How to Choose Curtains for the Bedroom?

Bedroom is a very personal and cozy space, so, choosing a right curtain for bedroom is as important as all the other décor elements. Before you go ahead and start looking over the curtains, here are few factors that you need to consider to make an informed decision –


From the color of the fabric to its texture, everything needs to be analyzed. There is a wide range of fabric to available in the market, like – Cotton, Linen, Silk, Velvet, Brocade, Chintz and many more.


Silk is in itself a very luxurious fabric. Silk fabric is used to design broad range of curtains. This fabric is commonly used in the making of sheer curtains or sometimes just the bold solids of silk may work.

It is easy to purchase silk curtains but it gets very difficult to maintain them. Hiring a professional help becomes a compulsion over the choice. Invest in silk curtains only if you can afford to pay the maintenance cost in future.


Velvet is another luxurious fabric that increases the fantasy of turning your bedroom in to a fancy hotel suite. This fabric provides the maximum privacy and also helps in cutting down the outside noise.

Velvet curtains are usually biased towards blackout patterns because of the properties the velvet owns.


Cotton curtains are way too contemporary and classic. You can never go wrong with simple cotton curtain. It is affordable and can be utilized for years without any extra efforts.

Cotton curtains are semi-sheer in nature and is usually designed in to different prints to make it more elegant and beautiful. When buying a curtain for bedroom, cotton is one of the popular choices in fabric.


Linen is a fancier version of cotton. It is a little heavier than cotton. It allows a moderate level of light in your bedroom. It gives a very casual vibe to your bedroom and makes living in the bedroom a soothing experience for you.

However, linen is not very resistant to dust. The texture that linen holds attract a lot of dust which later becomes difficult to manage.

The fabrics mentioned above can be in plain, printed or patterned formats. The colour of the fabric depends on the colour of the walls and furniture of your room. There are various websites that can help you in generating a colour scheme that will go best with the other shades in your bedroom.

For example – coolors

There is much more to be considered while choosing perfect fabric for your curtain. Perfect fabric will provide the perfect and complete look to your home décor.


As you are buying curtains for bedroom, make sure that they are so durable that you don’t need to renovate your bedroom for at least 5 years. A long-life curtain will help you build a comfort with your bedroom by just staying in the corner.

However, if you are someone who loves to experiment with their décor, we won’t be barriers for that. Go ahead and choose any curtain for your bedroom.

Minimal Maintenance

Curtains are not something you can wash every now and then. Pick a curtain for bedroom that is hassle-free and easily washable. If you want a curtain that requires a mandatory dry wash, grab the ones that can be maintained with a couple of washes a year.

An Eye on the Weave

Weave of the curtain is one of the most important factors. If you like the natural light entering your bedroom, then go for light colours and sober prints. This will allow the sunrays to enter your room.

But, if you are someone who doesn’t appreciate the interference of sunrays, then go for dark colors and tightly woven fabric or such other readymade curtain. This will allow your room to be a dark room.


While picking up curtains for bedroom, don’t pick up the same fabric for other areas in your house. The size and texture of curtain will differ from area to area. Every room will demand a different curtain in order to uplift the whole décor.

Budget Friendly

Once you have considered all the above factors, set a budget that you wish to invest in the curtain for your bedroom. Why are we considering this in the end?

Because once you have shortlisted all your needs, you will exactly know that how much dollars are worth investing on the curtains that will complete the look of your bedroom in the way you like it.

Apart, from the basic factors mentioned above, you are always confused about what kind of curtain or drapes do you want. We are sharing some real trends and styles on the curtains that are fresh in patterns and colors.

Types of Curtains for Bedroom

Panel Curtains

Panel Curtains

The panel curtains can be either a single panel or a panel pair. For a single panel curtain, one panel is enough to cover the whole window. But these are not very preferable for bedrooms. Bedrooms demand a panel pair, where there are two sets of curtains and each one needs to be pulled to shut them up.

Panel pair curtains are considered to be classics in the world of curtains and drapes. They give a complete and contemporary look to your bedroom.

Now that you have decided to invest your money in a panel pair, let’s go ahead and see the types of pleats that you can choose from, depending on your personal preferences.

Basically, there are seven types of pleat that are available for the curtains from which you can pick your favorite kind after having a good look at the colour and design of your bedroom.

your bedroom curtains

It is very important to choose an appropriate pleat for your bedroom curtains. The pleat can be selected based on the pattern of your décor or depending on each individual choice. You can always turn to your interior decorator to get the best suggestions for your bedroom.

