Why New Air Conditioner Installation Buffalo, NY is the Right Decision?

We all like to keep our homes cool and comfortable especially during the hot days of summer. And we also cannot blame the inmates for the air conditioner running non-stop, for deep inside we are used to the cooling comfort. However, the only thing that disturbs us is the high bills for running the air conditioner 24/7.

Thankfully, we no longer have to suffer from high energy bills, for today, because of the advancement of technology, we can enjoy our non-stop cooling with much lower costs. Contact the best professionals of air conditioner installation Buffalo, NY, and know more about the energy-efficient air conditioning system.

Benefits of Upgrading to the New Air Conditioning System

Upgrading to the new system comes with many benefits, out of which the best one is the low energy bills. For instance, an 18-year old air conditioner will use 5-6 kWh electricity to keep an average-size home cool. In the case of the modern air conditioning system, the same size house will take as little as 1.70 kWh electricity. It is like maintaining a big apple tree in the modern fence when you can go for a bonsai. This huge difference has been made possible all thanks to the advanced features, which have replaced the single-stage piston-driven compressors with the two-stage scroll compressor.

The next best part about upgrading your system is lowering the environmental impact by 40%. The R22 refrigerant is replaced by R410A which puts up ozone depletion. If your air conditioner is giving you a refrigerant issue, then now is the best time to call the AC repair services Buffalo, NY, and upgrade to R410A. Besides, R22 is slowly being phased out and has already become illegal in many parts of the country.

If all these years you have been struggling with a noisy air conditioning system, then upgrading will reward you with a quieter operating system. The compressor technology has been improved, guarantying the quietest AC operation. You can now relax in your yard quietly without the noisy air conditioning disturbance.

Efficient SEER Ratings

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio- SEER indicates the number of how much electricity will be required to remove the heat from the indoor space. The higher the efficiency rating is, the better and efficient the system will be. This will automatically be shown in the energy bills giving you the low readings.

Older units have SEER ratings of 10 and below. If your air conditioner is operational with low SEER ratings, then be prepared to pay sky-high bills and low efficiency.

So to enjoy high efficiency, without having to worry about paying high energy bills, get help from the trained and qualified technicians of AC installation services Buffalo, NY, and upgrade to a new system.

Proper System Sizing

Apart from choosing the right SEER ratings, another important factor you must look at while selecting the AC system is to invest in a properly sized AC unit. A wrongly sized AC will have a great impact on its operation, efficiency, and performance. If you buy an oversized unit, thinking that it will cool the room faster, then you are completely on the wrong track. The air conditioners do not work that way. An oversized system will result in short cycles which in turn will prevent proper dehumidification. Even if the house is cooled, it will still be clammy and give an uncomfortable atmosphere. Similarly, an under-sized unit will have to overwork to provide the required cooling effect. This will cause the system’s parts to strain and will lead to wear and tear.

All this can be simply avoided by getting in touch with the right professionals who will provide you with the best solution and services. The professionals will take into account all the details like square footage, air leakage, interior heat, ceiling height, sun exposure, and so on. After calculating everything, they will provide you with the right-sized unit.

If you are looking for a professional that will help you choose the right sized uni that fits perfectly with your wood paneling, apart from being professional, experienced, and reliable, then Smart Home Heating & Cooling is the right option. Their professionals are highly trained and qualified for the job, assuring the right and finest air conditioner services in and around Buffalo, NY. Contact 716-219-2157 for more information.

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