What Makes Up A Custom Board Game Table?

Having a simple table for those late-night board games with the boys might be enough for some individuals. But for the hardcore fans, that table in the basement with a noisy fan might not make ends meet

A lot of people are opting for custom board game tables for their cards and board games. While purchasing a board game table might be costly, you might want to have one as an addition to your man cave.

You can have your local woodworker or furniture specialist wrap one for you. There is also the option of looking for custom tables on sites, including the creators of the Dresden board game tables. But what exactly makes up a custom board game table?


Think Of What You Want First

It is a must that you secure your checklist before you have someone make that custom table. Include all the components and add-ons you might want to know. You cannot install them later should you forget and the table suddenly arrives at your doorstep, and you forget all about playing outdoors.

To help you secure the checklist, think about what purpose the custom table might have. Will it only work for board games during those long Friday nights? Or will it be multi-purpose furniture that will find its place in the family kitchen? Do you want the table to focus on a single kind of board game only? How many players do you want the furniture to accommodate?

Considering all of these factors will make your life easier.


The Parts Of A Custom Board Game Table

The Play Area

Of course. You cannot consider a board game table as one without it having an appropriate play area. The neat thing is you can customize the play area as you see fit.

You can have it as a flat area under the protection of four wooden walls. Or you can also have a play area with pre-built dioramas and display pieces for those role-playing games with pieces and additional game items.

The Walls

Your table will need surrounding walls for added protection and extra features. These structures are vital should you want to include other perks to the furniture.

You can have as many corners and walls as you wish. But do make sure they do not complicate the way you play. Make sure anyone who plays on the table has no issues doing so. Too many corners and hard edges might make playing too troublesome.

Custom Cup Holders

Everyone knows those long game nights can make anyone thirsty in the long run. That is why you need at least three or four custom cup holders in various table sections.

The wooden walls and surrounding corners are perfect locations to fit in some custom cup holders. In addition, you can install cup holders on the surrounding wooden barriers as depressions on each one.

You can place that cold beer or soda bottle without worrying about it spilling on the playing area.

Additional Drawers

Additional drawers are one of the best features of a custom board game table. You can fit in as many custom drawers as you like. Put them on the side, underneath, at the corners, and it is all up to you.

The drawers will act as storage for anything board game-related, including dice, maps, board game boxes, pieces, and other things.

Table Cover

You cannot leave the playing area alone, and unprotected should the games end for the night. That is why a table cover is a must for your furniture. You can place the table cover over the playing area as soon as you finish playing.

That way, you can leave whatever scenario you have and play it at a later time. The cover will protect everything underneath while functioning as a typical table surface where you can eat and drink.

The best part about table covers is that they can also be thin and light. That way, you do not have to worry about lifting it should you begin playing with the games and cards again.

Supporting Legs

Any table has supporting legs and pegs.

But a custom board game table has better ones. These components can have other materials besides your standard wood, and you can have metal ones with unique designs.

The thing is, the designs are not only for decorative purposes. You can design them as you like that can have additional features. How about a leg with spare space to roll and shoot down those long play mats? Or how about a table leg you can rotate and adjust?


Sometimes, the light from above is not enough for you to read the rules on the cards you play. There are also instances where you cannot see small parts due to the shadows and dark corners on the table.

That is why you can also include lighting systems on that custom table. Like most features, you can customize the lighting system however you like. Popular ones include cyberpunk light, retro, steampunk, and minimalist lighting.

Take note that you might spend a bit more money on these delicate additions to your table.

It would also be wise to talk with your table manufacturer and see if they can install the system of your choice.

How About The Costs?

How much you will pay for the table depends on a number of factors, and you have to consider the design of your table first.

The more features and aesthetic pieces it will have, the more you will shell out cash for it. In addition, take into consideration the materials for the table as well. Will you use wood for the table, or something else, such as metal and marble?

There is also the charge a manufacturer will ask for their services. They will include the materials in the overall bill, but most expenses will cover the labour they provide.

Other expenses include transportation, shipping, and other things.

One More Thing

You need to plan and finalise your custom table design before sending a draft to the table makers. That way, you do not have to worry about late charges you might encounter. Set aside the appropriate amount of cash for the overall table construction and purchase.

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