25 Cheap Goat Fence Ideas for Your Yard

In the realm of goat farming and herding, the significance of effective containment cannot be overstated.

A key aspect of this is the implementation of fencing solutions that are both cost-effective and functional.

This brings us to the exploration of “cheap goat fence ideas” that cater to the diverse needs of goat owners.

Fencing is not just a matter of constructing boundaries; it’s about choosing the right type that aligns with the specific requirements of your goats, considering factors like size, age, and behavior.

The choices range from traditional wire fences to more innovative and eco-friendly options like bamboo or reclaimed wood fences.

Each type of fence serves a dual purpose: safeguarding the goats from external threats and preventing them from straying.

This comprehensive guide delves into 25 distinct and popular fencing ideas, each with unique advantages.

Helping goat owners make an informed decision to create a secure and comfortable environment for their goats without breaking the bank.

Importance of Cheap Goat Fence Ideas

Proper taming and nurturing of goats is a must for every farmer or a herd owner.

Giving them a proper diet consisting of hay, cereals, and grass will help them gain immunity to many diseases.

We are arranging proper drinking facilities for them. And, most importantly, making a secure home/yard for them.

The latter is essential as goats need to be saved from outside threats.

By building a fence around the yard can protect them from outside animals who might break in to hunt them down.

A fence will also prevent goats from leaving the yards as, if one does so, the whole herd is likely to do so.

This is because they move in a herd. But building a fence is not easy.

You need first to decide which type of fence will be the most suitable for your goats depending on their size, age, and, most importantly, their notoriousness.

There are a lot of different types of fences to choose from for you goat.

Below, we have discussed different types of fences that are most popular and appeal to a lot of goat owners.

1. Large Square Wire Goat Fence

Large Square Wire Goat Fence

These are probably the most common way of fencing, which appears to be proper.

As we know from the name, the fence is constructed with the help of wires. The wires are Chris-crossed to form the shape of large squares.

They are stretched between two wooden poles and run similarly across the fence. They are very affordable and practical.

These fences also allow the goats to peep their heads out of the fence, which is their general habit.

One needs to make sure that the gap is enough for the goats to peep their heads out but far less from the space through which they can escape.

2. Rectangular Wire Goat Fence

This is also a prevalent method of fencing and is also done using a wire.

They are stretched between two wooden poles and have enough gaps so the goats can peep their heads out.

The size of the rectangle starts decreasing towards the bottom so that the goats cannot escape through the fence.

This is a very innovative fencing technique.

3. Wire Mesh Goat Fence

Wire Mesh Goat Fence

This probably appears to be the clumsiest fencing technique of all, and it is.

But it is very affordable and can be easily constructed with the help of things that are nearby or easily accessible.

In this sense, they are the cheapest fences you can make, and they also work well. These are also made of wire like the ones before.

4. Barbed Wire Goat Fence

Barbed Wire Goat Fence

This probably seems to be one of the roughest fences of all because of the spiky wire.

This type of fence is beneficial in keeping the outside animals away from your goat.

One can find barbed wire fences in many places and find it very easy to prepare one for himself/herself as it is affordable and easily accessible.

Be extra cautious while installing this type of fence, as you may get hurt by the barbed wire.

5. Black Metal Rectangular Goat Fence

Black Metal Rectangular Goat Fence

Very similar to the Rectangular wire goat fence, the Black metal goat fences are a brilliant choice.

The rectangles in this fence also start to diminish in size as it moves towards the bottom.

Instead of being constructed with standard wire, these are constructed with a thicker and more strong metal.

6. Wooden Slat Goat Fence with food trough

Wooden Slat Goat Fence with food trough

These fences are composed of long wooden slats running horizontally to the ground along the length of the fence.

These slats are placed parallel to each other so that the goats can peep their heads out and feed on the food that has been put at the trough attached just beside the fence.

The food also runs along the length of the fence. This is a brilliant option in which you can keep your animals in the right positions and make food available for them every time.

7. Rustic Wood Goat Fence

Rustic Wood Goat Fence

From the name, we can conclude the rustic look of these types of fences.

These are composed of wooden logs standing parallel to each other, leaving enough space for the animal to peep her head.

The wood used is generally with reclaimed wood.

8. Solid Log Goat Fence

Solid Log Goat Fence

These fences are composed of long logs of wood stacked on top of one other to create a boundary.

