How to Avoid Common Mistakes When It Comes to Home Decor

Decorating your home is an exciting experience. From choosing new furniture to purchasing wall panels, the home decor possibilities are almost endless! But without thoughtful planning and preparation, you might end up with a result you’re not completely happy with.

This article will guide you through some common home decor mistakes and advise you on how to avoid them.


It is possible to over-decorate. Filling every nook and cranny with decorative items will make the space feel cramped and cluttered, which is the last thing you want!

The key is to find the right balance between accessorizing your space and leaving some areas empty on purpose to make the room feel open and welcoming. Take a leaf from the minimalists’ book—sometimes less is more!

Lining the Walls With Furniture

While lining the furniture against the walls may seem like a logical choice that uses space efficiently, it can make rooms feel closed and uninviting.

Instead, consider moving furniture away from the walls and into the center of the room, using the extra space for additional seating such as armchairs, footstools, or other decorative elements. Doing this will make the space feel more open and inviting.

Cookie-Cutter Styling

You’ve probably seen plenty of home decor inspiration on social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, and you may be tempted to recreate other people’s living spaces that look almost too perfect to be real.

While these platforms are ideal for inspiration, your home should reflect your personal style. It’s easy to fall into cookie-cutter styling, but you can avoid it.

By taking elements of inspiration from others’ spaces and mixing them with your own style, you’ll end up with a personalized space that meets your needs and preferences.

Focusing on Overhead Lighting:

While overhead lighting is essential, solely relying on it can overshadow important features like your fireplace, especially if the fireplace mantel sizing guide wasn’t considered. Incorporate various lighting types, such as temple and floor lamps, to highlight these features effectively, creating a layered and inviting atmosphere.

Doing this adds much-needed depth and warmth to your space, making it more appealing.

Neglecting Warmth

Following on from the previous point, there are several home decor mistakes you can make that mean your house feels cold and dull. Poor lighting choices, the overuse of neutral colors such as grey and white, a lack of layering, and minimal textured elements can make a space feel clinical.

But there are solutions to this problem—adding rugs, cushions, throws, table lamps, and candles can make rooms feel warmer and, therefore, more welcoming.

Artificial Plants

While artificial plants are low-maintenance, people can easily spot that they’re fake. They can’t replicate the natural beauty—and the air-purifying qualities—of real plants and different kinds of flowers.

But you don’t have to have a green thumb to decorate your house with real plants. Opt for low-maintenance ones such as succulents, peace lilies, Chinese money plants, and snake plants.

Choosing Appearance Over Comfort:

We know what it’s like. It’s so easy to get swept up in a beautiful piece of furniture that you don’t fully consider its comfort and functionality.

But comfort should never be compromised. Make sure to test out furniture before you buy it, and consider how you’ll use it day-to-day.

Failed Maximalism

While maximalism works for some homes, it can be overwhelming if it’s not done correctly.

If you’re a maximalist in training, try to maintain some balance in your space by incorporating some more neutral pieces and give each home decor element room to breathe.

Painting Before Choosing Furniture

This is a classic mistake that many of us make. The thought of completely revamping your space is exciting, and you want to start the process by giving the walls a fresh coat of paint in a fantastic new color.

Unfortunately, doing this can limit your furniture choices, making it more challenging than it needs to be to create a cohesive space.

A better approach is to choose your larger pieces of furniture first, like sofas, armchairs, tables, and chairs, as these are the items that will take up the most space in any room.

Choose the paint for walls after you’ve purchased those items for an integrated room.

Not Properly Measuring the Space

Not measuring your space before purchasing furniture is a recipe for disaster! Make sure to always measure the dimensions of your room and the furniture you plan to purchase to ensure they fit properly.

Final Thoughts: Avoid Common Home Decor Mistakes

We’re all guilty of committing some of these common home decor mistakes. Whether it’s over-decorating or not properly measuring your space, don’t fret because these mistakes can be easily rectified.

We hope the solutions we’ve offered help you create a space that is not only visually pleasing but feels like home. Happy decorating!

Samantha Nguyen

Samantha Nguyen, a graduate of the Pratt Institute with a degree in Interior Design, has made a mark for herself in the home decor scene for 15 years. She started her career with a renowned design firm in Los Angeles, gaining critical acclaim for her innovative approaches. Samantha joined our platform in 2019, where she shares her expertise in creating aesthetically pleasing yet functional living spaces. She is also a staunch advocate for incorporating sustainable materials in home decor. In her leisure time, she loves to paint to establish inspiration from her travels.

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