Your Best Guide to the Essential Advantages of Having a Freestanding Bath

We can all agree that the bath is one of the most-used elements and fixtures in any bathroom, and it follows that your chosen bath should be the right fit for your available space and other requirements. When you’re in the middle of selecting a bathtub, whether it’s for an entirely new bathroom with a new bathtub or a bathroom remodel, it’s essential to choose one that fulfils your needs (and then some!). This is where a freestanding bath could be just the bath you need because it not only makes the space look and feel unique – it has other practical advantages as well. If you’re wondering about the merits of freestanding baths for your bathroom, here’s your best guide to the essential benefits of having a freestanding bath.

It gives you more flexibility

One significant advantage of freestanding baths is that they give you more flexibility. In other words, it’s a good choice if you would like to give your bathroom some distinctive appeal because you aren’t just relegated to placing it against a wall or corner, unlike standard alcove or built-in baths. You can install it in the middle of your bathroom, serving as a great focal point. Alternatively, you can place it beside a window or by a corner, which works particularly well for smaller spaces. Your options with a freestanding bath aren’t just limited to wall or corner installations.

You can choose from different unique styles

Here’s another aspect about freestanding baths that make them a better choice than alcove baths: you can choose from different unique styles. If you go for an alcove bath, your options are quite limited to just rectangular or oval-shaped baths. But with a freestanding bath, you can go crazy with your style choices, from slipper-style or double-ended baths to Japanese soaking tubs to pedestal baths, classic claw-footed freestanding baths, and more. There’s no better way to give your bathroom a distinctive look and theme, and you can choose from an array of sizes, too.

Another thing with freestanding baths, you can select according to colour – most notably sleek black or pure, crisp white.

It comes in various materials

Your choices can also be made more significant with freestanding baths because they come in various materials. Of course, acrylic is a widely-popular material because it is easy to maintain and clean and can last for years without much wear and tear, but you can also opt for cast iron, which is a bit on the heavy side but can last for several decades. You can also go for stone or even wood, although these come with a few considerations, such as proper treatment for the wood and making sure your floor can support the tub’s weight if you go for stone or cast iron.

It makes your bathroom look bigger

One incredible advantage of freestanding baths is that they can make your bathroom look bigger. The installation of a freestanding bath can give the illusion of a larger space as the area underneath the tub is open, showcasing the tiles or flooring, and it makes the bathroom appear larger than it is.

It offers simpler and easier installation

Granted, whilst you have to think carefully about your bathroom’s plumbing and pipework when you install a freestanding tub, one advantage of it is that it still comes with simpler and easier (and less expensive) installation. You can have it placed right in the centre of your bathroom space or in a corner or against the wall, but your chosen contractor will no longer have to build a surround around the bath. They don’t have to install tile around it, either, which will often be the case with a standard built-in or fitted bath.

It’s easier to maintain

Unlike built-in or fitted bathtubs which can be difficult to clean, freestanding baths offer ease and convenience when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. You don’t have to clean any surround, and you can easily reach the underside of the bath and clean the tiles or flooring. If you already have a solar heater for the shed you know how easy it is to maintain a solar heater. There’s less chance of dirt and dust accumulation since everything is within easy reach.

It offers more comfort

Freestanding baths also offer a higher level of comfort compared to built-in baths. Why so? The answer is simple: freestanding baths are often deeper, which allows you to sink more comfortably into the warm, calming water. As mentioned, they also have different styles, allowing you to soak in the bath for a longer period. Slipper baths, for example, are perfect for lounging around in, since they offer more support for the head and back.

It’s more luxurious and impressive

There’s one particular advantage that comes with a freestanding bath, however, that makes it a much more tempting option: it’s more luxurious and impressive. If you go for a built-in bath, it won’t be as attractive and appealing as a freestanding bath. Try as you might, you can never achieve that special, luxurious, elegant look with a built-in or fitted bath compared to a freestanding bath. With it, you can create a spa-like feel and ambience to your bathroom and transform it into a truly luxurious and cosy haven.

Whether you’re looking to have a bathroom with a vintage feel or would like a more modern and sleeker-looking space, the choice of a freestanding bath will not disappoint.

Samantha Nguyen

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