What’s Next in the World of 3D Rendering?

Modern interior design is impossible to imagine without professional 3D visualization of the project. Virtual apartment staging helps to adjust the shades and the location of furniture, and choose accessories that are more suitable for the design project. It really shows all the pros and cons of different types of planning solutions and helps you understand exactly what you will like more. 3D visualization, as well as interactive virtual tours real estate of the premises in the 3D format are at the forefront of the interior design industry. Of course, as in any other sphere, this one is changing rapidly. Let’s try to guess what we can expect in the future.

  • VR – Virtual reality

For many, virtual reality is associated primarily with the games and entertainment industry. Of course, computer games are a huge niche for VR development, but construction and architecture do not stand still. Today there are many options for demonstrating the interior of a dwelling: manual interior presentation, sketch on a tablet, 3D visualization of the interior, virtual tours for real estate, and video presentation. Each of the methods has its advantages, but only virtual reality will allow you to immerse yourself 100% in your own interior.

Visualization of the interior in the virtual reality format is a lifeline for architects, designers, and 3D rendering services like Listing3D.

Interior design in the virtual reality format is becoming a new understandable form of “communication” with the customer. For sure this will be developing more and more.

  • Virtual tours

When creating interactive 3D virtual tours real estate, all the physical properties of the materials used are taken into account. This is the specificity of surfaces, textures, and textures. The future atmosphere of the created interior is conveyed as realistically as possible, and the entire contour of the 3D layout is closed in order to consider all the details of the interior without restrictions. In 3d rendering services, you can feel the 3D space and feel the “smell” of the real world. You can also add some effects to the tours — this is the fire of the fireplace, various videos, and background music. The final 3D tour is perfectly adapted for viewing on mobile devices and computers. Virtual house staging can provide this option as well.

  • AR – Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is increasingly penetrating into all areas of our lives. Even such a difficult task as changing the interior becomes interesting and fascinating — today AR allows us to easily try on new furniture in the living room, find out the size of the room and decorate the interior with paintings. And all this can be accessed even without installing the app. AR is already showing positive results in the field of home improvement — right now, using only the phone and the Internet, you can get acquainted with a new shopping experience that will not only be memorable but also useful. And it is safe to say that this approach will only strengthen.

  • 3D scanning

The pioneers of VR technologies believe that the best solution for shooting authentic content for virtual reality will be unique scanning technology (light detection and range detection). The technology is based on the interaction of laser and photography, forming a full-fledged 3D model of space. As a result, the original content represents a three-dimensional form and makes it possible to move inside the scanned spaces.

  • The struggle of open source sources against paid programs

Open source is a program, basically made for free. Blender is one of the programs that are very similar to 3ds MAX, it is developing rapidly and according to professionals, there is every chance that it will replace 3ds Max in the near future. Autodesk, Microsoft, and a number of other major businesses are investing in the development of Blender and are very interested in it.

It is safe to say that this market will only continue to develop and who knows, maybe in the near future, there will be a neural network capable of generating 3D visualizations using the customer’s wishes and helping to create 3D virtual tours real estate near me in 5 seconds. Everything is possible in our world now.

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