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Moles are a kind of infuriating pest problems that one can easily experience if having a lawn. Preparing a beautiful and a desired lawn is not at all an easy task, but it is so annoying to witness that your perfect lawn is being destroyed by a tiny creature.

Everything was fine one morning but the next morning it is very disappointing to see that your lawn is filled up with holes and bumps all around.


The entire activity takes place underground and is performed by the moles. These animals are difficult to find because they mostly stay under the soil. The effects of burrowing are severe and being a lawn owner, it is very disheartening to see such happenings on the surface of the soil.

So, it is better to start investigating the best mole traps for your lawn. Read the article below to get started with the most urgent information you need right now to save your beautiful, desired and a healthy lawn.

The Requirements

Before buying the best mole trap for yourself and your lawn, there are always some important features you need to look at! The mole trap should be a simple one. Do not go for the ones which are having a lot of mechanisms and designs within it. It should be a straightforward one.

There should absolutely be no use of chemicals or poisons used in the trapping of the moles. A safety kit is much more preferred than that of this. Nobody wants to do extra work. So, go ahead buying a mole trap where you can easily just set the equipment into the mole tunnel, that too without any sort of digging.

The mole traps should be very safe to handle. There should be no presence of sharp and dangerous prongs or tongs which could easily harm anyone operating the trap. As it is a very useful tool it should be easy to use so that all the elder members of a family can effortlessly handle it.

Let us once go through the best mole traps below.

The Wire Tek 1001 EasySet Trap

The Wire Tek 1001 EasySet Trap

There are several varieties of mole traps found in the local marketplace or online, but here in this article, I am only going to talk about a few, but undoubtedly these are the best ones found. This mole trap is kind of a scary-looking tool. It has got a pair of scissors. Both are separated and are fixed to the corner ends of the tool.

This scissors part of the tool is sunk into the ground, rather let us say, directly into the mole tunnel. The mole trap is set by lowering the setting lever. It can be set within, firmly into the ground with the user’s feet as well.

After this whenever a mole comes from any of the directions, the trap gets activated and then the problem gets solved with the creature. But the most difficult part here is to search the active mole tunnel.

Because while setting the trap the users will be able to find several mole tunnels. All will never be an active one. So, here the twist lies! One thing you can do is to collapse all the tunnels. After a few hours or the next day, you will be able to view the active tunnels because the moles will re-tunnel their paths. This is the only thing you can do to find out the active mole tunnel for setting up the traps.

If you realise that there are several moles under your lawn and not only one, then definitely you must set the mole trap at different locations, that too several times to keep your lawn mole free. Commonly, most of the time, there are four to six moles found operating underground, in the same area, in a corner of a lawn. This happens when a lawn owner is having quite a big lawn.

mole traps

The operator of this tool does not need much effort to activate it because no digging is needed here. Just the user needs to set the mole trap. Also, the user need not hold any sort of chemicals or poisons which are very harmful in nature.

All a user needs to do is just find the mole tunnel and fix it properly by sinking the trap firmly into the ground. It does not take much time. As you all know time is very precious!

The user does not need to stand in front of the mole trap to witness the captivity.

And eventually, the process also does not take much time.

The entire procedure takes a few hours or so. Because sooner or later the moles are bound to shift here and there in search of worms and once it crosses path with the trap it will get killed instantly. As the trap has got iron jaws, it has got great durability as well as strength. The sharp prongs of the trap are a symbol of constant threats to the little creatures.

Do remember to use disposable gloves whenever handling the trap. This is done because moles have got a very good and strong-smelling power. They do not like the odor of the humans at all. So, once they get to smell a trap where they can smell you, they will avoid it. Here, ‘prevention is better than cure’.

After every use, clean the trap with boiling soap water for a few minutes or so. You need to be very careful while cleaning the traps because the scissors part of the trap is quite sharp, and a little amount of distraction may lead to an injury.

The best part of these traps is that the users do not need to dig up tunnels for setting the traps. ‘No extra handwork’. This is the most efficient trap among all, just you need to be a bit careful while cleaning, rest everything is easy to deal with here.

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From this link you can buy the tool online. Here, you can also find the actual reviews of the customers which are a source of great help to all the new buyers.

The Black Hole Trap

The Black Hole Trap

This trap especially focuses more on the gophers than that of the moles and the rats. But it works good for the moles too. This trap is a very effective one but, in this case, the user must make some effort. It is not like the Wire Tek 1001 EasySet Trap. But it is a very good choice for the users whose budgets are a bit lower than that of the usual.

Here, the users need to find out the mole tunnel, dig the tunnel up carefully, exposing it. Then the users must expose the Black Hole trap to the tunnel. The trigger of the trap should be covered with the soil. Here, the trap needs effort more, but I think this much is manageable.

Here none of the poisonous or dangerous gases are used and once if the trap is set properly, it would work very effectively. It is easy to maintain and clean the Black Hole trap. This can easily be found in the local marketplaces and it is also available online.

Blackhole Trap - The Original Blackhole Mole, Rodent & Gopher Trap, Spring Loaded, Easy to Use,...
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This is a super save and Amazon is quite a trustworthy company from where you can buy this trap by reading the real customer reviews.

The Nash Choker Loop Trap

The Nash Choker Loop Trap

The Nash Choker Loop Trap is kind of a device that works by cutting slots into a tunnel. Here the trap is lowered into two slots in a way that the loop is ready for a mole to come and when it does, the trap is ready to trigger the little creature. The Nash Choker Loop Trap is made up of durable steel and has got an aluminium base.

The trap is very easy to clean and setting up is not all a difficult task for the users. This trap is also very common and popular among the gardeners. Few users find the setting up to be difficult and few do not find it to be that difficult. So, it totally depends upon the users how they are going to look at the trap. This trap also does not use any sort of poisonous, harmful, or dangerous chemicals or gases either.

The only thing the users need to do is place the Nash Choker Loop Trap in an active tunnel and that is all. As mentioned above setting up the trap is not at all a difficult task to perform. It is quite an easy task, and it is also easy to operate the trap. Children and pets are safe around the trap. The trap does not need any sort of high maintenance. It is easy to keep the trap clean.

Nash 100 Choker Loop Mole Trap
  • The Nash Choker Loop mole trap is safe near children and pets
  • Easy set up
  • Easy to operate
  • Made of galvanized spring-steel construction with cast-aluminum base

Amazon is a quite a trusted company and from the above-mentioned link the users can easily bring a trap home without much headache because they really have got a good service and once you click the link you will be able to see several real reviews by the true customers and this makes online shopping easier and more hassle-free.

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