Window Treatment Set

Window Treatment Set

A window treatment set walks in with a whole intention of modifying and enhancing the aesthetics of your window and the room. It includes everything that you will need to decorate your window. One or two curtains depending upon the choice, a valance and some accessories like tie backs and curtain rods.

There is a wide range of varieties while choosing for window treatment sets. You need to set the goals before investing in one. Window treatment sets are also used for porches and gazebos.

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Sheer Curtains

Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains are thin and semi-transparent. Even if the curtains are closed, you can enjoy an ample of sunrays barging in your bedroom. It’s a perfect curtain for your bedroom if the sun does not shine that bright around your bedroom.

In case, if your room faces direct sunlight, sheer curtain in not a smart choice. It will increase the temperature of your room to an extend where you might feel hot burns.

Also, sheer curtains have a bad reputation when it comes to giving privacy. These are best suited for living rooms. But if you have a full-length window with an attached balcony, this curtain can be an ideal choice for your bedroom.

Semi-Opaque Curtains

Semi-Opaque Curtains

Semi-opaque curtain is a combination of sheer curtain and a blackout curtain. It has benefits of both the curtains. It only allows a limited amount of sunlight to enter your bedroom. These curtains are very popular among the curtains for bedroom because it can be easily combined with other curtains for better opacity.

These curtains are used by huge number of people in their rooms and other areas of their house. It also allows you to keep small plants outside your window. Kind of plants that require minimal sunlight.

Blackout Curtains

Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains stands literal by their title. They do not allow any light to enter in the room and maintains absolute darkness. Blackout curtains give the most privacy and fulfils the additional purpose of decoration.

Blackout curtains can also be combined with the sheer curtains by adding a second rod. This enhances the look of the curtain and also adds more luxury to your bedroom.

The fabric utilized in this kind of curtains are heavy and tightly woven to maintain the blackout effect that is promised by the curtain. But that does not mean you cannot find a blackout curtain in white colour. You can pick up a blackout curtain in preference of the color you want.

Blinds for New Generation

Blinds for New Generation

The choices in the world are getting innovative like never before. Initially, blinds were an ideal choice for official setups. But now there are no such rules. Interior decorators have added blinds in bedroom setups and have successfully convinced a that it gives your bedroom a cozy look.

Blinds are becoming the new curtains for bedroom. Along with a sophisticated look it gives a feel of intimacy which is very basic when talking about curtains for bedrooms.

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Canopy Bed Curtains

Canopy Bed Curtains

Canopy curtains are one of the most traditional kind of curtains. You can see these curtains in old movies and in the palaces that have been turned in to museums. No matter how old it is because it still gives a stunning look to your bedroom.

A canopy curtain for bedroom will cover the roof of the bed and either of the sides as well to give that authentic canopy-like look. A canopy curtain can bring a focal point to your bed and will give an iconic look to your bedroom.

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How to Find More Comfort in the Curtains for your Bedroom?

Shake Hands with Technology

Everyone is aware about how artificial intelligence is soon going to take over the power from humans and rule the world. But before that happens, we can use this technology for our luxury.

There are automated systems where you open and shut the drapes by a single click on your smartphone or simply connect the whole system to Alexa and give commands accordingly.

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Go On-Board with Decorators

Decorators these days have gone really crazy with the ideas of installing more curtains in the bedroom. You can increase the number of curtains in your bedroom even without having that many windows.

Curtains for bedroom have now become an element to give your bedroom a little sophisticated and minimal look. Curtains are being used instead of fancy wallpapers. This makes your bedroom look more private, elegant and unique.

Fancy Wallpapers

Now a days, wallpapers have caught a different attraction. Ask your decorator to show you more options in the wallpapers and match the same to your curtains. It is now possible for you to design your bedroom according to your curtains.

We know it sounds a little crazy but trust us and do give it a try. Even if you don’t end up executing the idea, you will definitely enjoy the process.

Know What you are Doing?

No, we are not being offensive. We are just suggesting that along with all the factors and comfort, don’t miss out on tiny details. Curtain rods and such other related hardware might look a penny task but can change a lot if not selected with proper observation.

On the same lines, make sure that the tie backs you are buying (optional) are pairing up with your curtains and your bedroom.

Last but not the least, at least spend a minute while hanging the curtains. It might sound like an easy task but can get really tricky. Usually, the height of hanging curtains is a trim height, it is the height at the top of your window. However, you can also consider hanging it at a ceiling height, a height just below your ceiling.

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