To ColonBroom or Not to ColonBroom?

Ever felt… fecally challenged? You know… lacking that regular sun-greeting of bowels in the morning. Not being able to evacuate. Simply constipated. If yes, then you’re not alone!

Digestive issues are thriving among us. From severe constipation and explosive diarrhea to various cases of IBS/IBD, bloating, flatulence, and inflammation. The list is huge. Changing bowel habits would help relieve the symptoms, though, let’s admit…

…Nowadays, not all of us have the luxury to spend time in the gym or dedicate ourselves to a fiber-rich diet. That takes practice and willpower. But if you want to hit your daily quota of fiber grams without chewing non-endless bowls of veggies, you can always turn to fiber supplements and boost your gut health with just a flash!

Let’s Talk About ColonBroom Fiber Supp

The brand speaks for itself – ColonBroom sweeps your gut out in an easy, delicious, and effortless way. It’s meant to help maintain the healthy functioning of your digestive tract, but aside from this massive benefit, the fiber powder also promotes weight loss and treats certain tummy conditions. It’s meant to help maintain the healthy functioning of your digestive tract, but aside from this massive benefit, the fiber powder also promotes weight loss and treats certain tummy conditions.

The main accent is the key ingredient – soluble fiber. It absorbs water through the digestive system, transforming into a spongy-jelly substance that slows down digestion. It’s well-known that fiber itself has endless health benefits, and that’s why it makes it so popular and appealing to use on a daily basis.

ColonBroom Ingredients

With added flavors or without – all fiber supplement formulation is the same – to make your gut happy and evoke that bowel regularity.

ColonBroom powder contains psyllium husk – a plant-based husk-like-fairy-magic-dust that does all the wonders when it comes to bulking your stool. Psyllium retains its high water-holding capacity to resist dehydration throughout the large bowel, resulting in bulky/soft/easy-to-pass stools.

There’s also crystallized lemon and citric acid involved. These buddies are responsible for the taste, supporting the powder format and promoting healthy gut bacteria flow.

ColonBroom, unlike other fiber supplements, uses stevia instead of sucralose, added sugar, or other forms of addictive sweetness. That way, people avoid having side effects such as bloating and inflammation and can enjoy a smooth transition into a fibered-up life.

How to Use It

ColonBroom is sold in bottles that contain 60 servings (an optimal amount for a 1–1.5-month period). For beginners, it is recommended to drink one smoothie at least 30 minutes before your first meal.

Why 30min before? That way, the gel-forming substance will start “hugging” the gut and will leave you with less space in the stomach. Meaning, you won’t feel THAT hungry and avoid chowing down the Michelin style 3-course-meal.

How do I make myself a ColonBroom smoothie? Mix one scoop of ColonBroom powder into an 8oz water glass. The more water, the better! Just make sure to stir it well and quickly drink it because later, the texture becomes clumpy. You can also have berries and almonds on the side.

After your gut adjusts to the fiber, you can rev up the dosage and drink two shakes a day.

Where to Start

Easy, start from your gut. Remember that fiber supplements are not one-time cure pals. Leave that scepter for laxatives. To alleviate symptoms of constipation, bloating, inflammation, and form new healthy bowel habits, fiber supps are a perfect fit and you can have them sitting on your red couch.

Combine it with the right foods, right activities, gallons of hydration, and you’ll get the most health benefits you could ask for. If you’re interested to see how much your body will change in 1–3 months with ColonBroom, click here.

Juliana Chen

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