This is generally done to protect the goats from the outside world.

9. Red Slat Goat Fence

Red Slat Goat Fence

Red Slat fences are identifiable because of their color.

Composed of wooden slats, these are like any other wooden slat fence, have more massive-sized wood and red color, of course.

10. Wood Framed Mesh

Wood Framed Mesh

These types of fences use a wooden framework and wire mesh.

They are generally not very high and hence are not regarded as a very safe option to keep animals away from the threat.

11. Natural Wood Slat Goat Fence

Natural Wood Slat Goat Fence

These fences are very similar to the wood slat fences discussed earlier, but they consist of wooden slats of two widths.

One is generally narrower (used mare towards the bottom and one is thick. They are placed alternatively.

At the top level, the thinner slat is not placed so the goat can peep out her head. This takes a lot more construction time than any standard fence type.

12. Post Goat Fence

Post Goat Fence

It is a very affordable and secure option that can be done by yourself, and you do not need to get help from anyone.

All you need for these types of fences are some posts and some boards to go along with them.

13. Painted Goat Fence

Painted Goat Fence

These fences are constructed of thinner slats at the bottom and broader slats at the top.

The width of the slat decreases when we move towards the bottom.

Also, the space between the slats is highest at the top and decreases as we move towards the bottom.

14. Slanted Goat Fence

Slanted Goat Fence

For uneven or slanting surfaces, a slanting goat fence is the most suitable option.

The Slats are adjusted to the floor, and space is provided between them for the goats to peep their heads out.

15. Bamboo Pen and Goat Fence

Bamboo Pen and Goat Fence

This eco-friendly fence features long bamboo poles, creating a secure enclosure ideal for baby or small goats.

Its bamboo flooring adds aesthetic appeal, making it a visually pleasing and sustainable fencing option.

16. Slatted Goat Fence

Slatted Goat Fence

Comprising wooden slats, this fence offers a balanced structure with thicker slats at the top and bottom and thinner ones in the middle.

It’s designed for both security and visibility, allowing goats to peek out without escaping.

17. Diagonal Slatted Goat Fence

Diagonal Slatted Goat Fence

Unique in design, this fence features poles set diagonally with horizontal slats.

This structure provides robust security and a stylish appearance, suitable for uneven terrains or as a decorative choice.

18. Colorful Goat Fence

Colorful Goat Fence

This fence stands out with its vibrant colors, constructed from wooden boards.

The varied hues are not only visually appealing to humans but also engaging for goats, adding a playful element to the enclosure.

19. Reclaimed Wood Goat Fence

Reclaimed Wood Goat Fence

Environmentally friendly and cost-effective, this fence utilizes reclaimed wood, giving it a rustic appearance.

While its aesthetic may be simple, it’s a practical and sustainable option for goat fencing.

20. Wrought Iron Goat Fence

Wrought Iron Goat Fence

A wrought iron goat fence is a sturdy and decorative barrier designed to contain goats securely.

Made from high-quality iron, it features intricate patterns, enhancing aesthetic appeal while providing durability and resistance to weather.

The fence’s height and spacing are tailored to prevent goats from escaping or injuring themselves.


The journey through various “cheap goat fence ideas” demonstrates that practical and affordable fencing solutions are abundantly available for goat owners.

Whether it’s the simplicity of wire mesh fences, the robustness of wrought iron, or the natural appeal of bamboo and wood, it offers a unique blend of functionality.

The primary goal of these fences is to provide goats with a safe enclosure, protecting them from predators and preventing herd wanderings while also considering the instincts and behaviors of the goats.

By carefully selecting the appropriate fencing type, farmers and herd owners can ensure the well-being of their goats.

This collection of fencing ideas underscores the importance of choosing the right fence that aligns with individual preferences and budget constraints.

This also takes a deep dive into the specific needs of the goats, thereby illustrating that effective goat farming is achievable even with modest resources.

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  1. First off, goats are NOT grazers, therefore are NOT lawnmowers. They will eat grasses only when it is their ONLY option and they must be hungry to partake. Goats, like deer are browsers and as such their first and best choice for nutrition comes from leafy brush, trees even vines like poison ivy/oak and briers. So much false information in this article. Way to mislead folks.

  2. Our fence is chain link… Our goats had that fence and neighboring fences tore up…We finally concreted the bottom of the fence about 8″ deep. And use an electric solar fencing.


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