The Saga of Exotic Flavors: Your Guide to Pairing Wine and Candy

With Halloween quickly approaching, it is inevitable that your house is going to be filled with various sweet treats. If you are way past the age of trick or treating or not in the mood for dressing up, there is a great way to make use of those scrumptious candies and red berries.

Turn your candies into delicious adult desserts by pairing them with a glass of rich wine. With such a wide array of wines to choose from, there are endless pairings just waiting to be tried. Take your taste buds on a flavorful journey with these tested combos.

Creamy Milk Chocolate Candies with a Pinot Noir

Creamy milk chocolate is always a crowd favorite and a lighter-bodied wine is the best pairing for it, like fruit-forward pinot noir. Let’s go through pairing suggestions to help you:

Hershey Bar/Kisses with Red Zinfandel or Syrah

When it comes to milk chocolate, Hershey’s bar and kisses are the most popular, and this classic candy’s creamy texture blends seamlessly with the slight berry flavors of a rich red Zinfandel.

Another crowd pleasure to complement this celebrated milk chocolate is the powerful yet light Syrah. Both black pepper and black fruit can be enjoyed with the chocolate.

Kit Kats with Pinot Noir or Sparkling Brut

It is hard to find someone who doesn’t enjoy the iconic bar of milky chocolate with crunchy wafers on your coffee table. The combination of the nuanced berry flavors like cherry and plum Pinot Noir with Kitkat feels like your own homemade chocolate-dipped berries.

The Sonoma Coast or Burgundy terroir-driven Pinot Noirs allows you to enjoy a mushroom-flavored effect due to its earthiness while the tannin is mellowed by chocolate.

However, if you aren’t a fan of berries, enjoy the crisp bubbly Sparkling Brut and break off a piece of that crispy Kit Kat bar.

M&M’s with Merlot or Port

The absolute truth is you never eat just one M&M. These bite-sized milk chocolate candies are undoubtedly addictive. Add a glass of velvety tannin-filled Merlot, and you are in heaven. The aromatic black currant with a note of toasted oak and fruity finish complement a fistful of these colorful candies.

Another great alternative for M&M is port. The crunchy candy shell is softened by the smooth textured port. The black fig and dried fruit of port add a rich dark yet sweet flavor to the creaminess of M&Ms.

Sour Candies with a Riesling

This pairing proves that opposites attract. While sour candies get sweeter after a while, Riesling does the opposite. The sweetness of the Riesling beautifully complements the tartness of even the best sour candy.

Sour Gummy Worms/Sour Patch Kids with Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Grigio

As these popular candies come in a variety like worm, kid, or warhead form, a juicy fruit-centric drink is the best fit for it. The sweet and fruity flavors of Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Grigio perfectly complement the tartness of Sour Patch Kids or Jolly Ranchers.

Fruity Candies with a Rosé

Being the candy group that comes in a variety of flavors as well as sweetness, calls for an equally flavorful wine like Rosé. Moreover, the combination of the colorful fruity candies with delicate pink wine is an added visual treat.

Skittles with Sparkling Rosé Cauldron or Sauvignon Blanc

The New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc is known for its tropical flavors with a hint of green jalapeno, which makes this a great choice for fruity skittles. The double dose of citric acid from both the candy and wine makes your mouth burst with an invigorating flavor.

As already mentioned, the bubbly rosé like Winc’s 2017 Ruza is also a great choice for your favorite fruity candies.

Corn with Prosecco

Another candy with fans and critics on both extremes is corn. Whether you love it or hate it, they are great when paired with a sparkling wine like Prosecco. If you aren’t a fan of sweet candies, then this is a good pair to experiment with. Prosecco enhances the flavor of corn by counteracting its sweetness.

Strawberry Nerds with Sparkling Rose

The North Coast Sparkling Rose has a candy flavor that compliments the strawberry and watermelon notes of this popular candy. The bubbly wine paired with this fruity candy really makes the flavors pop.

