What is the Best Way to Get Dust out of Throw Pillows?

Throw pillows and cushion covers are the most underrated yet important element of home decor. Available in different designs and patterns, throw pillows can instantly spruce up the look of your room.

With an array of options, picking up the best quality throw pillows is important; what is even more important is that it should match the decor and theme of the room.

Additionally, to keep the pillow in good condition, it is imperative to focus on its maintenance. Cushion covers are exposed to dust and dirt, and leaving them unattended for a long can impact their luster and shine.

Hence, they require timely cleaning and upkeep to remain mint-fresh so that you can think of ways to decorate throw pillows for couches.

The Right Way to Clean Cushions

The Right Way to Clean Cushions

As mentioned above, timely cushion cleaning is imperative to make it last longer. Dust and dirt can impact its look, so you must follow the proper cleaning steps. This blog segment will take you through some of these aspects that will keep your cushion in good condition.

1. Prevention is the Key

One of the first things to consider is choosing the right type of cover. The material of the cover will decide its longevity. For example, if you invest in cotton cushion covers, they are more durable and last longer. Also, if you are buying throw pillow covers for the outdoors, canvas is a good choice. These last longer and can easily thrive through heat and sun rays.

2. Regular Dusting and Vacuuming

There is no substitute for regular cleaning and dusting of cushions and pillow covers. These are always exposed to the environment; hence, dust deposition is very common. Although you may not be able to spot them initially, over some time, these dust particles may start showing their signs in the form of dusty patches, or you will start noticing the change in the color of the cushion cover. With regular cleaning, dusting, and vacuuming, you can easily get rid of all these hassles.

3. Spot Treatment

Sometimes, you may notice that your cushion has stains and spots, which is certainly not a good sight. While you may wash it in the machine, submerging the entire pillow for washing is not a wise move. Rather, you can use this efficient cleaning method, wherein you need baking soda and vinegar. This works wonders to remove oily stains and spots. Sprinkle baking soda and a few drops of vinegar on the stain. Leave it for some time and then mildly brush it off. Wash the area under running water and allow it to dry.

4. Dry Cleaning

For some fabrics, you can put them in the washing machine and run it on. For example, if you have a suede cushion cover or sequins working on it, washing it in the machine will damage the fabric and the design. In such cases, it is recommended to give it for dry cleaning. This is suitable for more delicate materials.

5. Sponge Cleaning

Another effective cleaning method to clean the pillow covers is sponge cleaning. If you don’t want to get into a practice of rigorous cleaning, this method is effective. Invest in good quality sponge and pillow cleansers. Be gentle while using the sponge. Do rub it rigorously. This ensures easier cleaning. However, this method is not effective on all kinds of pillow covers. Hence, you must check the manufacturer’s recommendation before cleaning.

Reshape the Cushion

Reshape the Cushion

These are some of the effective ways of cleaning the throw pillow color. However, it is also important to focus on the cushions and inserts. It should be fluffy, and only then you can get the right shape of the cushion.

Steps to Reshape the Cushion

  1. Take the insert out of the cushion cover and place it in the dryer along with the dryer ball, or clean the tennis ball in the cushion cover.
  2. Start the dryer and allow it to operate in a non-heat mode
  3. Check the cushion insert and see if it has retained its shape. If not, you can run the dryer for a few more minutes.

Keeping the Pillows Cleaner for Long

While cleaning the pillows is easier, adopting some practices can keep them in good condition for a long time. If you also want to keep pillows clean for a long, a simple practice that you can follow is dusting them regularly. You can also vacuum it. However, before any of these, you should be gentle when handling the cushion cover, especially if the cushion covers are delicate. Here is what you need to know:

  • Buy machine-washable cushion covers, especially if you have kids and pets at home. It becomes easier to clean these covers.
  • Use higher-quality pillows for less-trafficked areas like the living room, library, or study area.
  • Tackle the spills and stains the moment you notice them. Clean it immediately.
  • Regular vacuuming and dusting are necessary to keep it in a good state.

Wrapping It up

Cushions and pillows are great for making your room look aesthetic and appealing. But as much as investing in good quality pillows and their cover is important, it is equally important to clean them. It maintains the cushion covers’ quality and makes them last longer.

Prevention is the right way to follow. Regular dusting and vacuuming are the best ways to prevent dust from settling and also prevent regular cleaning cycles. It is also recommended to check the manufacturer’s recommendation before cleaning it.

With the tips mentioned above, you can keep the pillows, throws, and throw pillow covers in good condition.

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