How to Pack Home Decor Items for Public Storage?

Before moving to the public storage company, you must first pack your belongings and home decor items. With strong moving boxes, you can move everything safely to reach its destination. But: There is a problem.

Many people pack their boxes improperly. This creates problems during transport and one or the other cardboard box tears. Avoid such annoyances by relying on sturdy cardboard boxes from a professional and packing them properly.

Not sure how to start packing your home decor items correctly? We have a guide for you.

Classify Properly Before Packing

It would be best if you disposed of everything that does not necessarily have to go into the storage. Do not pack bulky waste, give away things that are well preserved or sell valuable items on Internet portals or flea markets or classifieds. So you might make a few more dollars with which you can better manage the move.

Tip: Social associations are happy to receive donations in kind. This also applies to operators of social department stores and similar institutions.

City libraries are often happy to accept books and CDs as well as PC and board games.

You can have these items picked up. In this way, you support public and social institutions and save muscle power at the same time.

You may find it difficult to part with some things. It would help if you, therefore, used the 1-year rule. What you haven’t “touched” or needed for a year usually doesn’t offer any practical use later either.

See it positively: A move is the chance to get rid of legacy issues and to start something new. But start clearing out early. Many other things are more important just before the move date.

The best time is given at the latest when the moving date has been set. You will then have enough time to find the best storage company, pack the boxes and clarify organizational matters.

How many moving boxes do you need?

The first exciting question before packing the moving boxes is: How many boxes do you need? Unfortunately, there is no definitive answer.

The rule of thumb is: You need around five to ten moving boxes per person and approximately 15 additional boxes per room.

Other calculations estimate 0.5 to one box per square meter of storage space. As a result, the two calculations are often similar.

However, this is only a rough guide because the more home decor items you have, the more boxes you will need. Besides, a large number of books or CDs can change the calculation considerably.

If, on the other hand, you only have a few “small” items, you will need fewer boxes accordingly. Don’t underestimate the kitchen windows, however. You will need plenty of moving boxes for glasses and dishes.

On the one hand, you are still wrapping this inventory so that its volume increases. On the other hand, pottery, in particular, is very heavy, so you shouldn’t overfill the boxes.

A knowledgeable moving agent can make a good estimate of the number of boxes required. Such an inspection is customary before an offer is made about moving costs of the thermostat and other bulky appliances.

Which Moving Boxes Do You Need for Your Move?

There are different forms of moving boxes. You will need at least one or two different standard moving boxes and book boxes as a rule. The standard boxes are usually a little longer and cuboid so that bulky items also fit in.

Book boxes are much more compact and smaller. They are designed to carry a larger load. Use such moving boxes to fill them with books, CDs and similar items.

Pay attention to the weight. The packages must remain portable.

It is also advisable to use the following types of cardboard when moving, depending on your household items:

  • Wardrobe boxes: Wardrobe boxes are special boxes with a type of clothes rail. Use such moving boxes to transport high-quality garments, suits, and fabric related home decor items. It remains crease-free.
  • Picture boxes: Do you own paintings? Then picture boxes are a good choice. These are specially designed for the damage-free transport of images.
  • Glass boxes: If you have many high-quality glasses such as wine glasses as your home decor, champagne glasses or cocktail glasses, glass boxes are ideal. These have inserts that form compartments. So the glasses don’t collide. Compared to wrapping glass, these moving boxes are more convenient. The glass handle is also more unbreakable on the way to the new home.
  • Small parts boxes: Note that moving boxes have handles. Therefore, particularly small objects can fall out of the box. You should, therefore, also use boxes for small parts.
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