Transform Your Interior Space with Wall Art

When decorating your space, whether it’s a home or office, you may often overlook the power of wall art. The focus is usually on furniture and other functional pieces used for daily life rather than accentuating the room’s design.

But, wall art can have a powerful impact on your interior space. It can transform an otherwise dull room into a warm and inviting place that you will want to spend time in. Here’s how to buy wall art and transform any interior space.

Types of Wall Art

Different types of wall art can be used to decorate your space. Each of these can create a unique look that is perfect for your design theme or color scheme. Some common examples are:

Framed Art Prints

If you want an elegant look for your space, framed art prints are the way to go. Framing allows you to cover up imperfections in the wall, which will make the piece look more professional.

Textured Art

A textured wall adds a unique dimension to your room by drawing attention to vertical space rather than furniture or other functional aspects of the room. Dining room with such wall decor might end up leaving a great impression.

Metal Art

Metal art is perfect for modern decorating styles. It looks stunning in open spaces and draws the eye up toward the ceiling. This is an excellent option if you have high ceilings.

Decorative Plaques

A plaque with a personalized message or inspirational quote makes for great wall art. It’s small, not to take up too much space on your walls but large enough to be noticed by guests. You can even buy wall art pieces that can be personalized to suit your style or theme.

Gallery Walls

A gallery wall comprises several different pieces of framed art, which are hung together to create a unique look especially for bedrooms that have no window. Choosing the right size for each frame can be challenging because it will depend on the total available wall space.

To ensure that each piece looks its best, place small frames toward the top and larger ones toward the bottom.

Photo Collages

Photo collage on canvas is as popular today as never before, because this collage offers you the possibility to print several photos on canvas at the same time. In addition to classic example, you can have photo collages for special occasions like birthday, anniversary and weeding. But you can also have collages in heart shape, a name, as a number or just a collage with all your favorite photos printed on canvas.

If you want a fun and creative way to decorate your walls, photo collages are it! They’re made up of multiple different-sized frames with one or more photos in each frame. You can choose to fill an entire wall or create a cluster here and there for a fun look.

The best thing about wall art is that it allows you to transform your room, either for a particular event or simply on a whim. It’s an easy way to give your home the overhaul it needs without spending too much money. Once you decide what type of art would look great in your space, consider hanging some motivational quotes nearby for an added touch.

Placement Guide of Wall Art

After selecting the type of wall art, you need to decide where it should be placed. It might seem easy at first, but there are certain guidelines you can follow so that your art looks professional and inviting.

Here are some points to keep in mind when deciding on the placement of wall art in your home or office:

Lighting – Consider how you will be lighting up the room when you are hanging your art. Is there plenty of natural light, or will you need to use other methods? If it’s the latter, ensure that the lighting in each area is balanced out so that no one part of the wall receives more attention than another.

Size – Art that looks too small against large walls will look lost and be overlooked. Wall art that is too large for the space will overwhelm it and make it look smaller than it is.

Color – Pick wall art that compliments your room’s color scheme to ensure that it doesn’t clash. Another option is using different shades of the same color to tie all components together nicely.

Other Items – You should also consider the other items on your walls when adding new art pieces. If you drew attention to some objects by hanging a picture frame near them, make sure your new piece of wall art doesn’t obscure them.

Wall Space – Look at the space you have available and select a piece that will look its best in that area. For example, if you have an open space, choose metal art that draws the eye upwards.

On the other hand, if you have several pieces of furniture along a wall, try gallery walls or textured art.

This is your complete guide to buy wall art and use it to transform your interiors completely.

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