7 Office Items That You Should Always Have In Your Work Space

Are you excited to hop on your first job in your dream company’s office? Surely, it is a whole new level of a nervous wreck but also full of excitement. Your career journey is about to begin, and there are a lot of things to consider. Such as rearranging your work and life schedule, interacting with new co-employees, and keeping a good performance especially as a trainee.

What better way to start your work life than to set up your assigned workspace, your office desk or just add a red sofa to the space. It is also best to make your workspace the most comfortable one because this is where you are going to be most of the time. It may even become the space where you will unleash a high level and competent performance. Some of the common and popular items that you may need to get are pen and paper, a desk calendar, computer accessories, files racks, an extension outlet, a couple of sentimental items, and a pin board for wall. All of these will be an important asset to your office desk.

7 Items That Your Office Desk Needs

Pin Board

A pin board is one of the important items you can put on your desk because there are multiple uses for it, especially during a hectic work schedule. There are different kinds of pin boards, there are ones made out of cork, and others are made of felt or cloth. You just have to choose what material suits your interests and style.

You are free to put anything up your pinboard. You can post some daily reminders and positive quotes, stick pictures of your loved ones for extra motivation, and even your to-do list, so you can easily see the things you need to accomplish. A pinboard can be placed just right on your desk table or hung on the nearby wall. Do not forget your push pins or mini magnets.

Pen and Paper

You may argue that a pen and paper are not necessary for work because of laptops and other gadgets where we can put our notes in, but a pen and paper have always been essential. Having a pair with you can bring you back to the basics. It can teach you how to not be so dependent on gadgets.

According to some studies, a lot of people still prefer to write down notes especially in a company seminar, business meeting, or just simply jutting down a to-do list. So make sure to keep a pen and any paper, whether it is a notebook, journal, or sticky note pads.

Desk Calendar

Nothing beats a good desk calendar because it will help you with keeping track of important dates, especially during crucial company agendas. Even if digital calendars are a thing nowadays, it is always good to have a desk calendar occupying your workspace plus the different designs add to your desired desk theme. Other desk calendars also allow you to write notes and encircle important dates.

Essential Computer Accessories

Aside from the company providing you with your computer, you also have the freedom to add some accessories that will spice up your work area. You could purchase a mouse pad to easily maneuver your computer mouse, or even change up your keyboard design (if your company allows you to). Whatever computer accessories you think you need can even motivate you to become more productive.

A File Rack

Not every office desk has a drawer for extra storage, so the important thing to get is a file rack. Paper works are a bit challenging especially when you have a load of them, so investing in a file rack will help you organize your paperwork and will make your desk look tidy. You won’t have to scramble through a pile of paper especially when your boss urgently asks for it.

An Extension Outlet

Office space has limited outlets, so it is practical to bring your extension outlet. In case your company will allow it, an extension outlet of your own will be a huge help especially when you need to charge multiple gadgets for work, or even to plug in your electric fan when the office air conditioning stops working.

Sentimental Items

A lot of companies give you the freedom to place anything on your office desk, especially items that are sentimental. It won’t hurt to place some items that have a significant meaning to you, like a framed family portrait, a figurine of your favorite cartoon character, your favorite colored items, and a lot more. As long as you are not offending anyone in your office, it is always nice to design your desk with items that show off your personality and style.


Anyone who has been newly hired in a company will be nervous, but with the right environment excitement will kick in. Setting up your office desk is a good start to an amazing career, so it is important to make it the most comfortable spot in the office with good coffee and perfect coffee table dimensions. It is always wise to invest in items that will contribute to your progress and work performance. Can’t decide on what items to purchase? Visit Storables.com to find out more.

Christopher Lee

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