Which Flowers Lives the Longest?

Do you want flowers that have the longest blooming period while you do have many varieties of them? On the other hand, you also have many types of flowers that have the longest vase life.

You can give away flowers as bouquets or garlands for occasions like birthday parties, weddings, and other gala events.

As you give away flowers, you also receive flower bouquets from your friends or relatives over your birthdays and anniversaries. The beautiful tradition of giving and receiving flowers is kept aflame in most parts of the globe, even today.

Let us discover 8 different kinds of flowers with the longest vase life.

1. Chrysanthemums

A vibrant cluster of pink Chrysanthemums, showcasing their delicate petals in a captivating close-up

Chrysanthemums have a bloom period of about 2 weeks or so. The plant bed produces flowers in different hues, too.

Under the chrysanthemums, the other types of flowers include spider blooms, single chrysanthemum blooms, pompoms, and decorative flowers.

Most of these flowers have an extended vase life of three to four weeks. You can adorn your homes with cut plantings of the flowers inside water-sprinkled vases.

Otherwise, you can give away the foliage as attractive bouquets, too.

2. Alstroemerias

Alstroemerias: A bouquet of colorful alstroemerias, also known as Peruvian lilies, in full bloom

Alstroemerias are elegant flowers that bloom throughout the year. These flowers come to you with extended vase lives, too.

With a mix of purple, yellow, and pink hues, you can keep the flower vases inside your living rooms.

And, you can keep attractive flower blossoms of alstroemerias at front office desks or corporate office decor spaces.

When you sprinkle water or dewy liquids, the cut-out flowers can stay fresh inside your vases for at least 15-18 days.

3. Orchids

Purple orchids in full bloom arranged elegantly in a vase

Orchids are flowers that are known for their elegance and beauty. Therefore, you add a touch of luxury and sophistication when you have orchid flowers covering a part of your floral arrangement schema.

The flowers can be decorated outside or inside homes when you organize wedding parties, birthdays, or casual get-togethers at homes or lounge bars.

Orchid plants also have an extensive blooming period covering 3 months or so. And the cut flowers can last even longer.

The bloom produces different types of flowers with unique hues and features. These are Cymbidium Orchids, Vanda Orchids, and Phalaenopsis Orchids.

4. Sunflowers

Sunflower wallpaper for iPhone, featuring vibrant yellow sunflowers against a blue sky background

As you already know, sunflowers have the longest bloom period in commercial and home gardens. These blossom throughout the year, although the peak blossom season falls between early summer and early fall.

Concerning the sunflowers, the growing period extends over a reasonably good period.

However, these flowers do not have a longer shelf life when you adorn cut flowers inside your vases. Sunflowers cannot thrive in damp conditions and require a very bright degree of sunlight.

5. Carnations

Three pink carnations in a vase on a black background

Carnations provide exotic blossoms of flowers that offer exotic decorative spaces in homes, offices, and other commercial properties. The flowers look classic and posh in their appearance.

With a mix of white and pink, the flowers lend eye-catching hues. These flowers come to you in other shades, too.

The cut flowers can stay in your vases over a relatively longer period. The overall bloom period for these garden flowers lasts 2-3 weeks. However, cut flowers inside flower vases remain fresh even for up to 4 weeks or so.

6. Zinnia

 A close-up photo of a vibrant red zinnia flower with multiple layers of petals in full bloom

Zinnia are gorgeous flowers that are quite big and sturdy. These are types of flowers that usually grow during the summer months.

Their bloom period lasts about 3-4 weeks. As they require a huge amount of sunlight to bloom and thrive, these flowers may not have that much shelf life when you put them in the dark rooms of your homes.

Therefore, as cut-out blossoms, they can stay inside your vases for about 3-5 days. You may have to procure fresh lots from gardeners or florist shops to replenish your vases with Zinnia flowers.

7. Lilies

A vase filled with elegant white lilies, exuding beauty and purity

Lilies are flowers that can be taken off their plantings as buds. Then, you can place them inside your flower vases. You must sprinkle fresh water now and then.

Else, you can change the water over 3 days or so. You can see the buds blossom into flowers at your home spaces or inside vases. The buds turning into flowers can be an exotic sight to watch.

These flowers enjoy extensive flower-vase periods for over 2 weeks at least. You can keep them at your dining tables, verandah gardens, or outside your porticos to add decorative vibes to your homes or living spaces.

8. Dahlias

A close-up photo of vibrant dahlias in various colors, showcasing their intricate petals and lush green foliage

Dahlias are types of flowers that come to you in various hues. The shades include whites, purples, pinks, reds, oranges, and yellows. The bloom period starts mid-summer and ends in early fall.

Although the blossom period lasts 1-2 weeks, the cut flowers retain longer shelf lives inside vases.

To add a decorative and ethnic feel, you must sprinkle water or dew now and then. Residential properties like homes or villas love growing dahlias via their outdoor areas.


We have seen different types of flowers that lend longer bloom periods. While some flowers have extended blooming months, they have a shorter span when staying fresh inside flower vases.

On the contrary, you have a few varieties of flowers that have a shorter bloom span while they have a longer shelf life inside flower vases.

Orchids, chrysanthemums, and lilies make good choices for decoration inside flower vases as they have flower blooms that are attractive to look at. Similarly, these flowers come to you in various colors and hues.

Which is your favorite flower that you opt to keep inside your vases?

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