Starburst Halloween Mix and Moscato d’Asti

Given the multiple fruity flavors of Starburst, it is only appropriate to pair it with something equally fruity. Boasting tropical flavors like strawberry banana, pina colada, cherry kiwi, and mango melon, Starbursts are the candy to experiment with.

The effervescent Moscato with hints of sweet peach, nectarine, and tangerine serves to only enhance the taste of starburst. If you are a light drinker and like your wine with low alcohol content, this is the perfect choice for you.

Pink Starburst with Rose

If you are a strawberry-maniac, then this is the combination for you. The pink Starburst and strawberry-flavored Rose not only look lovely but tastes splendid, too.

Swedish fish with Sparkling Brut

This lesser-known candy is another option for strawberry lovers. The strawberry flavor of the Swedish Fish blends well with the strawberry notes of this sparkling wine.

Caramel Candies with a Port

The rich, smooth flavor of caramel candies calls for an equally delicious wine. This makes the dessert wine, Port, the perfect fit. Let the combination of the elegant flavors transport you to a place of bliss. Here are a few other equally delicious pairs:

Snickers with a Dry Cabernet Sauvignon Red Blend or Merlot

The intense peanut, caramel, and nougat combo need a robust and flavorful wine to prevent overwhelming your tastebuds. The dry Cabernet Sauvignon red blend is the perfect candidate for just that. With a subtle fruitiness, tannin holds up to the salty nuttiness of a Snickers bar.

A glass of cherry-flavored merlot is also not a bad option for the bar of caramel goodness.

100 Grand with Red blend

Rich with decadent chocolate and caramel flavors and a crunchiness in each bite, this chewy sweet is best paired with a Red Blend.

Twix with Chardonnay

For the taste of delicious caramel apple in the comforts of your home, go with the fail-proof combination of buttery Twix and crisp fruit-flavored Chardonnay. This mouthwatering pair will want to go for more.

Milky Way with Sparkling Dry White

The surprising combo of bubbly sparkling white blend with the Halloween favorite. This classic nougat and caramel treat only add to the fresh and light taste of the wine.

For those who wish to pair it with a red blend, the silky smooth tannin of Pinot Noir is a great companion to the fluffy filling of the Milky Way.

White Chocolate Candies with a Moscato

If the flavorful chocolates in this list are not to your liking, light-flavored white chocolate is an option for you. Let the bubbliness of a Moscato paired with the creamy, sweet treat remind you of ice cream on a hot summer day.

Peanut Butter Candies with a Cabernet Sauvignon

Have you ever wracked your head over the best flavors that go with peanut butter? Fear not, we got you covered. The correct answer is a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon. This blend of black currant and blackberries with a spicy hint goes so well with peanut butter candy, you will regret not knowing this sooner.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups with Cabernet Sauvignon or Mania and Gamay

Reese’s Peanut Butter cups not only go well with Cabernet Sauvignon but also a similarly berry-flavored Mania and Gamay. The peanut butter and chocolate with the aroma of banana, bubblegum, and wild-cherry jam is reminiscent of the classic peanut butter and jelly.

Peppermint Candies with a Zinfandel

With people divided on whether they like the bold flavors of peppermint and chocolate, you may be wondering whether this would even go with wine. But with hints of black pepper or licorice, Zinfandels are an equally bold flavor that compliments the peppermint candy.

York Peppermint Patties with Mourvèdre or Cabernet Sauvignon

Cool your throat with the refreshing combination of York peppermint candies with a bold red Cabernet or even the subtly spiced Mourvèdre.

Hot Tamales with Riesling

Those with a taste for spicier candies can try Hot Tamales. Wash down the spicy, cinnamon-flavored soft candies with a sweet fruity wine like Riesling. The lovely aroma of Riesling also adds to the experience that makes it a favorite among wine enthusiasts.


All the listed pairings are the most popular suggestions, but the best thing about candy and wine pairing is experimenting. Pair candies and wines you like; if you don’t fancy the flavor, then simply switch things up. A fun way to experiment would be to host a candy and wine tasting night with your friends. You might end up with some fantastic combos that light up your tastebuds.

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