Is There Way to Double Up Skinny Christmas Trees

If you have a skinny Christmas tree and want to make it look fuller without buying a new one, here are some easy ways. Many people with skinny Christmas trees want to make them appear more attractive without purchasing a new tree.

We’ll show you easy ways to make your skinny Christmas tree look twice as delightful if you have limited space or love the grace of skinny trees.

So, are you ready to turn your skinny tree into a stunning centerpiece for your holiday celebrations? With some effort, you’ll have a Christmas tree that will impress everyone with your decorating skills.

Let’s make your skinny tree shine brightly this holiday season!

Boost the Look with Ribbons

Boost the Look with Ribbons

Improving the appearance of skinny Christmas trees can be a fun project, and one great way to do it is by decorating them with ribbons. Ribbons come in many different colors, patterns, and materials, so you can pick ones that match your holiday style or go for colors that stand out.

To start, wrap the ribbon around the tree in a twist, beginning from the top and going down. You can also make pretty bows. So, you can make memories with your friends and family.

Use Bright Lights

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Illuminating elegant, thin Christmas trees with bright LED lights can elevate them to the centerpiece of your holiday decorations. Opting for energy-saving LED lights in shades of warm white, cool white, or multicolor can bring your elegant, thin Christmas trees to life.

To make the tree seem nice, start by putting the lights around the branches, starting from the center and moving outwards. Make sure the lights are spread out evenly to make the tree shine beautifully. Bright lights don’t just lighten up the tree; they also make the ornaments and decorations look better, making your tree shine and feel festive.

Give it a Frosty Finish

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To give your skinny Christmas tree a wintry feel, you can make it look frosty. You have two options: use fake snow spray or flock the tree. Flocking means covering the branches with a layer of artificial snow or white adhesive spray to make it seem like fresh snow on them.

This doesn’t just make the tree seem fancier but also creates a special background for your ornaments. Make sure to spread the snow evenly for a snowy appearance. The outcome is a tree that seems like it’s from a snowy forest, making your space feel pleasing and delightful.

Use Baubles for Impact

Use Baubles for Impact

Baubles, also called Christmas ornaments, are super important for making a plain Christmas tree look amazing. These fancy balls come in many shapes, sizes, and colors, so you can make your tree seem just how you want it. Pick baubles that go with the colors or theme you love to make your tree appear attractive.

Put them all over the tree, changing where you put them to make them cool and balanced. You can make your tree even cooler by mixing different textures, such as smooth, shiny, or sparkly. Baubles aren’t just nice to look at; they also remind us of the holiday spirit, so you definitely want them on your tree.

Add Scented Ornaments

Add Scented Ornaments

To make your holiday experience more attractive, think about adding scented decorations to your skinny Christmas tree. These scented decorations come in different forms, such as cinnamon sticks, dried citrus slices, scented pinecones, and sachets. These items make your tree smell nice and create a warm and welcoming vibe in your home.

Place these scented decorations strategically on your tree, closer to the middle or lower branches, where they can be easily seen. When the tree moves a bit, or you walk by, you’ll catch an odor of lovely scent, bringing back happy memories and making your Christmas environment even more festive.

Select the Perfect Tree Topper

Select the Perfect Tree Topper

The tree topper is the special decoration that goes on top of your skinny Christmas tree. The finishing touch makes your tree seem just right with its theme. There are different kinds of tree toppers, such as stars, angels, bows, and more. You should pick one that goes well with how your tree appears.

Ensure it’s the right size for your tree, and attach it securely to the top branch. It should stand tall and be the main thing you see when you stare at your tree. The tree topper doesn’t just make your tree look complete; it’s also meaningful. It often represents the spirit of hope and celebration during Christmas.


For a Double-up skinny Christmas tree, you can add lights, frosting, and scented ornaments. Use tree toppers like stars to make the tree seem taller and more substantial. If you place the tree in a corner or against a wall, it will seem fuller because you only need to decorate the visible sides.

Remember to be gentle when fluffing the branches to avoid damage and ensure the tree is stable and safe, especially if you have pets or kids.

So, with some festive decorations, you can increase the attraction of your skinny Christmas tree and enjoy a beautiful holiday season!

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