What to Put on a Blank Kitchen Wall?

If you’re one of the many homeowners who spend a large amount of time in the kitchen with utensils and spices, you’ll know that the style of a kitchen space is just as important as its functionality. However, the kitchen is a difficult space to design, and choosing just the right decor for it may be difficult – so read this first before you start sprucing up your kitchen walls.

Why Is Kitchen Special?

Kitchen is especially prone to dampness – kitchen sinks, freezers, and other sources of moisture make the room especially vulnerable to wetness. With lots of chopping, steaming, and cooking going on, the kitchen is also prone to all kinds of smells that linger long even after the meal is finished. So how does any of this relate to wall decor? Can an odor impact what you hang on the walls? As a matter of fact, it can – for example, some print formats have a porous structure that lets the print absorb humidity and smells from the air. This impacts the print’s longevity, durability and overall visual look – for example, if you hang poster prints in the kitchen, you can be sure you’ll need new ones in just a year.

Another factor to take into account is your kitchen’s size. Lots of people have small kitchens that don’t allow for grand decor projects you can find in decor magazines and on blogs dedicated to interior design. When you need to make the most out of every spare inch, your kitchen wall makeover project has to be really special – and quite often you’ll need to look for unusual decor features and niche products.

Choose Metal Prints for Kitchen Walls

Metal prints are one of the greatest solutions for kitchen wall decoration; nevertheless, the product is still a bit of a hidden treasure in the wall decor sector, and not everyone is aware of all its advantages. So let’s take a quick look at this quaint wall decor feature.

Metal prints see a digital image reproduced on a metal panel. Metal prints come in different designs but normally the image is printed directly onto the metal/aluminum panel which can then be covered with additional protective layers. Some designs – that on CanvasDiscount.com, for example – are created with composite panels that include not only printed metal sheets but also a polyethylene core that is seen on the edges.

So what makes metal prints perfect for kitchen decoration? First, it’s their amazing durability – unlike other popular printing substrates such as photo paper or canvas fabric, the metal surface isn’t porous and doesn’t absorb either humidity or smells. Metal prints also hold up excellently against heat. And even if you display them in an area where high temperatures are frequent, metal prints won’t get damaged thanks to the UV-resistant protection layer.

To mention some other benefits of metal prints: they are scratch-resistant, lightweight, and aesthetically powerful. It’s one of the best print formats to make your image look like a professionally designed decor statement – contemporary, bold, and fresh.

Save Up to 90% on Wall Decor

The most significant disadvantage of metal prints is their cost; even cheaper retailers typically pitch them as high-end products that are significantly more expensive than poster prints or traditional photo frames. But you needn’t break the bank to give your kitchen walls a much-deserved makeover – CanvasDiscount.com now gives all readers of the Eat Happy Project a special discount code to use until 31 December 2022.

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