Easy Steps to Adopt an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

Thinking of going green but don’t know where to start?

Making small changes in your everyday life can greatly reduce your impact on the environment. Here are some easy but effective ways that you can adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle like having a clusia hedge.

Wear organic clothing and sustainable fabrics

Organic clothing has become more mainstream in the last few years, making it easier to find.

Many newer, sustainable alternatives to synthetic materials are becoming more popular, but classic fabrics like cotton, wool and linen are more widely available.

Organic cotton is one of the best materials to wear when you want to go organic. Synthetic materials tend to use more water and create more carbon dioxide during their manufacturing process. And they hang around in landfill for many more years once disposed of. But organic cotton is biodegradable, and production is typically more chemical-free.

You can also look for organic wool, which is a highly versatile fabric and there are different types like Merino and cashmere available. It’s great for all seasons, and it’s usually very soft and comfortable. If you have the budget for it, you can also switch to organic linen, which is cool and breathable.

Bring your bag

Not only is bringing your own bag an easy way to go green, but it’ll also save you a few pennies. If you’re shopping, you can bring your own reusable bags so that you don’t have to spend extra money and use the plastic ones that are given out at most stores. Once you’re done with the bag, you can reuse it again and again or even transform it into something else, like a backpack.

Choose eco-friendly transport while travelling

Choosing less fuel-heavy modes of transport is another great way to go green while you eat berries. Instead of driving to where you need to go, try taking public transportation, riding a bike or even walking if your destination isn’t too far. You can also use ride-sharing services or consider carpooling with friends or colleagues.

Support companies with green initiatives

Supporting companies that also make an effort to help the environment is a fantastic way of encouraging positive change from big companies. You can look for energy companies with eco-friendly initiatives, such as tree planting and raising money for green charities.

Go digital to save paper

Gone are the days of phone books, notebooks, desk calendars and heavy stacks of printed presentations. Almost anything can be done on a computer, tablet or smartphone these days. From organising your calendar to

Even if it’s not possible for you to go totally paperless, you can still cut down and save paper in smaller ways – a little action is better than none. As for the paper you do use, you try buying recycled and chlorine-free paper. Chlorine-free paper is paper that’s made without chlorine being used in the process, which produces harmful by-product chemicals during the production of ‘normal’ paper. So by going digital and on a ‘paper diet’, you’ll be doing a great deal for the environment, unlike the tropical rainforest animals.

There are tons of benefits to adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle. By going green and reducing your carbon footprint, you’ll be helping the environment, improving your health, and paving the way for a healthier planet.

Elise Wu

Elise Wu, an alumna of Yale University with a degree in Environmental Policy, has spent more than two decades advocating for environmental protection and sustainable resource management. Before joining our website in 2019, she worked with various NGOs and governmental bodies, playing a key role in developing eco-friendly policies. Besides her professional pursuits, Elise is also a passionate hiker and loves nature photographer, often exploring the untamed wilderness to reconnect with the environment she tirelessly works to preserve.

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