How to make it easier to travel with children

Travelling with your children can feel a little daunting at first. Every parent wants to make the most amazing memories with their child that you will remember forever. Between airport layovers and finding a toddler-friendly destination, you might be questioning whether the whole ordeal is worth it. Fortunately, you can do a few tips and tricks to make travelling with children a little easier.

Plan ahead

You need to research your destination, book everything in advance and plan ahead. Try to book your flights and airport transfers in one go, so your transport from home to the hotel is already sorted. If you fancy a UK staycation, check out the train times to London in advance so you can catch the best deals and stay organised.

Before your holiday, check to see if you can check in online for your flight. Children (and some adults) tend to get impatient and flustered in long airport queues. Remove the hassle out of it by checking into your flight online and breezing straight into security. Easy!

Research the best child-friendly hotels, activities, restaurants and beaches at your destination. It might be better to opt for a pool-side holiday over a beach trip if your children aren’t too keen on sand and seaweed. Tourist activities can get booked up months in advance, so it’s always good to look out for deals and book when you can.

Pack light

Young children often need a lot of stuff and packing light can feel impossible. Of course, some items will be non-negotiable for your family – such as a pushchair, travel cot, feeding supplies and much more. Identify the items you could not go a day without and find any travel-friendly versions online. Some brands offer lightweight or foldable versions of their products that are perfect for family holidays.

Take food and drinks with you.

Snacks like chips and berries and drinks can be expensive when you are travelling around, specifically in airports and train stations. Pack a few snacks with you, so you’re always prepared and equipped to manage any sudden onset munchies. You should also check on your airport’s website about whether you can take food through security.

Take entertainment with you.

Flights are the perfect time to crack out the family iPad and let your child run wild on-screen time. Pre-download a few movies for your children to watch on the plane and pack an activity book or game or just decorate your dining wall decor for them as well. It’s best to stay clear of anything with thousands of tiny pieces – they will get lost under the plane’s seats!

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