What Can I Put at The Bottom of a Fence to Keep Animals Out

You don’t have to spend much money to keep your goats safe. Many options are available that won’t break and will work well as barriers to keep your goats safe and contained.

In this piece, we’ll look at the things that can be put at the bottom of a fence to keep animals out.

It will help you meet your needs without breaking the bank, whether you’re a small-scale hobby farmer or trying to find an affordable way to fence in a bigger herd.

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What Can Be Put at The Bottom of a Fence to Keep Animals Out

What Can Be Put at The Bottom of a Fence to Keep Animals Out

1. Putting Up Barriers

Many animals are stubborn diggers who will try to dig through your yard. To shop this, you use digging barriers:

  • Cloth for Hardware: Diggers cannot get through this heavy-duty wire mesh. Add a layer of hardware cloth to the ground about a foot below the bottom of your Fence. It makes it very hard for animals to dig, which makes them much less likely to try.
  • Fabric for the Yard or a Weed Barrier: Putting down landscaping fabric or weed barrier fabric before adding gravel or mulch can be a good way to keep people from digging. The materials here make a tough barrier for animals, which makes it very hard for them to dig through.

2. Get Rid of The Fence

In the worst situations or when there are people who dig very hard, you might want to bury the Fence itself:

  • Bury the Fence: If you can, bury some of your Fence in the ground. This method can work well when used on animals with strong digging habits. It will make it even harder for animals to dig under the Fence. Bury it at least a foot deep and at an angle.

3. Put Down Rocks or Gravel

Putting rocks or dirt along the Fence can be a natural way to keep people from crossing:

  • Rocks or Boulders that are Big: Carefully place big rocks or boulders along the fence line to make a tough barrier that animals can’t easily reach.
  • Pea Gravel or Gravel: Add some gravel or pea gravel to the ground around the Fence’s base. It makes it very hard for animals to walk on, which can keep them from trying to dig or burrow under it.

4. Electric Fences

If you have bigger animals like deer or foxes, you might want to use electric fencing:

  • Wire for an Electric Fence: Put an electric fence wire at the base of your current Fence. When an animal touches it, it gives them a harmless but shocking electric shock, which generally keeps them from trying to get through the Fence.

5. Plant a Barrier Hedge

Some plants, like thorny bushes or thick trees, can naturally block off an area:

  • Rose Bushes or Spiny Shrubs: Gardening with rose bushes, thorny shrubs like barberry, or densely leaved hedges can keep animals from getting too close to your Fence.


You can do several things to keep animals from entering your land, such as securing the bottom of your fence.

A key part of making a good barrier involves not just the bottom but the entire structure to contain your goats and protect them from external threats effectively.

Before you decide to put up digging barriers, bury part of the fence, use rocks and gravel, use electric fencing, or plant a barrier hedge, you should carefully consider your situation and the animals you are working with. You can protect your yard and garden from animals in many ways.

You can make a strong barrier by using more than one of these methods together.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Do More than One Thing Simultaneously to Keep the Bottom of My Fence Safe?

Yes, using more than one way together can be very helpful. Hardware cloth can be attached to the fence, and dirt or big rocks can be put along the base. Using layers strengthens the shield and makes it harder for animals to get through.

Will Lowering the Fence Make It Less Stable or Shorten Its Life?

If you do it right, burying part of the fence can make it more stable and last longer. In addition to giving extra support, it keeps animals from digging under. But you should pick a fence material that is made to be buried, like plastic or pressure-treated wood, so it doesn’t break down too quickly.

Can I Use Plants as a Fence if My Yard is Small or There Isn’t Much Room Next to The Fence?

Yes, plants can be used as a hedge, even if you only have a small yard or area to work with. If you don’t have much room, choose dwarf types or ones that can be grown in containers. You could also plant thorny or prickly bushes, like roses, along the fence in certain spots to keep animals away without taking up too much room.

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