The Strangest Things you Can Cook in an Air Fryer

Back in September 2010, a new electrical device was launched to the public. Philips chose the Internationale Funkausstellung in Berlin that year to show the world its new product.

That particular product was the air fryer, and it went on to become a common sight in people’s kitchens in the states and across the world.

While it gets used by many for only a small range of recipes, the air fryer is capable of producing some impressive results. And some of these meals you may not imagine could be, or even should be, made in an air fryer.

Read below to delve a little more into the world of the air fryer, and what strange concoctions it can make.

How many people own air fryers today?

The popularity of air fryers is fairly astonishing as the success story continues to grow. Even after more than a decade, the appliance is still selling like hot cakes and cooking them too.

Sales of air fryers reached more than $412 million in 2019. This figure only refers to sales made in the United States and would point to millions of households owning an air fryer.

Indeed, according to one report, more than 25 million air fryers were sold in the last two years in the states. The number of families, or just individuals, that are using air fryers appears to be growing.

Perhaps the only other similar kitchen appliance that has proved as popular is the Instant Pot. That device has proved immensely popular, and can now come with an air fryer lid attachment.

What is an air fryer primarily for?

The title of the device gives the implication that it would be used mostly for frying. If you have never tried an air fryer before, then you may not understand the concept behind it.

Essentially, an air fryer works along the same lines as a convection oven. It generates heat which then fills the air-tight appliance. A fan then circulates this heat around any ingredients, and in turn, cooks them.

An air fryer effectively cooks food with the application of air and high temperatures. The idea is that the food becomes evenly cooked due to the circulation method especially when topped with spices.

By leaving out the cooking oil, the air fryer becomes a healthier option for cooking. It also results in many ingredients taking on the appearance of fried food.

Fans of the air fryer swear that it can make French fries, chicken wings, and other fast-food types of meals but without adding any oil or fat.

Grease and cooking oil are a nuisance to clean. So buying an appliance that cooks this way is one of the best tips for organizing your kitchen for a hassle-free experience.

What are some of the oddest items you can make in an air fryer?

While an awful lot of people will never use their air fryer for more than French fries and fried chicken, lots of other people are more experimental.

One of the joys of the air fryer is that you can find recipes on the net for almost anything you can think of. If you want to know how to make rib eye steak in the air fryer, then you can simply search for it.

Right there is one food that you may not have thought about putting in an air fryer, but it can cook beef very well. It is even possible to make roast beef in the appliance.

Here are some of the stranger things that can be cooked in an air fryer, and some that you just may not have thought of trying.

Corn on the cob

This might normally be more closely associated with the barbecue, but the air fryer can handle corn too.

Simply brush the corn all over with butter and add seasonings of your choice.

Cinnamon rolls

Take refrigerated rolls and place them in the air fryer for a fast and tasty treat.

Hard-boiled eggs

A bit confusing this one because they are not really boiled. They can however be cooked in an air fryer to bring about the same results.

Grilled cheese sandwich

Even without a grill or a pan, you can make grilled cheese as long as you have an air fryer.


It is completely possible to make whole meals in an air fryer. For lasagna to work it simply needs the addition of a small loaf tin.

Tandoori gobi

Get inventive and branch out into the world. Air fryers aren’t just for fried chicken, they can help to recreate cuisines from all over the world.

In fact, air fryers can handle cupcakes, donuts, bagels, curries, and pasta dishes. They cook lobster and salmon too. If you are only cooking French fries then you are limiting yourself and your air fryer.


The air fryer has become one of the essential kitchen appliances and its uses are not as limited as you may think, it can be easily replaced just like your bathtub.

Next time you want to try something different, do a quick search for air fryer recipes. Or just experiment yourself. You might surprise yourself, and your dinner guests.

Michelle Li

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