Why Wooden Gates Are Still a Good Choice?

When selecting a gate, it is also worth remembering that a gate is generally more than just providing a necessary function.

Often, especially in the case of domestic gardens, it is the point of entry and exit and therefore is the first thing that visitors can see, and as such can provide either a good or bad impression and define the visitor’s expectation of what lies within.

So, if you want to make a good impression, it’s important you consider the aesthetics as much as the functionality of your intended gate.

Security can be another major issue, in that something sturdy and fully secure might be what is required to provide security and privacy and even deter the interest of potential thieves.

Whatever the chief concerns and requirements of your gate it is important to realise that wood is still likely to still have a place in your decision making. Here’s why:

Wood is Good Value

Just like metal gates, a wide range and variety of sizes of wooden gate can be purchased ready made from specialist suppliers and this is the most effective way of buying. Generally, wood will cost less than metal however you need to bear in mind that the cost will vary considerably according to the size, style, type and grade of the wood used.

If you chose wood as an option on the basis of initial cost alone you also need to consider the on-going cost to upkeep and maintain the gate compared to the maintenance required for a metal gate. Wooden gates will require regular maintenance but before purchasing you need to research the requirements for the particular type of wood your gate is made from and how it has been pretreated before purchase. Then you can factor in what additional paints, varnishes or other treatments you might need to apply and how regularly to ensure the longevity of your gate.

Wood looks Good

There’s no denying that wood looks good, especially in a rural or domestic setting where its organic nature sits well within the natural environment. We are also used to the look of wood as it has been used for hundreds of years to enclose and gate properties.

There are a wide range of both traditional and contemporary gate designs to choose from off the shelf and there’s bound to be one to fit your requirements as well as the surroundings. Without a doubt a nice wooden gate can provide a gloss of elegance and sophistication to a residential property whilst on a farm or smallholding wooden gates fit in with the traditional farm aesthetic.

Wood is Strong

As well as being cost-effective, wooden gates offer suitable protection against the elements. Wood is commonly dismissed as being weak and fragile. But when treated with the right maintenance and upkeep, it can be a strong barrier against a number of external threats or dangers.

This can include pests, heavy wind and rain, and harsh UV light. Wood is also extremely durable and hard-wearing. Regular coats of protective sealant can safeguard your gate and prolong its lifespan for years to come.

Wooden gates can last a lifetime and improve with age, offering an aesthetically pleasing ageing effect valued by many homeowners. However, when deciding between materials, considering the steel vs wood shed can offer valuable insights into longevity, maintenance, and aesthetic appeal, helping to ensure that your choice aligns with your long-term expectations.

Wood Can Be Repaired Easily

If your metal gate is damaged and requires repairing this could be expensive and time consuming as specialist tools and equipment are required to undertake the repairs. However, most repairs to wooden gates can be done relatively cheaply and quickly and repairs can largely be undertaken by a competent DIY-er.

The key with wooden gates is to undertake routine maintenance and ensure the wood of your gate is properly protected from the elements by the appropriate protective coverings. Most wooden gates when you buy them have been pressure treated with a wood protector to defend the timber against wood rot and insect attack, but you need to check this when buying your gate.

Even if your wooden gate has been properly treated, it is unlikely that this treatment will provide all-round protection against the weather. Over time the elements and sun will degrade the effectiveness of any treatment so it’s always worth investing in a good wood preservative at the minimum, and especially in a domestic setting, also an additional layer of either stain, paint or varnish.

Properly looked after and choosing the right type of wood for walls for your gate, whether it’s made from softwood or hardwood, can ensure it serves you for many years, blending seamlessly with your home’s exterior aesthetics.

Evan Anderson

Evan Anderson, a graduate of the North Bennet Street School with a focus on Cabinet and Furniture Making, has been a respected figure in the field of woodworking for 11 years. He became a part of our website as a freelancer in 2022, sharing his skills in fine woodworking, carpentry, and design. Evan’s experience includes running his own custom furniture business and teaching woodworking classes. He is also an advocate for sustainable wood sourcing and enjoys hiking.

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