The Top 6 Backyard Golf Games in 2020 You Just Cannot Miss!

Are you tired of playing those same old backyard games repeatedly for the weekend? Golf seems too much old school and wants to try something fun, something recreative and innovative? Well, hang on, we have something up just for you!

Backyard golf games are something we all cherish. But if it a fusion of one or two of our favorites, there is nothing more you can ask for! Let us investigate the top 6 backyard golf games which you cannot miss out on this 2020!

Before diving into the games, lets quickly figure out the criteria’s or at least some essential must-haves in these games:

  • It should be fun and innovative.
  • Should give the freedom to decrease or increase players.
  • It should be easily portable.
  • It should not require too much equipment.
  • Rules should not be too complicated.

Keeping all these demands in mind, let us dive into the top6 backyard golf games pick for you this year!

The Top 6 Backyard Golf Games in The List

1. Chippo:


securing its position in number one is the fusion game of cornhole and chipping versions in golf, Chippo. This is one of the most famous and exciting background golf game which one can easily play anywhere and is a perfect pick for the weekend play.

This game is also known for its other name as street golf, due to its portability. It can be carried anywhere from the beach to the street and be played. If you like games based on aims and precision, then Chippo is the perfect pick for you.

This game comes with a foldable platform board beneath which the artificial turf mats are attached, making it easy to play this game anywhere. The board has three holes, the bigger one in front and the smaller two adjusted behind it.

There are two sets of chipping board; each of them is placed 15feet apart. The turf mat is placed in front of these boards. The player has to aim the ball into the board holes from the opposite ends. If the ball hits the board, it’s 1 point, it aims the front hole, then the player scores 3 points, and if the ball hits the holes laid behind, then the player scores 5 points. Suppose the ball hits the turf and then scores, the score doubles. This game is all about aiming and how well you can score!

2. Putter Ball:

 Putter ball

The fusion of golf and beer pong game is what got this game putter ball. If you are the one who loves the game of beer pong, then this one is a perfect fir your you! The portability of this game is also no less. It consists of a foldable board, which makes it extremely handy and ready for travel.

This game comes with a platform board with 12 holes, six on each side, which covers the full distance it needs to. Along with that, it has two lefty/righty putters, two balls, and one set of hole covers to cover the holes.

The game of Putter ball is like beer pong, as stated above. The player has to target the ball into the opposite hole. When the ball hits one hole, it gets covered. The team to cover all the holes gets the lead, and the opposite team gets the chance to again cover all the six holes in one go.

If they miss any chance, the leading team wins the game. This game’s variation is to convert the one into a chipping game and elevate the other side, making the game more exciting and challenging.

The game of Putter ball can be extremely frustrating when you are unable to cover the puts. But if you love these aim games and the happiness it gives once the ball hits the hole, you should try our hands on to this game.

3. Tosso or the Ladder Ball Game:

Tosso or the Ladder Ball Game

If you want to experiment with something different rather than the same old hitting the ball with the stick game, Tosso is the game you are looking for! This backyard golf game is popularly known as the ladder game and is an enjoyable sport. Before diving into the rules, let’s investigate some of the keywords of this game.

Game Ladder: this is the ladder where the target is to hit. It consists of three poles in the form of steps, which are popularly known as rungs.

Rungs or Steps: These three poles together make the steps or rungs of the ladder.

Bolas: two golf balls attached by nylon or are wire string is known as bolas.

Toss Line: The line behind which the player must stand and aim for the scores. The ladder is kept 15feet away from the toss line.

The player must aim the bolas into the rungs. The bolas are formed in the shape of a hook, which, when appropriately aimed, gets attached to the rungs. If the player hits the top rung, he scores 3 points. If he hit the second rung, 2 points and scored, and the one who hits the bottom rung scores 1 point.

Each player gets three bolas chance and must play all of them at once before somebody else from the team gets a chance. The team or player to score 21 points wins the game. The players can aim to throw off the other player’s bolas as the total calculation happens after the round. However, in that case, no points will be counted.

4. Birdie Ball:

Birdie Ball

Birdie balls are something that you must have heard of. The cylindrical ball is made of plastic and is used to shorten the distance of the flight. The game goes by the name of this ball; hence both of them are named the same. If you are tired of straight-line golf games, then this round boundary backyard golf game you should try your hands on!

Birdie Ball is a fusion game of golf and bocce ball. This target game is another great pick if you want to improve your chipping. The game consists of multiple round boundaries, making it a perfect game if you want to play it beside the lake.

It has a small weighted bag of nylon attached to a flag. This makes the aim, and the ball has to hit the bag without crossing boundaries. Crossing each of the boundaries will cost a point. Each boundary has different negative points set. The player who reaches the set target point first wins the game.

5. Beer Pong Golf:

Beer Pong Golf

Want to teach golf games into the party for your upcoming weekend? Want to booze a bit while playing that game of golf? Then this fusion of beer pong with golf is your must-play game!

Infusing the game of beer pong into golf, this game is a fun play for any backyard golf game pick. This game is so handy and portable that one can carry this into any spacious bar and play for a party.

The game consists of a portable board that has ten holes to hold the cups. The rules for this game are similar to beer pong, and so is the goal! Hit the maximum number of cups and get your opponent drunk!

In this game, each player gets a chance to get the ball inside the cups. If they are playing in a team, each team member gets a chance. If the player hits the ball inside the cup, the opponent must pick up the glass and drink.

There are no bouncers allowed in this game, and the ball should directly hit the glass. The one with the maximum number of hits and the least drunk wins the game! So, if you love getting your friends drunk, get this backyard golf game now!

6. Disc Golf Game:

Disc Golf Game

Securing off its position in the list is your favorite disc throw game infused with the backyard golf game! This game has similar rules to the original golf game. The difference lies with the fact that you must target the disc into the aim instead of the golf ball.

This game was introduced in the early 1900s; it has been a prevalent form of cardio exercise infused in a game as the disc throw involves a lot of muscle exercise. The goal of the game is to aim each hole in the lowest number of strokes possible. The player who secures that is the winner.

The throws must begin with tee throws. Each tee throw must be completed either behind or within the assigned tee area. When it comes to rest in the disc golf basket, the disc is considered to complete the hole. If precision games that include discs in a golf manner excite you, then add this to your list of backyard golf games!

To enjoy golf, you do not have to be a pro player at it. Whatever may be your favorite part of the authentic game, you can always find a backyard game infused with the same!

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