What to Know Before Buying Real Estate in Port de la Mer – Cultural Peculiarities of Dubai

Dubai can safely be called one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Guests from all over the world come here for serene recreation on the pristine beaches and fascinating shopping in the endless shopping malls, but, of course, the emirate’s appeal is not limited to recreational tourism opportunities – businessmen, scientists, doctors, specialists in a variety of fields of knowledge come to Dubai for their personal and professional purposes.

Personal purposes are usually connected with the real estate purchase for relocation or as an investment project. Many foreign investors choose property in Port de La Mer for sale as the objects located in a highly profitable destination. However, before buying real estate in a country of absolutely different traditions, it is advisable to become familiar with its cultural peculiarities.

Importance of being aware of the traditions of the UAE

Despite the fact that the Emirate of Dubai has always been known for its liberalism, cosmopolitanism and fairly religious tolerance, both first-time visitors and permanent residents should always remember that the United Arab Emirates is a Muslim country.

Without a basic knowledge of Islam, customs and traditions of the people who are to live and work side by side, it is impossible to achieve success in business, establish job relations, communicate with locals and even just have a good rest.

Cultural peculiarities of Dubai in the UAE

Arabs always welcome guests with tea, coffee, or refreshments. If an Arab takes someone’s hand or greets them with two hands, it is the highest sign of affection.

It is considered indecent to ask an Arab about his wife, and if you do want to bring up the subject, it is better to ask about the family. It is also indecent to point the soles of one’s shoes in the direction of someone – it will be taken as an insult.

Passing or receiving things is to be performed only with the right hand, the left hand is considered “unclean” in the East. Also, try not to stare at people praying. You should not wear revealing clothes or walk around the city in a swimsuit – there are beaches for that, but you can’t sunbathe topless even there.

Local fines and prohibitions in Dubai

If you visit the UAE for the first time or have a strong desire to relocate, it is advisable to gather information about the local traditions and norms of behavior beforehand. The legislation of the UAE has a severe system of fines for locals and foreigners.

– being drunk in public places – a fine of AED 500 or arrest for 5 days;

– no photos of Muslim women (in national dress), it is better to ask men for permission;

– no swimming in the pool in their outer clothing;

– it is forbidden to drink tap water;

– no hugging or kissing on the streets – you could end up in jail;

– even if you get lost, you must not ask local women for directions;

– if the house you photograph turns out to be a government building, a sheikh’s palace or a military facility, you could easily be accused of espionage, with all the consequences that would follow;

– unmarried couples should stay in separate rooms and if the wife has a different last name from her husband, some hotels may require a notarized translation of her marriage certificate;

– crossing the street in the wrong place, smoking in public places and throwing garbage in the street – a fine of $136 or a month in a local jail;

– distribution of drugs can lead to life imprisonment or even the death penalty (under the category of “drugs” can even include some drugs that are publicly available in some countries, so do not take drugs to the UAE. And do not consume them at all in any country).

Always remember that the fines in the UAE are really prohibitive, and the penalties for breaking the rules are very severe. That is why this country is considered one of the safest in the world.

Norms of behavior on the streets of Dubai

Shopping centers, bars and hotels in the UAE also have their own characteristics. On the one hand, the tourist finds himself in an absolutely familiar environment of luxurious surroundings, very polite staff and a huge selection of goods and services.

But on the other hand, note that, having bought a strong drink or cigarettes (and the choice of both is really huge here), you are unlikely to be able to enjoy the purchase on the street, in the park or at a summer café.

Of course, nobody will fine you for it, but it’s just not accepted. To avoid the slanting glances of the locals, it’s better to enjoy your drink indoors, in a restaurant in your hotel.

In general, tours in the UAE, in this regard, are ideal for non-smokers and non-drinkers, or for those who wish to give up both. In the Emirates there is an extensive promotion of a healthy lifestyle, which contributes a lot to the official religion – Islam.

Key takeaways

No doubt, Dubai is a relatively young cosmopolitan city. It is generally dominated by Arab youth who have been educated or have lived long in the West, and therefore, to put it mildly, do not always adhere strictly to Islamic customs.

Nevertheless, they do not determine the general climate and unique atmosphere in this amazing city. Wherever you are, respect the social and cultural norms accepted in the country.

Relocation to Port de La Mer in Dubai is definitely worth studying and following cultural norms and old traditions of the country.

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