Why Are Poker Tables so Expensive?

If you are someone who loves playing cards, then this topic grabs your attention. Poker tables often come with a hefty price tag, leaving many wondering what makes them more expensive than other gaming platforms.

This guide will delve into the factors contributing to the high cost of poker tables.

From the materials used to the craftsmanship involved, we will explore the various reasons behind the price and help you understand why investing in a quality poker table may be worth it in the long run.

In this article, we will look into the materials used in making poker tables and why poker tables are expensive.

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About Poker

The poker tables are also called the card table, the game table, or the gambling table. They have been prevailing in our society for over many years. These pokers are played all over the world under different names and rules. Nowadays, these poker games are even played online.

Mostly, this game has 6-8 players, and they start the game by placing an initial bet, which is usually a blind one, and proceed further to make more bets and then eventually get to the end with whoever makes the highest bid.

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What Makes It a More Expensive

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Several factors contribute to the high cost of poker tables. Usually, the materials we use in creating the poker boards contribute towards the cost of the card table or the poker table.

By studying the materials used individually, let’s examine what makes the poker board more expensive.

1. Table Top Materials

First, these poker tables are made from oak wood or plywood with a thickness of ¾”. The poker tables typically range from 92 to 104 inches. For the upper side of the table, usually high- or best-quality woods or plywood are used, ensuring that the table is sturdy enough to be played on for longer hours.

The underside of the table is also made with high-end oak wood, which makes the underneath look attractive and ensures safety. There are lids on the poker tables, which are made of pine wood or oak wood.

2. Materials Used for The Legs

Usually, the poker board legs are made of wood, but they will also use iron rods in certain cases. The legs are the ones that support these boards. Hence, they should be of high quality with 2*4 or 4*4 boards.

Thus, these legs are made with good-quality pine wood or thick iron rods.

3. Playing Surface Materials

The playing surface of the poker board consists of two sides: the outer cloth side and the underside. The outer side of the playing surface is fitted with materials like velveteen or felt. Both these velvet cloths and the felt are very soft and smooth.

These materials are specially used so that the cards can glide upon the playing surface and also for the free movement of the cards inside the playing area. The underside of the playing surface is fitted with foam of almost ¼”, which in turn makes the whole area more softer.

4. Materials Used for Side Railings

The side railings are covered or upholstered with materials like vinyl or leather. We cannot use cheap materials for railings, and these should also be ensured with high-quality materials since the players rest their arms while playing the poker game.

These railings should be at the width of 3” to a maximum of 5”, which allows wider space for the players while resting the arms.

These discussions show that the overall quality of the materials and the great efforts in producing the poker table reflect the expense of the table.

Apart from these dimensions of the card table, some other things or factors add to the price of the poker table, making it much more costlier.

How are Poker Tables Made?

The poker tables are made up of the following materials,

  • For the tabletop, they use plywood or particle board,
  • Wood or cast iron rods are used for the legs of the poker board,
  • To cover up the playing surface, velvet or felt cloth should be used.
  • The side railings are fitted with vinyl or leather material accompanied by a high-density foam cloth underneath these railings
  • The underside of the playing surfaces should also be fitted with a thick foam.

The Other Factors

Although the materials used play a major part in making the poker table expensive, some other factors can be as follows. Firstly, it depends upon the size of the table. Poker tables have different shapes and sizes: oval tables with 4’*6’ for smaller games and round tables with 48”*60”*30” dimensions are used for many more people playing this game.

The larger the table, the higher the maintenance of the poker table. They must also be cleaned regularly and checked for any damages.

Finally, these poker tables should be customized to meet the specific needs of the players.


These discussions show that the overall materials are difficult and much more expensive to produce, which raises the price of the poker board and makes it cost higher.

Then, the gambling table needs a lot of space to set up. They must be cleaned regularly, maintained well, and checked for damage. These poker tables are often customized based on the needs of the people playing the casino.

All these factors increase the price of the poker table and thus tend to be more expensive when compared to the other playing equipment available in the markets.

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