What Is the Standard Size of a Card Table?

Planning to introduce a card table in your house? That is a fantastic idea. A place where you and your family can spend a lot of time together doing a lot of different stuff.

But what size card table do we get home? How do we know what shape or dimension would be a perfect fit for our lovely house? Well, if that is bothering you then you do not really need to worry. We are here to answer all your questions and help you make an effective choice.

In this article, we will be covering all these points and a lot more in brief and would aim to help you to get the correct card table with the correct dimensions. So that you can have some fun time with your family playing cards or doing other artworks.

So, without delaying it further let us just get started with knowing everything about the card table and its dimensions. We know you are super excited to get your card table home today, and you cannot keep calm. So, let us just take a quick view of them and prepare ourselves to order a fantastic card table.

What Is the Card Table? 

What Is the Card Table

Before we get into other aspects of the card table, let us first understand what exactly a card table means. Well, there are a variety of tables used for various purposes and according to their usages, they are named.

The one you dine on is your dining table, the one at the cafe is your cafe table, the one you study is your study table. Similarly, card tables are tables that are used to play cards. That is the basic purpose the card table is supposed to serve.

The table is designed in a way that playing cards seem to be comfortable and exciting. Just like the tables we get differently designed for dining and studying.

Card tables, just like any other table, come in various shapes and dimensions, that the consumer chooses according to his/her preferences.

So basically, a card table is a table designed to play cards with friends and families. You can also use it for other art and craft purposes.

Types of Card Table 

Types of Card Table

Now that we know what a card table is, let us also have a look at different types of card table available for the consumers. Below given are a few types of card tables available in the market.

  1. Square Folding Table.
  2. Round Folding Table.
  3. Rectangular Folding Table.
  4. Oval-Shaped Poker and Blackjack Card Table.
  5. Collapsible Poker Table.
  6. Octagonal Card Game Table.
  7. 10 Player Light Up Poker Table.
  8. Baccarat Table.
  9. Combination Games Table.
  10. Cribbage Table. 

Uses of Card Table

Uses of Card Table

Well, as the name suggests card tables are usually used to play cards with your friends and family. But apart from that, it can also be used for various other purposes. Few uses of card tables are mentioned below: –

To Play Card Games

As the name suggests, the basic use of a card table is to play cards with your friends and family. So, the card table is widely used to play card games.

Weekend Table of Arts and Crafts with Kids

The card tables can also be used as a table of arts and crafts. You can sit with your family or kids to have a session on some craft or art practices.

Used Outdoors for Wedding or Functions

When you put a tablecloth on the card table, you can use it for outdoor purposes like small functions or weddings.

Used for Holding Heavy Stuff

You can use card tables for keeping heavy stuff like sewing machines or other relevant objects.

Card Table Dimensions

Card Table Dimensions

Card table dimensions are a vital aspect to look for while getting a card table. As card tables come in various dimensions one must choose the dimensions as per their need and requirement.

There are three main common shapes for card tables that are widely preferred and used by many families. They are circular, square, and rectangular. The circular card table spreads within the diameter of 42 to 48 inches. The square card table spreads from 34×34 to 38×38 inches. Whereas the rectangular table spreads between 36×24 inches to 48×92 inches.

Now let us have a broader look towards all these common shapes of card tables and briefly study their significance.

Circular Card Table

Circular card tables are the most preferred ones, as they are well designed in terms of comfort and space. The circular card table spreads to a diameter of 42 to 48 inches. This allows a maximum of 5-6 people to assist themselves around the table

Therefore, circular card tables are often prepared for card games.

Square Card Table

The square card table dimension spreads to 34×34 to 38×38 inches. They are even from all sides. Square card tables are quite spacious and comfortable that can easily accommodate a good number of people.

Hence for better comfort, fun and excitement square card table becomes a perfect fit for your home.

Rectangular Card Table

The rectangular card table dimension spreads from 36×24 inches to 48×92 inches. It is designed to have a long length and short breadth which can easily accommodate 6-8 people providing wide space and comfort.

As compared to the other card tables this occupies a little more space but provides you with extreme fun and excitement playing cards or doing activities on the table.

Best Place to Fit In

Best Place to Fit In

As most of the card tables are designed to be folding ones, it becomes quite easier to fold after use and place at the time of use. They do not really hold a permanent place in your home space. So that makes fitting a card table quite easy.

