A Guide to Selecting Tulip Bulbs for Landscaping

If you visit the Netherlands during the spring season, it will amaze you how you find vast areas with blooming tulip flowers. It is an eye-catching scenery that you can replicate in your garden or yard. You have vast options to consider when shopping for bulbs to grow. Do not worry; we will offer you insights into selecting the best one. Read on to learn the factors to consider.

Tips for Buying Tulip Bulbs

Dutchgrown is a great option for those considering tulip bulbs. The farms are family owned and have been in existence for several generations. Over time, they would produce different varieties of tulips, and you can now find over 3000 variations of the flower. However, it can be challenging to identify the difference in the plants if you do not have the background knowledge about the flowers. You can find valuable information by visiting the DutchGrown website to learn more about the products. Due to the numerous varieties available, it might be challenging to pick just one. You may find yourself wanting all the plants. Here are the factors to consider when selecting tulip bulbs;


Although there are various tulip bulbs for sale, they all fall under 15 groups. The grouping depends on the flower structure, size, and blooming period. You can pick a bulb to plant according to the impact you want it to have since you can get a type to suit every situation. If you want to naturalize your home, select the miniature as you can grow them in pots.

On the other hand, if you are bold, you can plant the large bulbs with rigid shades. Suppose you want flowers for the outdoors. In that case, parrot tulips are a popular choice. They have an appealing texture, but you can select from numerous other options. Still, you can mix the different varieties to get varying effects. Ensure you pick colors that complement each other and be consistent with the shades. Overdoing with colors can be a cliche and will not be appealing. Two variations are an excellent idea.


As you probably have noticed, tulips exist in different shades. A mature plant usually has two colors appearing on the flowers. Since you can find any color you may want, it would help to know if you want one shade or will mix them. You can consider the overall landscaping plan to decide the best color to pick. If you do not have a theme for the beautification, you must create one to ensure you do not pick all available colors.

Consider your taste and preference when selecting the tulip bulb to grow at home. After picking the main shade, you can identify others that can mix well with it. Working with a professional landscaper will help you create a theme for your garden or interior design, which should influence you in picking the right color.


Apart from aesthetics, ensure you get quality bulbs to buy. It is advisable to vet the vendor before buying.

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