What Is the Best Rat Bait? 

One of the most tedious and frustrating jobs is to safeguard your house from the attacks of the rats. But despite every effort, they somehow manage to enter your house and you only tend to know when some damage is caused.

Even after knowing one still struggles in finding the rat and saving their things from further damage. But we fail because normal hunting never allows them to come under our grip. You finally become frustrated and irritated and then finally give up

But the damage needs to be stopped. A lot of people say we tried everything, but nothing really seemed like working and thus we gave up. But today modern advancement has given us so many options. Wasting your energy behind hunting them down is not needed.

We have various scientific methods to fight the spread of rats in our house. Baits are really proving to be very helpful in finding out the rats and getting permanently rid of them.

Continue to scroll down and check what are the best rat baits that are going to prove super effective to you in getting rid of the rats.

Damages Caused by Rats

Damages Caused by Rats

Rats can never just be your friend. Just kidding. Of Course, they have their own uses, but they are not a good home companion. From chipping down to your favourite box to eating away your stored food. What not is done by them.

Once they enter your house almost everything falls at risk. Rats can chew your important documents, paintings, precious boxes, home appliances and many more.

The threat and chaos increase even more when their number begins to multiply. Hence it is very important to find a solution to get rid of them. Otherwise, one will only keep chasing while the rats will keep damaging.

How Do You Know If There Is A Rat in The House?

Rats are nocturnal, which means they are most active during the nighttime. That is the time when you are asleep, and they take the opportunity to destroy your stuff. Initially, until you see any bitings on any object you do not tend to know it. Sometimes you may hear some sound in the dark, like scratching or falling which basically means that the rats have already made a comfortable stop in your house and are almost ready to attack your foodstuffs and important documents or appliances.

The general way of understanding rats’ presence is by paying attention to the sounds generated in the dark. Rats usually run from places to places in the dark in the search to eat. Their running causes sound and can alert you if it is present or not.

When you begin experiencing your stuff and appliances getting destroyed and find marks of minute bitings then surely, it is the rat that is responsible for every mess. Other than that, finding scratches on the wall, hairs near the food and similar such things confirm that yes, your house has rats.

How Do They Get into Your House?

How Do They Get into Your House

Well, if you wish to find an answer to this question, then little answer seeps from the word carelessness. Yes, this is a major reason for a lot of houses to have been attacked by rats.

Usually, if some rats are present in your garden area or nearby area and you leave your main door open for some reason. They take this as an opportunity and straight runs towards your house. So, missing out on an eye at your main door is mostly the cause why your house has rats.

Well, this not being the only reason. Rats can also enter through the smallest holes or spaces that connect the inside and outside of the house. These two are the most possible reasons for rats to enter your house.

Other than that, if you have recently shifted to a new house, then there are possibilities of poor cleaning done before the ownership which allowed the rats to already stay inside.

 So, these are certain possible reasons that can be assumed to understand the existence of rats in your house.

Finding Solutions 

Finding Solutions

We all can quite relate to the problem and frustration caused due to rats. What not we used but nothing seemed to be a permanent solution. From spending hours searching the rat to keeping different food items, everything we tried still we could not get rid of.

Our olden techniques do not prove to be that effective. And upon that killing the rats always made us feel guilty. So, what do we do now? Is there no solution to get rid of them?

There is! As modern innovation has brought tremendous changes in various aspects of life similarly it has also marked an impact by introducing various rat traps and some effective research that tells us about the best effective rat baits. Baits put an end to the old struggles of running behind the rats throughout the house. Baits work great in helping you get rid of rats permanently.

But What Are Baits? How Are They Responsible for Eradicating Rats?

Well getting ahead with the concept of baits. Baits are generally food items that are used to trick rats to trap them and throw them out of the house. You can use normal food items that rats like or you can use special poisonous baits available in the market.

Rats usually get attracted to the food items and rush to eat them but then gets trapped and is then thrown out. Sometimes rats are smart enough and manage to just eat the bait and escape the trap. At such times poisonous baits come as a saviour.

