Furnishing Tips To Modernize Your Home

The modern home is a dream of many, and a reality for many more. Something about the sleek look and neat feel of the aesthetic has drawn many in over the years and the strive to stay contemporary has its secrets in your furnishings.

A home is only as good as its furnishings and so to create that modern look and feel you are after, we need to consider updating your furnishings by adding pedestal fan.

So, what are some good furnishings to start with? Let’s explore your contemporary options!

Highlight Using Soft LED Strip Lights

We all know what LED strip lights are, but what do we mean by highlight? Well, if we consider the kitchen for a moment, you could install LED strip lights under the edge of counters to give them a soft white glow; or whatever colour you want.

But you can also do the same to furniture by installing lights on the underside of tables and shelving units.

You could also go full LED mode and install these strip lights on your room’s skirting as an alternate way to light your room – perfect for movie nights or having guests over!

Update Your Furniture Style

If you are wanting to go for a very futuristic feel, then take some inspiration from futuristic art or films. You don’t need to go all sterile white and pristine, but you can borrow aesthetic ideas from these kinds of places.

Why not replace your coffee table with a rounded table, rather than a rectangle or square table? Or, if you really want to be different and shake things up, why not consider a triangle-shaped table?

You can replicate this with the seating you choose. There are some great options out there to suit contemporary aesthetics, such as two-toned sofas with stitch highlights.

Don’t be afraid to get creative and really explore the bizarre options out there too!

Don’t Forget Your Radiators

This suggestion may seem out of place, but if you want to modernize your home, out of date radiators are going to stick out like a sore thumb – and no, a coat of matte black paint won’t cut it.

Think bigger, and better. There are companies out there that stock all kinds of radiators for modern homes. For example, if you have a particularly high ceiling or open space in your home, Trade Radiators stock fantastic vertical column radiators that can really compliment a modern aesthetic with solarium.

And you can save money too by updating your radiators, as most newer models are built with energy conservation at the core of their engineering. A win-win!

Buy Into Smart Technology

And there’s so much smart technology out there to consider that it can be hard to decide what to settle on.

Did you know you can hook up a smart coffee machine to your phone? And that some smart coffee machines can be used with Alexa?

Or how about a toilet that can screen for abnormalities after you go to the bathroom?

The toilet one might break the bank and be a bit out there for most but it just goes to show how much is really out there when you begin looking.

Sana Ahmed

Sana Ahmed, an alumnus of the Rhode Island School of Design with a degree in Interior Architecture, has been influential in design writing since 2014. Joining our editorial team as a freelancer in 2021, Sana combines technical knowledge and aesthetic sensibility. Sana's approach to writing combines practicality with a flair for contemporary trends. Her experience includes working with renowned design firms and participating in international design workshops. Sana advocates for sustainable living and enjoys creating upcycled art in her free time.

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