focus is manufacturing indoor and outdoor furniture for residential purposes. It has been functioning online since 2020 through its e-commerce website.

The company produces various outdoor and indoor furniture using production materials such as metal, stone and wood. Sunjoy manufactures and assembles all their awnings and other shading products in China, while their design team is located and works in the USA.

Sunjoy Product List

Sunjoy produces various indoor and outdoor residential products, including furniture and replacement parts. Their outdoor shading solutions include fixed gazebos and pergolas and replacement parts for canopies, curtains, sunshades and mosquito nets. They also offer a large decor selection from which you can choose accessories to upgrade the design of your patio or deck without disturbing the shed for a solar heater. If you want to create a cozy place for long nights to spend with your friends or family, you can look at their fire pits and fireplace selection.

If you are interested in indoor products, Sunjoy’s online shop has various offers for decoration and functional furniture. For example, you can upgrade your office space, add furniture to your living room, decorate your bathroom or purchase office and gaming chairs.

Sunjoy Group doesn’t exclusively offer awnings, and even less so retractable awnings. It has a broader niche, focusing on all home furnishings. They try to keep up with the newest trends and provide everything a homeowner might need to create a more welcoming and pleasant space to which they return at the end of their day.

What kind of awnings does Sunjoy offer?

Sunjoy Group offers a few different kinds of awnings. Most of them you will find available on Amazon instead of their website. Some of the options include:

  • Camper awning fabrics
  • Fixed patio awnings
  • Retractable manual and motorized awnings.

Sunjoy Group Benefits

If you wonder if you should purchase an awning from Sunjoy Group, you will be happy to know that their products are cheaper when compared to other awning brands. That is because most of their manufacturing and assembly processes take place in China, after which they are imported into the US. While this may cause some concerns, Sunjoy offers a 30-day return policy on all their products after they have been delivered. If you notice that your product is faulty, you can return it in these 30 days.

Another thing to consider is the warranty period. Sunjoy’s warranty periods are not very long, but you can check the specifications of the specific products you are willing to purchase because they vary depending on the product.

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