4 Upcycled Art Pieces for Your Eco Home

We’re becoming more and more aware of our impact as humans and the way we consume and live is having on the planet. As consumers, we’re constantly looking to better understand how we can minimise this impact every day in the choices we make. A growing trend is to look to reuse before replacing or buying new, and nowhere has this seen more popularity than the world of upcycling. Here are a few clever ways you can use things that you might have instead thrown out to create visual art pieces around the home – it’s a craft project for you and the kids and it gives you something you can use in the home.

Embrace Living Art

No list of upcycling would be complete without a few ideas for creating living art. From moss balls to planters made from old plastic bottles or wood that is collecting dust in the garage, there are many ways to use this old rubbish to not only create living pieces of art inside the home and out, but to grow things too. Old wood pieces or pallets can create planters that you can use to grow vegetables or herbs. There are many classic uses of upcycling around the home to your benefit – and style if done right.

Wind Chimes

Although wind chimes can be a bit divisive, they’re quite easy to make and can be made from almost anything. Crafted wind chimes are eclectic and a bit rustic, so the aesthetic won’t suit everyone, but with so many ways and methods of making them, you should be able to find one that suits your home and looks good next to your standing fan.

Better Wall Art

You don’t need to buy art from a dealer or interior store to have a tasteful wall art display. You can really let your creative juices flow when it comes to wall art around the home. Of course, you’ll want some personalised and well-made canvas prints in your common areas, but don’t let that stop you from adding a personal touch too. Crafts like macrame and decoupage are where you’ll find success in wall art from discarded materials. Even painting your own art from supplies you’ll find at almost any stationery store is a choice.

Holiday Decorations

This is one the kids will love! Instead of buying cheap, disposable holiday decorations, make them instead. There are infinite unique and clever ideas and inspirations online that will help you create holiday decorations from things you’d usually just throw out. Some empty cans, scraps of paper, leftover wool, a few old magazines, and a pot of red and white paint is all you need to give your kids a fun day of crafts and save on some extra plastics that will only end up in a landfill in January.

Home décor is one of the places where the upcycling trend shines as you can quickly see from these quick ideas. Not only are you creating art for your home, but you’re also involving the whole family and flexing your creative muscles.

Vivian Le

Vivian Le, possessing a Master’s in Architecture from Harvard University, has been transforming living spaces with her DIY expertise for over 15 years. Since joining us in 2020, Vivian has shared her creative and practical solutions, inspiring countless readers. Her experience ranges from small home improvement projects to large-scale renovations. In her leisure time, Vivian enjoys pottery and exploring historical architecture. Apart from that she is also a passionate urban sketcher, often found capturing the essence of various cityscapes.

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