Taking a Whole New Approach on Your Dietary Habits

Over the last few years, people have started becoming more open to the idea of trying new foods and recipes with berries on top. Consumers are no longer restricted to meat-eaters, vegetarians and vegans. Whether it is because we care about the environment or because we want to switch to a different menu, we tend to be more accepting of food sources which someone would once consider inedible. In the list of new delicacies, one can find ants, larvae and even crickets.

There are those that say that if we want to save the planet, then we need to start including insects in our diet. This might be easier said than done as a cricket skewer cannot replace a stake or a seabass. However, the alternative of trying such dishes can make a small difference to the overall global consumption of meats or vegetables. After all, ancient civilisations saw insects as a form of nutrition, and they thriInved for numerous years under very different living conditions.

In Mexico, the consumption of ant-based foods is somewhat of a delicacy. Eating escamoles is like eating caviar or prime rib roast. People can eat it both at fancy restaurants on a Friday evening and while they are eating a quick taco dish while playing their favourite online casino games from the comfort of their home. Even though escamoles do not come cheap, they are a great addition to your weekly meal plans. If you want to try something new and you can afford paying £20 to £70 per kilo, then you might be surprised about how much you are going to like eating a byproduct of ants and larvae.

An Eating Trend that Is Going Global

Even though eating bugs feels kind of weird for the majority of the people that have not tried it, it is something that is gaining popularity every day. From the Americas to Asia and from Africa to Australia, people are starting to buy in on the idea of eating insects. Market experts believe that the insect eating momentum is only going to get bigger and that it will become a multi-billion-dollar industry in no time. This does not mean that you will start seeing restaurants with insect-based dishes opening all over your neighbourhood, but in the next decade, you will probably see new products on the shelves of your local supermarkets.


Try Something New on Your Next Taco Friday

If, after reading this article, you are ready to try an insect-based meal, then escamoles tacos might be a great first option. All you will need is a portion of escamoles, corn-based tortillas and the condiments of your preference. Escamoles have an egg-and-cheese-like flavour, and they are pretty easy to digest. You will probably need to eat a few tacos to feel full, but you will definitely enjoy your meal outside your dining room.

Where to Buy Insect-Based Foods

The easiest way to purchase insect-based products is by going online. Specialised e-shops and places like Amazon offer a variety of edible insects. All you will need to do is to browse through the pages and to pick the product you want to try. You will find anything from grasshopper or scorpion skewers to cricket chocolates and larvae cheese.

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