10 Outdoor Lighting Ideas To Brighten Your Exterior Space

It’s finally summertime and that simply means your world gets to enjoy all the light it needs! But what about at night when it gets dark? Don’t let the darkness keep you inside.

You gotta find ways to lighten up your space and spend the night with chilly, calm air in your outdoor space. One way of doing so is to install some lighting in your yard while employing techniques that add up to its aesthetics. Even better, they can enhance the safety and security of your property.

With these outdoor lighting ideas, you can brighten your exterior space and enjoy it even after the sun goes down. From one strategy to another, we’ve got you covered. So get ready to light up your life and outdoor space!

Here are 10 noteworthy lighting concepts that can help you induce inviting vibes in your outdoor space:

1: Good old string lights

Outdoor string lights are a classic outdoor lighting idea around foundation plants. They can be used to brighten up your patio, lawn, or deck. String lights come in a variety of designs and colors, so you can find the perfect ones that are best for your space. You can even wrap them around trees or railings for a unique look. They can make your exterior chilling area more stimulating during the night.

2: Mood-inducing candles

Candles on tabletops or tiki torches in the yard can help you fall in love with the night as they glare. The right candles and tea lights create a soothing, romantic atmosphere outdoors, while citronellas repel insects.

If candles are making you apprehensive because of the potential mess posed by the wax or the danger of accidents due to low lights, learn how to clean outdoor cushions and such. Stop worrying and have a nice time as you brighten your exterior space!

3: Incorporate energy saver, solar lights

If you’re looking for a unique outdoor lighting idea, consider solar lights. Solar lights are a great way to save energy and they come in a variety of styles. You can find solar lights that resemble lanterns, string lights, or even outdoor chandeliers.

4: Stop making your outdoor wall boring

Outdoor wall lighting, also known as yard safety lights or accent lighting, is a low-voltage, moderate-brightness type of security and aesthetic illumination used to light and improve navigation in small recessed regions of the yard where darkness lurks.

You may install them on any vertical surface, like your pergola and staircases, or let them surround your seating areas and pools.

The best choices for outdoors are the wall sconces with open bottoms that cast the maximum amount of light on recessed regions in your yard. Consider other types of flush-mount sconces if you have a limited area on walls to ensure that you brighten up your exterior space suitably.

5: Campfire, anyone?

Add a fire pit to your lawn, pondside, or grass for the induction of a warm vibe against a cold night. The warmth from the fire and the low, personal lighting are a fantastic means to congregate people together. Using a fire pit to brighten your exterior space makes you want to stay out later playing games and storytelling.

We have also witnessed gorgeous fire pits in premium residences that double as snack and coffee tables. Whether you go with a conventional wood bonfire or a gas-fueled one, your yard will become an amazing hangout location.

6: With security, comes comfortability

Security lighting, which is generally the brightest outdoor lighting idea, illuminates vast regions and scares off robbers or animal attackers. This illumination is placed at typical vantage points like the eaves or above a garage to brighten walkways and entrances with wide beams of bright light.

Motion-sensing lighting systems that are attached to the siding or walls and go on only when the housed sensors detect movement are your best option for safety and security. Even if you’re not home, their bright light might reveal intruders and lead them to believe you are.

7: Give the spotlight on your landscape

Landscape lighting, also known as spotlighting, is a great way to brighten up your outdoor space. You can use landscape lighting to highlight features in your yard, such as gardens or water features.

A standard-voltage landscaping light is a type of illumination that may be used to highlight a plant or decorative feature. You could install it at or above ground level, beneath big objects, or at ornaments to make them seem absolutely striking.

Moreover, landscape lighting also provides safety and security to your home.

8: Light your walkways up!

Pendants as safety lights are used to brighten your exterior space and pathways, which are moderately bright landscape lighting that allows you to easily locate and navigate walkways while also beautifying them.

You have to install it right on the ground, particularly along sides of primary walkways from one door to another, around stepping stones from the main path to a backyard feature like flowerbeds, ponds, statues, and the like to accentuate their shapes.

9: Lanterns here and there

Lanterns provide subtle accent lighting for a tiny space on an outdoor property to emphasize architectural features and designs. They’re frequently placed near the back door to divert your attention to a transom window, arch, or elaborate wreath above it.

To provide diffuse, glare-free nighttime lighting that does not compete with other backyard light fixtures, choose lanterns that have a translucent rather than a clear glass cover.

10: Don’t leave your deck hanging

Standard-voltage lighting on the deck is another outdoor lighting idea that is used to assist individuals move across the deck at night, thereby avoiding potential accidents and illuminating clutter, as well as accentuating surrounding landscape features.

The deck is illuminated by recessed LED lights that are concealed in grooves in the surface, making it safe to walk over without feeling them. Deck lights may be found at the perimeter of the deck and between each step of the stairwells.

How do you start your lighting adventure?


Installing these things is quite difficult to DIY. We recommend approaching the pros and letting them take it from here. Firms like Blingle! are perfect for this job! They can help you get through the planning process smoothly and ensure the installation and maintenance are at their optimum!

Final thoughts

The ideal outdoor lighting ideas will make your space more invigorating, allowing you to enjoy it for hours after dark. Hosting parties, dining, and relaxing on warm nights and evenings are wonderful methods to spend quality time with the people you value.

As soon as you brighten your exterior space with the superior experts from Blingle!, your backyard will seem like a getaway or may serve as the perfect personal place to unwind. So get creative and brighten up your life with some outdoor lighting!

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