What Tree is Associated with Life and Death?

World mythology and symbolism have a long history of complementing one another. But few among the lot surpass cultural boundaries and evolve with uniting significance.

However, the symbolic trees of life and death are one such general example.

In Norse mythology, what we refer to as the Yggdrasil tree might have a different name in Indian, American, African, and European cultures. However, the botanic species might alter due to its geographical background, but its enigma remains identical.

Today, we will delve into the world of Norse mythology. The purpose is to discover the Yggdrasil tree and its association with life and death.

Let’s begin!

Yggdrasil Tree: The Norse Tree of Life and Death

Norse Tree of Life and Death

Through the adventurous eyes of Norse mythology, nine different worlds exist. The Yggdrasil tree represents the mystical link that unites those nine worlds.

A strong Norse word travels across the globe, emphasizing the importance of this generous ash tree. Life sprouts from this source and enriches all nine worlds. However, it is mortal, and when the day arrives, it will be the last leaf, even taking away gods with itself.

The amazing centerpiece is the heart of Norse cosmology and demands that life continue radiating. However, that is not all! Its wonders run far and wide and have intricate mystical stories related to every part.

The upper stature of this botanic giant reaches the heavens. At the same time, the Yggdrasil roots travel to the dark underworld of the earth to touch death. This ash tree welcomes the duality of life and death and represents its mysteriously beautiful connection.

Here is a quick sneak peek into the broader meanings of the Yggdrasil tree touching heaven and hell.

1. The Yggdrasil Branches Reaching the Skies

Yggdrasil Branches Reaching the Skies

As per Norse cosmology, the branches and trunk of the Yggdrasil tree stretch to heaven. It supports various brighter realms of celestial beings. However, the most infamous is the Asgard realm, where God resides, and Midgard is the world of humans.

The tall and proud trunk rules these upper realms and acts as a father figure. It plays a vital role in harmonizing law and order and binds all with a single objective.

2. The Yggdrasil Roots Reaching the Under of The World

Yggdrasil Roots Reaching the Under of The World

Moving forward from light, the time to get involved in darker realms comes. After all, life and death, heaven and hell, and light and dark are the two sides of the same coin. The Yggdrasil tree stretches its roots to touch the well of Urd before reaching Hell.

Hell is the land of the dead and darkness. However, a journey from life to death is not fruitless. Norns wait at the well of Urd or the well of fate. They sit there and design the ultimate destiny of every being, walking the loop of life and death.

Yggdrasil is thus more than a symbolic representation. It is the world tree that binds every being together.

Yggdrasil Tree as a Symbol of Life

Yggdrasil Tree as a Symbol of Life

Everything and everyone is connected. You must have heard this line in several spiritual and mythological aspects of global cultures.

As mentioned, the Tree of Life breaks geographical boundaries and unites every belief. Its symbolic appeal became imaginable, as it is the World Tree of Life! However, if you are trying to understand its grandeur, here is a list to simplify it.

1. Interconnection Among All Beings

The upper part of the ash tree that reaches the stars symbolizes the life aspect. The botanic giant celebrates life and connects the realms of God, celestial beings, and humans. One branch emerging out of the grand trunk enters every realm. Therefore, it connects every being in this light realm to the grand web of life.

2. Nourishing All Beings

Like any other plant, the Yggdrasil obtains its richness from the well of Urd. Urd means fate. The symbolism represents that the ash tree draws nourishment from its third well and enriches different life forms in all realms.

3. Life-Giver in All Realms

A tree releases oxygen to support life. The universal truth is rooted in the Norse cosmology of the Yggdrasil tree. It is the source of fertility and nourishment in every realm, including that of humans and gods.

4. Embracing Growth and Change

Most of us fear change. However, it is a constant, and growth will not occur unless interfaces are changed. The world tree symbolizes the change that comes every season and transforms lives differently.

Yggdrasil Tree as a Symbol of Death

Yggdrasil Tree as a Symbol of Death

While the Yggdrasil Tree primarily concerns life, it also holds symbolic ties to the concept of death. After all, one cannot exist without the other. Whatever is alive must be kissed by death. That is the beauty of the cyclical nature of existence.

Here is how the Norse mythological giant is symbolic of death.

1. Root Travels to The Under of The World

One root of the Yggdrasil’s tree travels to Hell. It is the land of the dead. With a branch representing life and a root reaching the dead, it symbolizes the cyclic nature of life. The former is incomplete without the latter.

2. Connects to The Third Well of Urd

While stretching to Hel, the root also meets the Well of Urd. It is a source of wisdom and destiny. This encounter represents the idea that death is not an end. It is a transition into a new transition that links fate and past wisdom. Furthermore, Norns are the beings who wait near the well and are constantly working to shape the fates of the living and the dead.

Summing Up

The Yggdrasil tree of Norse cosmology is the world tree associated with life and death. The mythological botanic giant reminds us of the beauty of duality and the cosmic links between all beings.

Furthermore, several beings are related to the tree. Folklore around Odin, a Norse eagle, a dragon, and a squirrel also revolve around this tree. Thus, tales of its significance are mentioned in Norse prose and poetry.

Which symbolic meaning of the Yggdrasil tree do you like the most? Comment below and share with us.

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