What is an Inexpensive Fencing Used for Livestock?

Fencing is an important part of any farm or ranch. It protects the farm animals from people and other harmful animals outside the farm.

Moreover, these fences safeguard the animals that are living inside the farm from being stolen or being attacked by strangers. These fences are the one that keeps the livestock in one area and defines their boundaries.

The fencing is a one-time investment that provides a long time protection for the livestock animals. Various types of fencing options are available to safeguard the animals on the ranch.

Here, we can have a detailed analysis of inexpensive fencing options and cheap goat fence ideas to protect the animals that are living on the farm.

Inexpensive Farm Fence Ideas

A cost-effective farm fence with barbed wire on the side, providing security and protection.

There are numerous or a variety of fencing ideas available. If you are looking for some inexpensive fencing options, then you can have an overview of some of the very affordable and effective fencing options. They are as follows:

1. Field Fence

A field fence, which is commonly known as the woven wire fence, is considered to be one of the best and cheapest fencing ideas. This field fence is a very economical one when we want to cover up a large area for fencing. These woven wire fences are available as a mesh that ranges between 3 to 5 inches. These fences are designed with the wires at the bottom side closer together, while the wires at the top side are somewhat far apart. This design ensures that the cattle cannot escape easily from the fencing.

2. Hog Wire Fence

As the name suggests, a hog wire fence or welded wire fence is generally used for protecting the hog and other farm animals. These are intersecting metal wire fences that are welded at their point of intersection. Hence ensuring the safety and protection of livestock. Even in this type of fence, there is a little gap on the bottom side compared to the top side of the fence. These fences are very strong and affordable.

3. Barbed Wire Fence

Barbed wire fences are fences that are formed by joining two vertical wires twisted together to form a lengthy cable containing barbs around them at regular intervals. These barbs are diagonally cut to make those sharp points. In these barbed wire fences, the posts for the fences can be kept farther apart from one another. These ensure that the barbed wire fences can be built at very low costs, along with safety and durability.

4. Chicken Wire Fence

The other name for this chicken wire netting is the poultry netting. These poultry netting fences are one of the most inexpensive ways to keep your poultry and the farm animals in a safe environment and also let them wander happily. The chicken wire fences are specially designed for small animals like chickens, dogs, and rabbits. These are thin and flexible wire steel netting that are designed with hexagonal gaps.

5. Reclaimed Wood Fence

The reclaimed wood fence can be made from recycled wooden planks. As they can be made from recycled wood, they can be very cheap and easy to make at the ease of our home. As these fences are made from wood, it is highly durable and with almost no or zero maintenance. They are not only cost-effective, but they really add some glamour to the fence.

6. Electrical Fence

Electrical wire fences are the most common portable fences. These are made of multiple strands of electrical conducting wires, which also require fence chargers, grounding wires, and insulators in addition. These electrical fences are long-lasting fences that safeguard farm animals like sheep, goats, pigs, and horses from their predators. Most of these electric wire fences have just 4-5 wire strands.

7. Welded Wire Fence

The welded wire fences are created by welding the vertical and horizontal wires of the fence. Although these are not as strong as other fences, they can be used for animals not resting on the fence. Basically, these fences can be used for small animals among the livestock. These are very low in cost when compared to the other types of fences.

8. Non-Wire Fence

We have seen that most fences are created with the use of wires. But, the other item that is available in forming a fence is the pipe; yes, we can make fences using these materials, too. For making pipe fences, we can use pipe materials like vinyl or PVC pipes. These are also very sturdy, strong, and durable. These pipe fences can be created by using recycled old plastics. Hence, they can be cost-effective, too.

Choosing the Right Fence

Before deciding upon the fences, you need to choose the right fence for your farm. The fence should be selected based on the animals in your farm. If your farm consists of only small animals, then choose a chicken wire fence or a welded wire fence for your farm animals. If your farm has animals like horses, cattle, and deer, then try choosing the most sturdy fence for the safety of your livestock.


Here in this article, we discuss fences and various low-cost farm fencing ideas. Though cost is the major concern for choosing the fence, we must also keep in mind the strength and durability of the fence. It is always better to choose the fence based on the size of the animals dwelling on your farm.

Although the fences are mainly made with wires, there are some other materials, like recycled pipes, that can be used. We can even add gates to the fences, depending upon your convenience.

Hope this blog helped you to choose an ideal fence among the various inexpensive fencing options.

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