Flooring Ideas That Will Rule Supreme in 2022

As innovative technology continues to come out onto the market, people building or remodeling their homes will have more options than ever. But if you dig into the most common trends throughout the nation, and the world for that matter, you will find a few things to be true.

  • People are looking for ways to reduce their footprints on the world.
  • People want a durable floor holding up to foot and pet traffic.
  • People want a gorgeous floor that matches their style and tastes.
  • People want a floor that is easy to maintain.

These four points will always be the top deciding factors for consumers purchasing a new floor. Their ideal floor would hit all the points listed, plus more. Let’s take a look at some that will be sure to please.

  1. Concrete Slab On Ground – Concrete has come a long way through history. It is now one of the most common flooring choices installed throughout Australia. Concrete is much more versatile now and can be dyed or painted to match any style you want. It is easy to maintain, clean, and withstands moisture and foot traffic of any kind.
  2. Wood – Although many options that look like natural wood are available, discerning consumers still prefer to fork over the extra money to get the real thing. They claim that nothing is like the real thing. Many advantages can be obtained from installing natural hardwood floors, including increasing the home’s property value and eye appeal, especially with a leather sofa.
  3. Tiles – One of the most appealing materials for bathrooms and kitchens has been tile because they are so resistant to water. You can use waterproof vinyl sheets or tiles, but they are not as appealing to the eyes as stone is, especially when you start talking about marble floors.
  4. Laminate – This is the most common economy type of flooring that has been making its way into higher-priced homes because of the great improvements to the materials. Laminate flooring has a higher definition of photo laminated onto them, making it easier to match the natural products that cost so much more.
  5. Vinyl – Another option for the budget-watching consumer is the vinyl flooring materials found in many rental homes because they are easy to replace when damaged. This flooring is also a great choice in areas with a ton of foot traffic since they are water-resistant and can be installed in bathrooms and kitchens.
  6. Carpet – You all have some memories of the weekend mornings home from school, where you lounged around on the floor. Laying back on the plush carpeting while watching the television and waiting for breakfast to finish cooking. Carpeting is the most common type of flooring used, and since it gives you so many options and comfort levels, it will never go out of style. The design might, but the choice of materials will always be around.
  7. Linoleum – This is another of the most common flooring options found in some of the older houses around the nation. It is affordable, easy to install, and can last many years. The main issue with this type of flooring is that it can be easily damaged by extensive sunlight or moisture. So all those bathrooms with linoleum will start curling up around the edges if they have not already.

The flooring ideas above may not have changed much over the years, but since the trending styles seem to change every year, they all need to update their designs for each year. In 2022, you will find that a few standard designs will rise to the top.

  • Aged timber look
  • Cross-hatched patterns
  • Browns of all shades
  • Hexagonal patterns
  • Two-toned
  • Unique patterns and colors

Just because something has risen in popularity does not mean you want it in your home. That is the great thing about trends; you know that they will change within a year or so and if you get skinny trees they will be there even after the trend. This means you can use your imagination and design your own style of flooring utilizing any type of material you prefer.

Danielle Myers

Danielle Myers, a graduate of Parsons School of Design with a BFA in Interior Design, has been demystifying the design world through her insightful writing since 2016. Her journey with us began in 2020, and she has since been sharing her knowledge of contemporary design ideas and decorating tips. Before joining us, Danielle gained experience by working with several renowned design studios in New York. Her articles often reflect her passion for Scandinavian design and eco-friendly living solutions. She is an avid traveler, seeking inspiration from different cultures and architectures.

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