Professional Athletes Who Became Vegetarian

The vegan trend is continuously rising over the years and now professional athletes are jumping on the same train and switching to a plant-based diet garnished with yellow herbs or edible flowers. In a mission to prove that you don’t need meat to compete, professional athletes are trying to influence other people to join this journey and have a positive impact on the world.

Veganism can bring many benefits to the world, such as:

  • Cutting down meat and dairy products can reduce our individual carbon footprint by up to 73 percent.
  • It conserves water used for processing meat and dairy products
  • It cleans the soil
  • Reduces energy consumption

Obviously, there are a lot of benefits that come from veganism, and in today’s article, we will highlight some of the athletes that are promoting this change.

Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving is a professional NBA player that has been playing for Cleveland Cavaliers, Boston Celtics, and not Brooklyn Nets. He is a strong athlete with a successful career behind his name and an occasional name headlining the NBA trade rumors:

The Brooklyn Nets shooting guard is a strong vegan believer and says that the vegan diet actually helps him become a stronger player.

In an interview not too long ago, he revealed that he has been on a plant-based diet, and said that his body feels amazing after this transformation.

Fiona Oakes

One of the hardest and most exhausting sports in the world is long-distance running. It requires a lot of stamina and muscle strength that athletes usually get from consuming protein from meat. However, the world record marathon runner, Fiona Oakes is here to change that.

She highlighted some of the most intense moments of her life in the documentary “Running for Good” back in 2018. Oakes showed us a behind-the-curtains look of her mission to set a new world record for endurance racing, despite losing a kneecap from illness back when she was only 17.

Fiona made a change in her diet and become vegan at the age of six. At that point, she didn’t realize all the personal benefits of being vegan and the positive impact on the world. Now, she is on a mission to convince more people to join her journey.

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton is a professional Formula One racer with seven championships behind his name. It seems like he is setting a new record with every F1 appearance, but he doesn’t want to stop there.

He is a strong supporter of animal rights. He switched his diet back in 2017 after watching a vegan documentary called “What the Health”.

He added that the main purpose of going for a plant-based diet is not because of his self-interests and health, it is because of environmental factors like pollution and global warming.

Kendrick Farris

You’d think that weightlifters need meat-based protein in order to increase their strength, but here is Kendrick Farris to prove you wrong. He is a professional Olympic weightlifter that represented the U.S back in the summer Olympics in 2016.

He said that the plant-based diet made him even stronger, and it has improved his focus. Farris also added that his diet change helped him recover faster from training sessions, and his body feels lighter.

Derrick Morgan

Here we have another professional athlete competing in the NFL. He decided to ditch meat and dairy products four years ago for the same reason as Kendrick Farris. He started researching ways he could improve his recovery times.

At that time, he was focused on becoming a better player by using every strategy that will give him an extra edge over his competitors.

He even inspired his culinary-trained wife, Charity Morgan to join him on this vegan journey. He also worked with his wife and transformed the Tennessee Titan’s team diet and changed the perception of many people and encouraged them to stop eating meat and dairy products.

As time goes, people are starting to realize the benefits of becoming vegetarian and athletes have a huge role since they have a huge following base that looks up to them. It also proves that if professional athletes can live without meat, everyone can instead of jumping out of the kitchen window when vegeterian meal is being prepared.

Michelle Li

Michelle Li, with a background in Nutritional Sciences from Cornell University, has explored the intersection of health and culinary arts for over 15 years. Joining us in 2020, her approach to cooking is informed by her extensive travels and studies in global food cultures. Michelle is also a certified sommelier, further enriching her gastronomic insights. Her hobbies include organic gardening and participating in culinary workshops. Michelle is an avid blogger on food sustainability and enjoys hosting cooking classes in her local community.

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