Where to Buy Sod (And How to Save Money Doing It)

The main reason why you should use a sod is simply because of its ease and convenience. The most beneficial reason for using sod to set up your lawn is how easily and swiftly you will get an aesthetic lawn.

Even after all its complications, sod makes your property look blissfully green without much effort. However, many are not yet sure should they buy sod, and if yes, from where?

Hopefully, here in this article, most of your questions and doubts will be answered. You will find out everything you need to before you buy it. We will give you a couple of recommendations and all the points you should keep in mind before placing the order.

Without any further delay, let’s begin!

Things to Remember Before Buying Sod

Two very important things you must keep in mind before buying sod are what kind of sod should you buy and where should you place them.

How to Choose the Best Sort for Your Home?

In case your yard is full of green grass, you must ensure that the sod you get has the same species of grass. The two types of grass should be very compatible with each other. if you cannot buy the exact same species, make sure that your sod mingles well with the grass present on your property.

More often than not, people aren’t sure about the species of grass that grow in their backyard. Trust me, this is very common throughout America. You can find out about what species of grass grows in your region by researching about it a little bit online. Also, find out how much sunlight does your grass generally get.

Once you have done with that it will be easier for you to pin down the type of grass that you have. This will help you in deciding what sort of sod you need to buy. You might not get the exact same species but a breed from the same family of grass works fine.

Sods Stocked Up

In some places, they offered you a service wherein you can bring a tiny piece of your backyard to the office of the provider. There are experts who will take a look at it and tell you about the type of grass you have. They can also decide for you the type of sod you should look to order that will also match your yard.

How to Prepare for The Delivery of Sod?

When you order a sod, it will be directly shipped from a sod farm to your house. You will be provided with the drop-off time so that you can have everything ready for its installation.

Make sure to install your sod within a day of its delivery. For best results, the sod needs to be installed as soon as possible. It is quintessential for the sod to retain its texture. Under no circumstances should it be on the pallet for more than 48 hours.

In case there is a delay in the installation process, make sure that the sod is hydrated and moist. Keep it stored in a garage or anywhere away from direct sunlight.

Before the installation begins you need to get a couple of things straight. If your lawn already has grass on it trim that. Use the lowest setting available on your lawnmower. Once you get rid of the excessive grass, make sure there are no large rocks, pebbles, or stones in at least 6 inches of your soil.

If you want to add any sort of enhancer or fertilizer to your soil, this is the perfect time to do it. You can even try natural or homemade fertilizers for example tea leaves and any other organic wastes. Not only does this make your soil more fertile but also helps in growing the roots of your lawn. This way you can maintain good health in your backyard and also take care of waste management.

On the tilled soil, use a rake and work your way through any amendments or fertilizers you want to use in your soil. Make sure your soil is well-drained and has proper grading work done on it.

Which Time of The Year Is Best Suited for Buying and Laying the Sod?

You can choose to do so in any month of the year, but the most optimum time would be the early spring or early fall. This way your newly installed sod will have mild sunlight on it to prepare itself for the hot summer or cold winter.

Which Are the Best Places to Buy Sod From?

Now that you are fully focused on the project and you want to have the sod on your property, you might want to know all the possibilities. Yes, there are multiple questions you’re having at this point. Where to buy sod near me? Should you buy it online? Or from the local nursery? Maybe a box store? Or is it safest to buy it directly from a sod farm?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

It’s absolutely fine if buy sod from any large garden centers or your local box store. In general, box stores or garden centers will not have sold in stock. They might have a one-week-old pallet but please, do not go for it. It’s probably been taking a sunbath for the entire time. However, they do have contacts with local farms and can get you your sod.

What About the Delivery of The Product?

You cannot go and pick your sod up yourself, which is always not convenient, make sure to have it delivered to your doorstep. Please be absolutely positive to stay at home during the time of delivery.

Sods Being Rolled Out

If your backyard does not have any grass yet, that is if it’s a new project, you have the freedom of choosing any species of grass for your sod. However, keep in mind that it has to be compatible with your region and its climate.

Here are a couple of things you should keep in mind before buying your sod:

  • The amount of sunlight and shade your lawn gets
  • The climate of the region. Is it too cold or is it too hot?
  • The drainage and irrigation system off the lawn
  • The footfall your lawn receives on a regular basis.
  • The type of soil that constitutes your lawn. It can be sandy are heavy clay or something in the middle.

