Insure Your Home and Animals!

It is one of the most important assets we have: your home. Of course, you are very careful with that. You maintain your home well and protect it against intruders with the latest alarm systems.

What applies to your house also applies to your garden. Gardening is also a hobby for many of us. In the spring, we plant new plants to enjoy to the fullest in the summer. After the summer, we prepare the garden for winter again to do beautiful things with it again in the spring.

For many people, a pet should not be missing from the family. Many people have a dog, dog, or other pet. We love this and spend a lot of money on toys, medical costs, and outings with the family, including the dog. But a house, garden, and animals also risk damage. This means that burglaries can still occur despite all security measures. But a fire can also break out in the house, resulting in the house being destroyed. And what if you are held liable for damage due to a dog bite (Dutch: hondenbeet)? It is, therefore, a good idea to take a look at the various insurance policies and see whether you are properly insured. Because otherwise, you could end up with high damage.

Liability insurance

Perhaps one of the most important insurance policies is liability insurance. This insurance protects you against liability. For example, car insurance if you have caused a pile-up. (Dutch: kettingbotsing) After all, an accident can happen at any moment. If you see a traffic jam too late, you may be driving into the back of someone. The damage caused by this will then be at your expense. However, if you are insured, the insurance will compensate for the damage to the other party.

There are all kinds of liability insurance available. It is wise to check what is covered by your non-life insurance so that you are not left with damage later. This not only concerns car insurance but also insurance for your dog. Because no matter how sweet the dog is, a dog bite is common. As the dog’s owner, you are then liable for the damage. Liability insurance is then very important. Personal injury can be quite significant.

There are many more liabilities. Therefore, always seek good advice about which liability insurance policies are important for you to take out.

Building and contents insurance

You can run into financial problems not only as a result of liability. Because damage to the house often occurs without anyone being held liable. Consider, for example, fire or water damage. This damage is at your own risk, and no one can be held liable for it.

In the event of a burglary, someone may be liable for the damage caused, but the person who emptied your house can usually no longer be traced. Therefore, make sure that you have building insurance and contents insurance. Ask an advisor so that you have the right insurance and are not underinsured.

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