Modern Rustic Home: Is It Really Possible?

Some people are drawn to the design and aesthetic of a rustic home. Though they can have their fair share of issues, with some work and care, such homes can prove a wonderful place to build a life. Buying and adapting a rustic home can be a lot of work and cost a lot of money, so it’s not always achievable for people who like such a look. For some, adapting the rustic style into a modern home is much more attainable. Is the modern rustic home possible, though? With the right knowledge and preparation, there is the potential for a modern rustic home.


A big part of a rustic look within the home will focus on the furniture, because that is what a lot of people will notice first. Wooden furniture is often the default choice for such a look, and a rustic table made by the Amish is an excellent start. Of course, comfort is important too. When thinking of rustic wooden furniture, you might think of old, roughly carved frontier style pieces. This does not need to be the case. Modern rustic furniture can be sleek and comfortable, and is in fact recommended to be so to help pull off the look better.

With such pieces, the sofa is a good example. A wooden sofa might not seem very comfortable, but a full and sleek piece will not only be so, but also fit the rustic style. Minimalism, simplicity, and comfort are key components of the look, and are just good décor decisions in general.

Leave Rustic Materials

When thinking of a rustic look, wood is not the only material you might consider. Stone and brick can also fit this theme. For example, a stone or brick hearth and fireplace not only fits the rustic décor, it also provides a nice cozy corner of the home in cooler months.

Wood is still a great foundation for a rustic look, though. Exposed beams and wooden floors add a rustic look, and wooden floors are easier to clean and maintain than carpet anyway. If such materials are not present, you may want to consider adding them to create the rustic look you want. This can be a costly proposition, though, so make sure to keep your budget in mind in such situations. Fortunately, a wooden floor of some sort is usually under the carpet, depending on the age and location of the building.

Use Rustic Colors When Possible

Material and design are important aspects of a rustic look, but don’t neglect coloration, either. This is important to keep in mind if you want to repaint or recover something, which, to give the piece or area in question a more rustic appearance, should not be a problem. Such colors tend toward earthy hues, like browns and grays. This can give you a chance to compliment some exposed wood, stone, or brick. For example, painting the walls to match the hearth, or painting some stone to match the floor.

While rustic colors are great for the aesthetic, sometimes you can’t or don’t want to incorporate them. Repainting a room can be a lot of work, after all. A little bit of modern color, like a bright red or green, can be used to compliment and contrast more earthen colors when needed. Darker colors are better for this, such as a darker red to compliment a brick hearth. This mix of modern and rustic can work really well when it comes to colors, but it can also be used with furniture and various add-ons around the home.

Incorporate Accessories

Rustic accessories might seem like a strange concept, but they can be great for bringing a rustic look together or adding some décor to a room where adjusting the colors or materials isn’t feasible or desirable. The question then is what counts as a rustic accessory.

Your first thought might be something like a pinecone, or maybe a bowl of pinecones. It’s a start, but there are plenty of other rustic accessories out there. While wooden bowls and lamps are a good option, also consider other materials, such as ceramics. Not only can ceramics come in a variety of colors and styles, they can also be functional. An earthen butter dish, spoon rest, and the like are excellent examples. Incorporating rustic materials doesn’t have to require whittling skills, as such items can be found online or at art shops. This means you can create a rustic look while supporting local artists, which is always fun.

Blending rustic and modern looks to create your own style does require some work, but it can be done. With the right colors, materials, and accessories, you can create a modern rustic look without having to purchase a log cabin or recover the house entirely in stone. Some work will be needed, but you won’t have to start from scratch or abandon modern comforts.

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