Poisonous baits are the best rat baits. As it is eaten by the rat the poison slowly begins progressing and forces the rat to go outside the house and die. These baits prove to be very efficient for the users.

Best Effective Rat Baits Suggestions

Let us further now dive into a detailed understanding of some best baits that can help you trap the rats. But one thing that we need to pay special attention to while spreading a trap using bait is that the bait should be non-toxic or stored at places where your pet or small children could not reach if you have any.

5 Effective Rat Traps You Can Buy.

Along with Baits choosing an effective rat trap is equally important. Below given are few best-recommended rat traps that can prove to be very effective while planning a rat trap. Click on the link below to shop or to know more about the rat trap.

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Electronic Rat Trap

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BARLAS Snap Trap Rat Trap

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Below mentioned are a few best rat baits that have proven to be very effective.

Dried Fruits

Dried fruits can be a very good bait used to attract rats towards the trap. Place it with the rat trap and keep it at places where rats are seen the most. The rats will get attracted to these dried fruits and eventually end up being trapped.

Unshelled Nuts

Unshelled Nuts

Unshelled nuts work great in attracting rats. So, you can use unshelled nuts along the trap machine to attract rats. Once the rats are attracted to the nuts and they move ahead to grab them. They get trapped, and finally, you get rid of at least one rat.

Pet Food (Sometimes)

Another best rat bait that you can use is pet food. If you have a pet at home, you can use the pet food along with the trap and place it in different positions. The rats will get attracted to the pet food and will end up being caught in the trap.

Chocolate Lures

Studies state that chocolate Lures are said to be the weakest point of rats. They enjoy the taste of chocolate lures. So, you can use chocolate lures to trap the rat. Place the chocolate lures with the trap which will help you attract and trap the rats.

Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is another best rat bait that convinces the rats to go on the action and search the place where it is kept. So, pairing peanut butter along your trap machine can be a great effective way to deal with rats.

Cheese (Optional / Not Really That Effective)

It is believed that Cheese is the best rat baits to attract the rats. But there is hardly any truth to it. Cheese can be used as bait to trap the rats but does not prove to be as effective as believed. So, you can use it as well as not use it. It entirely depends on the user. Although there is no harm in trying it.

Points to Remember.

So, we have studied quite a detail by now and found out some best baits that can help us trap the rats and get rid of them. But there are certain points that you need to follow while you are trapping down a rat with the help of the bait.

As mentioned above baits can be toxic and poisonous too. So, you need to follow certain steps to avoid any mishap in the future.

So, here is your little briefing on points that you need to keep in mind while planning a trap for rats

  1. Plan your trap. Look for the places you are going to place your rat traps. Placing only one rat trap will not be very effective. So, ensure to place at least 2-3 rat traps to get the rats trapped.
  2. Use non-toxic and non-poisonous baits. It might increase the risk of causing danger to your pets or small child if not attended to properly.
  3. Always ensure to compile baits with the trap. That is the only way to trap rats faster.
  4. If you trapped a rat, reuse that trap again. The body smell of the previous rat will invite more other rats.
  5. Try avoiding touch with the rat traps as human smells may offend them and keep them away.
  6. Place the traps away from the reach of children and pets. 

These small points will help you to plan an effective trap and will finally allow you to get rid of rats.

Reference Videos

Below given are few links to the videos that will assist you in understanding baits and their effectiveness in trapping rats.


Having rats in your house is one of the worst problems to deal with. Firstly, we lose enough of days figuring out things like how did they get in? Where are they hiding, and meanwhile enough damage is already caused

But luckily, we are over those days where hunting them down was the only option to get rid of them. Now we have rat traps, different best rat baits, toxic and non-toxic ones too. So now dealing with rats is not really a huge struggle, but some threat remains

I hope this article helped you get a wider aspect on understanding rats and their patterns by giving some major options of best baits for rats.

Hoping your house to be rat-free soon.

Happy Reading!

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