Grey Subway Tile Backsplash- Designs and Ideas

Choosing a backsplash is one of the major parts that decide the appearance of your home. Whether you are installing backsplashes in the kitchen or your washroom, it deserves some time for decision-making to make the best choice. If you want your home to be classic and trendy at the same time, do not look further than the grey subway tile backsplash. They are among the timeless tile styles great for stylish decor. They are ideal for catching anybody’s attention and suitable for individuals looking for modern, traditional, or contemporary styles. Here are the ways you can install subway backsplash tiles in your home unless you are planning to grow bushes with berries.

The Classic Stack

What is the reason why people never get bored of classics? Simple and chic, the classic subway stack is preferable for farmhouse, modern and industrial designs. They are flexible, and therefore, you can install them in many other designs.

The classic grey backsplash tile pattern is ideal if you want to bring attention to other things in your kitchen or bathroom.

For a bit of color pop and adding a twist, choose colored tiles like blue or black as a playful element.


The herringbone pattern is rapidly becoming one of our favorite interior design elements for home decor, flooring, and tiles. The zigzag appearance adds modernity and class to a room. Read the three ways to use herringbone tile design.

  • Classic

The classic herringbone design has the arrow tiles facing up. This tile trend has been there for a while and does not seem to be fading away any time soon. This trend stands out and accentuates kitchen backsplash tiles. The classic grey subway tile backsplash can look playful and straightforward due to the texture.

  • 45 degrees

Rotating the classic herringbone pattern 45 degrees shifts the points to the lower-left corner. This rotation looks more lively and exciting, which keeps the eyes intrigued by the room decor.

You can also incorporate this design to draw attention to another decor in the room that you want to showcase.

  • 90 degrees

Rotate the design a little more to 90 degrees. It is ideal for countering the ceiling design. The arrows in this herringbone design are facing upwards that makes an illusion of height and more space.

The grey backsplash tiles in this design will draw attention upwards, highlighting the element of the ceiling like stunning light fixtures and more.

Go diagonal

Pick the classic backsplash tiles and add a little twist. The diagonal subway tile design shifts the traditional 45 degrees. It is among the most attractive grey subway tile backsplash ideas as it is unique and unexpected.

Add color

If you choose grey backsplash tiles, try adding a color pop that will leave a lasting impact.

You can choose neutral shades to go with a grey subway tile backsplash to add warmth and a twist. Try a color that will complement the colors in your home.

These techniques to install grey backsplash tiles can revamp your space drastically. If you are looking for something edgy and chic, utilize these techniques.

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