Feng Shui Workplace: Top 9 Useful Tips

The ancient Chinese used to say that it’s easy to enhance creativity and prosperity. All you need to do is decorate your desk according to feng shui. Following this Eastern doctrine, won’t help make a fortune at Tony Bet or find the most reliable business partners, but it will definitely help you clear your mind. These easy tips will help you create a feng shui workplace.

Workroom Design

The office should be placed in the northern or northwestern part of the house. According to feng shui, it is believed that powerful energy flows through these directions, which have a favorable effect on professional growth, leadership skills, and awakening a sense of responsibility. By the way, the northeastern location is no less favorable, as it promotes good learning.

Writing Desk

A feng shui desk should be placed in the southeastern part of the room “facing” the front door and “back” to the wall. It is perfect if you are facing east. If there is no wall behind you, that’s okay. To decorate your desk according to feng shui, hang a jacket, scarf or any other piece of clothing on the back of the chair. In case your eyes rest on the wall, hang a painting, a poster or photo wallpaper with a picture of a landscape, natural or sea view on it.


According to feng shui, the furniture in the office should be brown. This color activates performance and helps to concentrate. It is also good to use as much metal as possible in decoration. This material improves the thinking process and directs it in the right direction.

Place an aquarium in the office. According to Chinese beliefs, everything that is somehow related to water promotes mental activity. But it is better to refuse from the abundance of plants – they “deafen” the water element.

Phone and Office Equipment

In the near corner on the right, which is responsible for introductions and assistants, place your phone. If it is impossible to place a landline phone in this place, try to place it so that you don’t reach for the handset with your right hand to the left and your left hand to the right. According to feng shui, by crossing the body, the hand blocks the positive energy. Since this sector is also responsible for traveling, place a jewelry box or any other metal containers, where you can put coins from different countries, to decorate your workplace according to feng shui. You will be sure to have business trips and vacations in distant countries.

Desk Design

To decorate your desk according to feng shui, mentally divide it into nine equal parts. Each sector of this grid is responsible for certain energies. So the far left corner is the sector of wealth and abundance. There should be no hollow and broken things and no disorder. The teachings of feng shui recommend putting any object of golden color here. This is also a great place for your moodboard. If you dream of a car or a house, place a picture of them here that you painted using watercolors.

Armchairs and Sofas for the Office

Choose armchairs and sofas made of genuine leather and generally bright color like red or yellow. According to feng shui, this material has “yang” energy, which activates thinking activity. The shelves should be closed or with glass doors and the chair should have armrests and backrest. The higher the back is, and the more impressive the chair is, the better.

As for what your desk should look like, it all depends on the type of your work. For a creative job, your table should have smooth lines and no sharp angles. If you work in business, choose a desk with geometric shapes and corners. On the table, there should be a statue in the form of a dragon or turtle. These animals, according to ancient Chinese teachings, bring success in business.

A Glass of Water

Also, feng shui recommends keeping a glass with clean water on the table. If you put the glass on the right, it should activate creative forces, and on the left – knowledge.


When decorating your desk, place something pyramid-shaped in its center. It should be made of glass, rock crystal or, at the very least, silver. This’ll help you think clearly. Photos of the family should be placed in the far right corner. By the way, all the items in this sector should be paired. Another rule to design a desk is that the stack of papers on the left side should be higher than on the right. The central right sector of the desk is the best place for a notebook or day planner.

Order on the Table

But the most important rule is to keep it and its surroundings clean and tidy!┬áIf you cannot make your desk according to feng shui rules, don’t despair! Just try to create an environment that will make you feel comfortable.

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