Creative Color Combinations For the Outside of Your Home

Curb appeal is a big deal among homeowners. Besides landscaping and choosing the right design for your doors, windows, and siding, you can make your home more aesthetically pleasing with some creative color combinations. The color of your home will make an immediate impact on anyone who visits it. People subconsciously associate certain colors with certain feelings, so by choosing the right colors you can help friends and family members who visit your home feel a certain sense of calm, happiness, or excitement.

However, it can be all too easy to pick a color combination that’s been done a million times over. Not only will a unique color combination give you a sense of satisfaction whenever you look at your home, but it can also help your home stand out from the rest of the neighborhood. If you’re getting ready to paint, these tips will help you showcase your style in a colorful way.

Pearl Gray, Slate Blue, and White

Want a home that blends well with nature and gives off tranquil vibes? Then pearl gray, slate blue, and white make the perfect paint color combo. The palette is elegant without being loud and reminds you of those stately aristocratic homes that make a quiet statement from a distance. The slate blue will look at home at the front entry, surrounded by white for a more cohesive look.

Black, White, and Aqua

When used extensively, black paint can be overwhelming, which is not the look you always want for your home’s exterior. However, with white and aqua to balance things, your home will look as pretty as a picture. This combo can best be described as a mixture of drama and calm brightness. The white and aqua definitely do a good job of preventing the gloominess of black from taking over the scene.

Red, White, Blue, and Beige

While this sounds like one color too many, you’ll be surprised at how gorgeous your exterior will look once the paint job is completed. Also, it seems like white is a common feature in these paint color combinations, but that’s for a good reason. White has a powerful balancing effect that complements most color palettes. With this particular combo, use the red sparingly. For instance, you can paint the door red to add a much-needed pop of color. As for neutral colors, the more, the merrier!

Seafoam Green and White

You can still limit your colors to create a two-tone exterior with plenty of curb appeal. If you immediately pictured a beach house because of the seafoam green, then you’re in the right direction. The seafoam green exudes a tranquilness that’s amplified by the color of sand. As usual, the white combines well with the seafoam green. Overall, the whole look is picturesque and will fit right in on any postcard design.

Sage Green, Yellow, and Cream

It’s not hard to see why this color combo is brilliant, even on paper. Yellow and cream seem like they’re the best of friends and will never clash. Sage green is also a pretty muted color, so your home’s exterior is bound to look muted but very dashing. To keep the whole thing from looking boring, you can choose a bright shade of yellow and make a more daring statement.

Salmon, Jade, and Rusty Brown

The good news about paint color combos is you have plenty of room to explore. This color combo is one of the more creative combinations out there, and there’s no denying it has a certain exoticness. Rusty brown isn’t as ugly as it sounds but can actually give your wooden door a rich tone that stands out. Salmon and jade pair well together and can create a pleasing contrast that’s perfect for antique-style homes.

Taupe, Camel, Periwinkle Blue, and Eggplant

When adding more than three paint colors to your color palette, it’s essential to add the colors in the right amount to create the perfect balance. For instance, using this combo, you can stick to using camel only on the trim while adding an eggplant shade to the window frames. The same applies to periwinkle blue, while taupe can be used somewhat extensively. Knowing how to balance the colors is the key just like in the game of Jenga to finding the perfect color combination that doesn’t crash.

White, Black, and Gray

You don’t always need paint colors with sophisticated names to create an exterior worthy of any magazine. White and gray are the quintessential neutrals, and their combined beauty has an understated appeal. On the other hand, the dark paint is what makes the exterior stand out.

As you can see, there are many options to explore and so many exterior color schemes to choose from. While it can fun to pick the perfect color combination for the exterior of your home, it can be confusing as well. You might want to start by picking a color scheme that blends well with the exterior wall colors.

Don’t be shy about approaching professionals for more recommendations or pointers. Also, be sure to only buy quality paint so that your exterior will look as good as you imagined it when you picked your color scheme.

Clara Wang

Holding a Master's in Fine Arts from Yale University, Clara Wang has been at the forefront of contemporary art and design for over a decade. She began her journey in advertising, developing a keen eye for color theory and design. Her experience includes working with renowned art galleries and contributing to various art journals. Outside of work, she enjoys painting and exploring the intersection of art and technology. She loves to engage in community art projects and photography in her free time.

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