What Kind of Grass do Golf Courses Use? (and will it grow on my lawn) 

We all like the uniform and lush lawns right just like the golf courses? But people in the earlier days never thought of providing a second look to their grasses on the golf courses. They simply used to think whatever was growing was completely fine and in no ways that can be changed and renewed.

The people thought that the grasses on the courses grew naturally and the things were natural. Yeah, of course, growing grasses are quite natural but in today’s world there is some sort of twist added to it and as you, all know grass is an important part of almost all the games now. There are several factors which help to determine the choice of grasses for the golf courses all around the world.

Though all do not have the same choices so there are also a fbaew options available for the rest of the people globally. Most of the golf courses are older than 30 years or so and that is why many of the golf courses carry low maintenance grasses.

Read the article below to know what the golf courses need and can the common people grow them personally on their lawns. Always do choose the correct ones by keeping in mind about the lovable atmosphere which is important for thriving and your commitment towards work.

Let us once go through the most popular grasses used on the golf courses.



Ryegrass is a very smooth variety of grass which is suitable for growing and grows on both the fairway as well as in the rough part at many golf courses. Whenever ryegrass is properly fertilized it provides an awesome deep green colour.

It is breathtaking and very beautiful to look at. There are several ryegrasses found which do not self-spread. So, this grass requires more work than that of the grasses that do spread with the help of Rhizomes.

Annual rye is quite quick to establish but it has also got certain limitations. Annual rye dies in temperature below the freezing point. There are parts in the entire world where the temperature goes down like this during the winter season.

So, it is better to avoid such kinds of places if you are willing to grow ryegrass on your golf courses. The seed is quite cheaper than that of other available varieties in the local marketplace, online or greenhouse. Reports say that perennial ryegrass can easily and successfully be grown on the golf courses. Good quality should be used.

This brings a kind of improvement on the water tolerance factor and provides longevity to the grasses on the courses. Previously people did not prefer to use ryegrass on the golf courses, but it is no more like that now. People commonly use ryegrass on the courses and there is only a minority of people who are against ryegrass.

Poa Annua

Poa Annua

Poa Annua is a bumpy, uneven and a fast-growing type of grass. This grass is not so durable like the other varieties of grasses. This grass is commonly used on the golf courses along the West Coast of the United States. This Poa Annua grass is an invasive species in most parts of the United States.

So, it is less commonly used throughout the entire United States and I do not recommend this grass for residential usage like on the lawns of the houses. One should never plant invasive species on their residential lawns. It never comes under the category of recommendations.

These Poa Annua grasses have shallow roots, and this is the reason which makes them less durable than the other varieties and hand watering is very essential for these grasses. As mentioned above never go-ahead for planting this on your lawn.

This may be fine for the golf courses as the west coast uses this grass on the courses present there. But it is a big ‘No’ for the ones whoever is planning to grow Poa Annua grass on their residential lawns. You can add it to the golf course list but unfortunately not in the residential ones.



Bentgrass is a kind of turfgrass. It is a commonly and an exclusively type of fairway grass found on golf courses around the world. It is a very thick kind of grass which has got the ability to tolerate a lot of traffic.

The density helps the grasses to protect themselves against the foot traffic. This is one of the main reasons why most of the people prefer choosing Bentgrass for their golf courses.

But as this grass cannot tolerate heat well, the way it tolerates traffic, so it is known to be a ‘cool season grass’. It serves best in the temperate and cooler parts of the world like in the higher altitudes.

This grass is obsessed with the countries which have got cooler nights than that of the usual. These grasses are cold tolerant and at no cost can bear much heat. Bentgrass requires very less amount of water to stay green and maintain the colour.

This saves a lot of expenses like the expenses spent for irrigation. These grasses can be mowed short without any fear of losing the green colour. Bentgrass has got thin blades and it grows densely all around. It provides a smooth surface to all.

This grass is not only a perfect choice for the golf courses but also it is a perfect choice for the lawn owners who are looking forward to creating fancy lawns for their homes.



Zoysia is a kind of grass which has got very slow growth than that of the other available varieties. But the grass is very durable to hold the fairway traffic of the golf courses. These grasses are very rigid in nature and it spreads in such a way that it fills in all the gaps on the courses or on the lawns.

This grass can tolerate the hot temperature very well and it is also a drought-resistant grass. It is an ideal choice for both the golf courses as well as for the residential lawns all around the world. It is having just a single drawback. That is the slow growth.

There are several lawn owners who are quite impatient and so they do not choose to grow Zoysia on their lawns because they do not have the patience to wait. And it is better for the impatient ones that you go with any other variety of grasses rather than waiting for a bit long than that of the usual.

And if you are ready to give time to your yard and you are not at all impatient and have got enough time for your lawn activity then you may choose Zoysia as your lawn partner. There is no harm in it.



Bermuda grass is a very popular grass variety and is commonly used on the golf courses. It is an extremely durable grass variety. This grass is well suited to almost all sorts of climates. It is a drought-resistant grass, and it also gets repaired quickly as it takes little amount of time and it can easily be mowed low.

This makes Bermuda grass to be a worthy choice for not only the golf courses but also for the home lawns as well. Especially rather than cold it is well suited with the hot climate and that is why in case of growing these grasses on your lawn or course, water conservation is a very important aspect.

It can almost adjust with all temperatures and the seasons. Maybe this grass will not be the first lush green up in your neighbourhood during the spring season but as it has got a good friendship with the summer season it will show up with its real green colour during that time of the year specifically.

This is the reason why it is chosen by several people almost all around the world.

How to Take Care of the Golf Course Grasses in a Residential Lawn

Having your own small lawn golf course makes it easier for anyone to play at home. No more lugging around your golf bag, packing your golf equipment and accessories. Your golf course is right outside your doorstep. Picking the correct variety of golf course grasses for your residential lawn is the most important thing to do before growing grasses on your home yard. Adapting the correct techniques and maintenance strategies of lawn care can lead the lawn owners to the path of success of achieving the golf greens.

Lawnmowers are common and almost everyone has them in their homes especially the gardeners and it also is inexpensive. But, if you ever in the future wish to make a change, go-ahead for buying a reel mower, if you are willing to establish a golf course like lawn in your house.

Reel mowers are better than that of the lawnmowers because this equipment neatly cuts the blades of the grasses present on a lawn or a golf course. Please do not go for mowing the grasses too short.

The grasses should maintain a height of 2 inches or so on the lawn. Do not overwater the lawns. This is a common pattern of mistake that almost all the lawn owners make globally. It is never compulsory to irrigate your home lawn but the easiest thing you can do is to water your lawn a bit little frequently and deeply.

This does not mean overwatering at any cost. Know the differences properly between the two before performing the activity. In this procedure, the grasses will be having deeper roots and once the roots are deep enough, finding moisture is not at all a difficult task for the grasses on the lawn.

This helps them become more resilient to the plant diseases.

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