There are types of grasses that prefer shade, there are some which prefer sunlight. Yet, there are others who do well in either of them. So, make sure you have a clear idea of the sunlight your backyard receives.

Likewise, certain types of grasses can’t take the load of kids and pets but look sparklingly good under the morning sun.

If the soil in your yard comprises heavy clay, it’s better if your grass thrives in loads of water and is prone to diseases. Sandy plots demand certain grasses that have deep roots and can survive a long time without water.

Therefore, having a clear idea of the above points is vital for you if you want to buy sod. This way you’ll have the most likely pair of sod and soil in your hands.

How Much Do Sods Pinch in The Pocket?

Most people prefer buying sods from a sod farm at a reasonable price. Usually, you need to buy a minimum amount of sods. For example, sellers, in general, sell no lesser than 500 square feet or one pallet. So, if you are looking for smaller pieces you need to go to a garden center.

At sod farms, you can get a square foot of sod in the range of around $0.15 to $0.37 plus delivery charges. If you do not want to compromise with the quality then go for sods upwards of the $0.25 mark. There are sods priced at $0.08 in the market. Please refrain from going in that direction. Even if case you want to install it yourself, it is advisable to keep a budget of $0.45 to $0.50 per square foot considering all the other additional costs.

You can also hire a contractor to install it for you and make life a tad bit easier for you, of course at an expense. Usually, it costs in the range of $0.65 to $1.50 to have a professional prepare it for you. Although it costs more than this way, a professional approach is always better than they Do It Yourself approach. Sod farms can have it installed at your place at around $0.35 to $0.45. They are cheaper due to the large landscape contractors they hire.

How to Save Money Why is Buying Sods?

The most efficient ways of saving money while buying sods are:

  1. Installing It by Yourself- Yes, it is very much hard work, but hard work forever pays, doesn’t it? Obviously, a professional can do it faster than you and better than you but he’ll also take a huge amount from you. If you choose to do the installation yourself you can save a lot of money and be better at this job. This way you can be prepared to repair it yourself if and when needed. However, be careful and proceed only if you’re sure that you’ll be able to see it off. What videos online and talk to your gardener friend about it.
  2. Picking It Up Yourself- If you have a pickup truck or can lend one from your friend, please go ahead and ship it yourself. It’s easy to transport and by saving the delivery fee you can buy your friend dinner and also save some dollars. Nevertheless, most people like it delivered to their doorstep because it’s worth it and also hassle-free.
  3. Properly Measuring the Amount of Sod, You Need- Yes, even though sods offer a cheaper way to spread your lawn, overstocking it is not feasible. You must take a proper measurement of your area and then cross-check with the number of pallets you need. The last thing you want is to have a couple of sod pieces in your storeroom to attract all the pests and insects. That would be a mess. You can also choose to buy from certain places that specifically sell small pieces. These come in real handy if you need to run maintenance and fill the patch-ups.

Is Ordering it Online a Good Idea?

Usually, buying sod online is cheaper than most methods. If there is a sod farm in and around your area which can load and deliver your order in time go ahead and purchase it online. This is the best way to get yourself delivered fresh and good-quality sod.

If you are having second thoughts, means you’re you weigh up the price your local farm is asking from you to the ones available in the retailer’s market.

Is Ordering It Online A Good Idea

In case the local farm is asking for more, you can always tell them that you’d get it cheaper at the garden center or box store. You never know, to safeguard the customer there might come down to your price!

Get Set to Go with Your New Lawn!

After learning and knowing about everything you need to, you can have a beautiful sod lawn in your backyard in a week’s time.

Do remember to water it in the following method-

  • In the first week after installation water it thrice every day.
  • The following week water it not more than two times daily.
  • In three weeks’ time, your lawn is usually set up but still water it at least once to avoid any difficulty.
  • From the 4th week onwards follow your normal watering schedule. You’re all set.

A month after installing the sods, you are sure to have a lush green yard for your evening strides, aesthetic pictures for Instagram, and of course for the kids to play on. However, keep in mind that with great lawns come greater maintenance. Make sure you take care of the grass and give it enough time to have deep roots.

Happy gardening!

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