College and Dormitory Admission: What You Should Know

One of the more crucial choices you’d make in life regards your pick of a college, then afterward the dorm. Let’s be honest; a dorm is more than just a place to live. It’s also your second home. Selecting a dorm means picking the setting for developing friendships, thought-provoking talks, and lifetime experiences. As a result, it’s an important choice that warrants consideration.

Considering that you’d be meeting with new folks from several disparate backgrounds. It’s recommended that you fortify yourself with essays free examples, mentally and emotionally, to better get along with your soon-to-be pairs. Some resilience essays for college would certainly be helpful at points like such. We’ve compiled a list of 11 factors to keep in mind when considering college and dormitory selections.


Arguably, the most significant consideration to keep at heart when picking a dorm room concerns its location on campus. In this, consider the overall size of the campus, the distance of your dorm from your classrooms, and other essentials like the library or sports center.


Living in a dormitory not too far from a parking garage would be an answered prayer in times when you may be in a hurry or want to pick beautiful flowers from the garden. As such, if you can, pick a dorm located close to a parking lot to save you from the trouble of having to walk all the way down and burn even more precious minutes.

All-class dorms versus freshmen

Some colleges do not distinguish dorm inmates based on age, like most others. Check with yourself to see if you’re fine with such an arrangement. Remember, if your preferred college chooses to lump you alongside senior students, that might lead to a sour fresh year college experience. This is why it’s recommended that your preferred college has a nice balance of upper classes and lower classmen in all of their classic resident halls.

But here are some inquiries to make concerning the dormitories themselves:

  • Does the typical freshman live off-campus or in a dorm?
  • What’s the size of the average room? Though they tend to be compact, your preferences might differ. Find a chance to physically stand in the room to understand what you’re dealing with.
  • Is it mandatory that you reside with a roommate?
  • Are the dorms fitted with air conditioners?
  • Are the bathrooms shared, private, or communal?
  • Is there a kitchen you can use in the building or floor? With a refrigerator and stove?
  • What’s the laundry situation? On the floor? In the building? In a neighboring building? Cost?
  • If there’s an issue with dorm facilities, such as an electrical failure or water supply problem, how quickly and effectively would they get fixed?


Do having brand-new bathrooms, the greatest air conditioners, and spotless carpets matter to you? Perhaps you might order your dorm choices according to how recent they are. At Grace, we have several dormitories constructed during the previous ten years.


It has turned out to be important to consider the restroom issue. Although some dorms provide private restrooms, the majority require you to share with other students. Bathrooms that are shared by two dorm rooms are referred to as “suite-style” or “Jack and Jill.” Each tenant in a hall has access to a “community-style” restroom.


Typically, college dorms have their distinct vibes and personalities. To pick the more fitting dorm for you, it’s important to go for one that aligns with yours. When touring around campus, consider asking students for their opinions regarding the dorms you’ve taken a liking to.


Dorm rooms vary greatly from one another. On campus, some dorms offer greater amenities or fresher furnishings. When finalizing your choice, consider factors like closet size, carpeting vs. hard flooring, air con, lighting, in-room sinks, and any other specific characteristics you’re searching for.


The lobby is great for meeting people from your dorm, completing your schoolwork, and hanging out. Some dorms feature roomy lobby areas where you may hang out with plenty of friends, while others have activities like foosball or ping-pong. Examine the lobby areas of potential dorms to see whether students want to hang out there.

Layout and Size

Do you have a clear idea of how big and how your space should be? Are you trying to find a specific feeling? Do you wish to reside in a big dorm with a ton of networking activities? Or would a small dorm where you could get to know everyone better be more your style? All of these elements should be taken into account.

How Many Roommates?

We advise picking a hostel with two-man rooms if you are someone who loves your alone time. This way, you get to relax in your dorm with minimal disturbance. A four-man, however, could be the better option for you if you’re a freshman ready to make friends and mingle.


It’s important to check out where you’d be learning. The condition of the classrooms would be enough to tell you all you need to know about how the college values teaching effectiveness. Though school classrooms would usually be under renovation due to continual usage at some point or the other, it’s always possible to point out the difference inlaid.

If you’ve decided on a major, request to check out the departmental buildings, as well as other supporting infrastructures and facilities. That’s where most of your college days would be spent, and it pays to inspect them closely.

Factors to consider:

  • How modern are the tech devices in the classrooms?
  • Do the buildings look like they’re in good condition? Would you feel safe taking a nap or attending a class?
  • Are there resting spots you can stay in in-between classes?
  • Are the classrooms all nicely equipped with sockets and plug holes?


Ultimately, the college, as well as the dorm you choose, boils down to personal preferences. To make the best of your college days, keep these factors we’ve covered at the forefront of the considerations in mind when deciding on a college or a dorm.

As you’d now be meeting with new folks from all walks of life, it’s important to check out online resources useful in improving your interpersonal and communication skills, especially if you’re lacking in that regard. This way, college would be a stretch of time in your life filled with pleasant memories instead of discomfiting and nasty ones.

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