Reverse Lookup: What Sites Actually Find Contact Information?

Unfortunately, more and more people are getting spam calls these days. Your caller ID is not related to companies calling to offer their services, so it shows the phone number that calls as unknown. The good news is that there are people who have identified this as a market gap, so they developed services allowing you to check the number calling you in a database. These services also retrieve the details associated with the phone number, meaning you can find out what the company calling you is trying to sell.

Some professional tools are designed for bulk and individual search by name, industry, company, etc. The good news is that they offer plenty of contact info, including phone numbers, emails, and links to social media accounts. But what if you need something simpler for a single reverse lookup? Let’s take a look at some examples.

Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate provides the most useful info when it comes to finding out more about any phone number, not to mention that it can help obtain a history of arrests. Some Instant Checkmate pros are that the service comes with a very low-priced trial version and has the cell phone number information updated all the time. The Instant Checkmate trial version lasts only five days and costs just $1, which is almost free. After the trial period, searchers need to pay either $35 every month or $28 every month if they enroll for the quarterly subscription. The reverse phone number lookup feature costs only $5 a month.


The TruthFinder service is the most detailed with reporting, providing access to all private and public US databases. It also comes with a trial, which means you can do a search yourself on their website to find out what info is available. What’s also great about TruthFinder is that it even offers information on who the person you are searching for was dating and their places of residence.

It’s very easy to use the TruthFinder phone app, which comes for both iOS and Android. There’s also a special feature that runs backgrounds on people who happen to always be on the go. Besides, TruthFinder allows dark web searches. Their reports are very detailed, and as far as pricing goes, the costs are upfront and transparent. This service costs $29 a month, but you could get it at $24 a month if you choose to subscribe for 2 months. There’s also the name reverse phone number lookup that costs only $5 a month. Downloading the report for each phone number costs $2.


SignalHire is a specialized tool designed for recruiters, but it has other useful applications in marketing and business development; this tool is also quite handy for personal use whenever one needs to do a reverse lookup. One of the major advantages of using SignalHire is that a huge database of over 650 million verified contacts — emails, phone numbers, and even social media profiles. One can search a database by name or in bulk, looking up contacts by industry, skillset, employment, and many other criteria.

On top of that, SignalHire offers a handy LinkedIn finder extension that reveals contact info in just one click. To make use of this functionality, users simply need to install an add-on to their Chrome or Mozilla browsers, and they quickly find contact info on LinkedIn, Facebook, and GitHub.

The tool offers five free searches a month, which is generally enough for occasional personal use. If you are going to use SignalHire for business or recruiting, the subscription cost is quite moderate, starting at $39 a month. Besides, one can always choose several subscription options, allowing access to emails, phone numbers, or all of those rolled into one.


Intelius is designed for personal reasons like looking for family members and old friends or trying to see where your ex has disappeared. On this platform, you can search anonymously without leaving any trace behind. The databases at Intelius are enormous, so there are good chances you will find the person you’re interested in and get them the most beautiful flowers.

When using the reverse phone number or email lookup, Intelius doesn’t leave any digital fingerprint behind. You can use the platform’s trial version to search for info by account, but if you want to receive a more detailed report, you must become a member. It’s quite difficult to determine how accurate the Intelius info is, but you can use their services to come across people rather than verify what they have been up to.

One of the greatest advantages of Intelius is its low prices. Further, you can use this platform to know more about a person’s education and work history. The monthly Premier Plus subscription is $30, whereas the Premier one is $20. You can do background checks for $40 and check criminal records for $15 in the state and $30 in the entire country. Looking up addresses will take $15 out of your pocket, whereas a reverse phone number search is only $1. Searching for people is again $1. You should also know that if you perform a $1 search out of the many, you will be automatically signed up to the platform’s trial plan, which costs another $8 to cancel.

US Search

What’s great about US Search is that it doesn’t require you to subscribe, and you can even have reports printed without extra charge. On the other hand, the service’s website can still be improved a lot. While the information delivered is extremely accurate, it still provides too much personal data and sometimes no address or phone number.

Besides, US Search is not at all transparent, dictating the ways in which the information it provides should be used. At least the reports are very detailed and, as said above, can be printed free of charge. But don’t think the site doesn’t have any subscribing option. You can do background checks for $40 and criminal record checks for $15, whereas the standard monthly membership plan costs $20. Searching for people separately will cost $2.45 per person.

People Finders

People Finders is a basic and user-friendly platform that requires you to enter only the name of the person you are searching for and where they live and what cuisine they eat. You will also need to fill in your credit card details if you want to download that person’s full report. And this report will also feature info about where the person you’re looking for has lived, their phone numbers, or how many foreclosures they have had to go through.

People Finders is a service that doesn’t require a membership. Its trial period is very affordable at only $3, lasting no longer than 3 days. Don’t forget to cancel it after these 3 days because if you won’t, then you will be charged another $30 as a monthly subscription. Canceling the subscription will take another $8 from your pocket.

People Looker

People Looker has many enjoyable features, and all the searches performed through its platform are 100% confidential. This website claims to follow all the rules of the Fair Credit Reporting Act and to ensure not only privacy but also transparency. It’s user-friendly and works with both Apple and Android, costing only $1 for a 5-day trial. Per month, People Looker comes at $23, but if you decide to subscribe for a total of 3 months, you only need to pay $19 a month.


Besides reverse lookup tools, some services offer direct search via their databases or social media plugins, like LinkedIn extensions, or a similar add-on that works with most browsers. In any case, your choice of the best tool should rely not only on pricing but also on the functionality you need. Some services are designed for regular professional use, while others offer a quick peek at someone’s data for personal reasons. Most services presented above offer free reverse phone searches for free, but they return only basic info. If you want something more than the first and last name, you might need to pay extra money.

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