When required you can open it up and have your free fun time with family and closed ones, and when you are done spending time you can fold it back and put it back to the place.

You can also make it a permanent member by placing it in the living room, or study room and accordingly can also use the table to fit some heavier stuff on that when not in use.

So yes, the card table is not really going to be a mess partner instead it would work miracles for you if used properly.

Buying Guide for Card Tables

Now that you are pretty much convinced and are fascinated by the idea of bringing home a card table, we need to understand what care we need to take before buying a card table. Below given are a few guidelines that you should adhere to buy an effective and efficient card table: –


As we have already said, card tables come in different shapes and sizes. So be sure to know what shape you are looking to bring back home. Whether it is a circular card table, square card table or rectangular card table. Be sure to make your choice effectively that can be placed in your house without creating a mess and taking up too much space.


The other thing that a buyer needs to keep in mind while getting his card table is the dimensions of the card table. As we know card tables are available in different dimensions. So accordingly choose the card table dimension that fits your needs.

Number of People

While getting your card table, please make sure to always keep in mind the number of people that are going to participate during the card play. Choose a spacious one that can accommodate most of them.


Look for various card tables that vary in costs and choose the one that does not put too much stress on your pocket.

Purpose & Quality

The quality of the card tables is one vital aspect to look for while buying a card table. So be sure with the texture, material, and folding efficiency. Also, understand your purpose in getting the card table. Of course, the main reason will be to hang out and play cards with your family together, but you will also be using that for other things. So, make sure that the line of need is satisfied while buying your card table.

Some of the Best Card Tables You Can Buy Right Now

Well, now you already know enough about card tables. So here is our small list of card tables with dimensions that recommend you to only buy the best card tables. Go through that and hopefully you find something worth it to get home.

Lifetime Height Adjustable Craft Camping and Utility Folding Table

The rectangular folding card table spreads to 48 x 30 inches and comes with a 10-year warranty. The table is extremely light and durable. It is designed with UV inhibitors for added protection from weathering and is also stain-resistant. The table is a perfect fit for a card party with your family and friends easily accommodating 5-6 people together.

Flash Furniture Black Folding Card Table

The above card table spreads to 33.5″W x 33.5″ D x 27.75″H and is very easy to assemble. It can comfortably accommodate 3-4 people at a time and can be your perfect partner for party nights, functions or card nights with family and friends. The table is a folding table that is black powder-coated and is amazingly designed in a contemporary style.

Yellow Mountain Imports Professional Grade Round Table Cover

The round card table is a perfect partner for your late-night talk and games. One can comfortably play cards with friends and family having a great time together. The table is extremely durable and can be used for multipurpose activities. One can play dice, cards, board games and many more. The tablecloth is perfectly fit within the diameter of the table and is extremely well qualified. Do not machine wash the cloth. So, what are you waiting for? Just get your table home right away!

STAKMORE Straight Edge 32″ Square Folding Card Table

This rectangular table is easy to assemble and fold. It does not occupy too much space. It is designed to stay still and firm. The table is very light in weight and can be shifted from one place to another easily. So, enjoy your late-night talks and games with this well-crafted rectangular table available at the most affordable prices.

XL Series Folding Card Table

The table proves to be promising in terms of strength, affordability, and weight. It can be an easy fit for any function or game that you would like to put along. This is durable and extremely light in weight, which will allow you to shift it easily from one place to another. This table can be used for multipurpose activities. Also, it includes a Sturdy, heavy-duty design, 4 padded chairs and an extra-large tabletop. To get you all in one card table today!

Some Tablecloths Recommendation


Throughout our go regarding card tables, we found out that they are amazing to have in our house space. From celebrating with the families together to using it for our small functions. It covers a wide range of help.

But at the same time, it also concerns space and cost, which leads to confusion in buying an efficient card table. But with proper knowledge about cost, efficiency, and card table dimensions you can always make an effective choice.

I hope, this article helped you know enough details on the card table and its dimensions which eventually will result in helping you buy a great card table. So that you can have a great fun time with your friends and family.

Apart from everything else while buying a card table you need to understand your need and comfort as first and then accordingly choose to order your favorite card table of your preferred shape and dimension.

Hope you have a great fun time with friends and family enjoying at your own card table.

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